The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 21, 2008

Ugly Dog Pictures For a Change of Pace



  1. Well THIS posting certainly is proving popular with the ladies!

  2. MJ:

    Wench. That's kinda the point.

    YOU started all this -- you and Coppens, invading my blog and turning it into an alleged cyber harem.

    From now on it's a steady diet of fridge bacteria, dirty ovens, stinky shoes, toilet bowl ring, filthy bathtubs, creepy crawl spaces and other items sure to dissuade any females.

    But I AM continuing to work on my new Pheremone Internet Cyberspace Kinetic Micro Emitter (PICK ME for short) in my spare time while on strike.

  3. Is that L'eau de Testosterone I smell?

  4. Truly ugly but then ugly is THE new beautiful!

    BTW, I always liked your bacteria laden posts. Gleefuly I could show those posts to my mom!

  5. MJ:

    So it's working already then? I must get my patent registration in immediately.

    Do you feel weak in the knees, irrestibly drawn to me, compelled to buy an airline ticket to Winnipeg or any other symptoms?


    Ugly IS the new Beautiful! I want to see a poem about that.

    I'll aim to do a blog post ASAP that only your mother would love...I have plenty of bacteria growing in one far-flung corner of my fridge as we speak.

  6. Despite your undeniable allure, I can never be yours as I am smitten by Lord Tennisanyone.

    He makes me titter.

  7. MJ:

    So there's your TRUE cyberstalker, the one with the poofy hair and ever-changing neon-like blog!

    He's the Baron of Bytes, the PC Paramour. He's the portly Pepe Le Pew of the post-modern sex revolution.

  8. Anonymous12:51 p.m.

    How ingenious! PICK ME would be an instant best seller, I am sure!

    Market that item and YOU, sir, will be an instant best seller as well - a man of millions whom all the women will want...

    I must point out, however, that you have incorrectly spelled 'pheromones' (yours: pheremones). Due to the fact that I work in the TO Public Library, I am afraid I cannot overlook spelling errors from a professional journalist. Tsk tsk!

    I do not quite understand how your friend Donn could have turned your blog into a harem, given that he is a male. But it certainly is entertaining, reading all the comments and your replies!

    (And if airfare was not so ridiculously expensive, I would be tempted to fly to Winnipeg and check out your goatee for myself.)


  9. Humph. And I had the hottest, smartest chick ever all lined up for you, too. You can forget it now. :)

  10. ICIT:

    Actually, I just sold the rights to PICK ME to John McCain for $2.5 million. He needs it more than I do.

    I sold another product, called KICK ME, to George W. Bush eight years ago. It was a smashing success.

    I don't WANT all women to want me, as much as I love women. Let's get that on the record!

    I am not actively looking...this stuff's for fun and frivolity, for the most part.

    I stand corrected, I guess, on pheromones, although there are plenty of references on the Web to it spelled the other way.

    Cranky editor types...:-)

    Donn has put the harem spin on my blog ever since I started it as his insistence. He has called it a women's issues blog and has never understood why women come here (very few men do).

    I don't know about all that. His wife keeps telling him something or other, but he doesn't believe it.

    Yes, airline fares aren't fair, are they?


    I'm sure you must be talking about your 96-year-old grandmother who lives in Winnipeg, right? TEASE! :-)

  11. Good Lord, the first three pics are of rodents! The last one was just taken at a bad angle! He's just big boned.

  12. Anonymous2:03 p.m.

    Well, there you are! You've made your millions; now you can have your pick of the women thronging to your blog. Of the ones available, I assume. And willing.

    But then you said you are not looking, so some lovely lady must already be in your life, am I right? What does she think of your beard?

    There are many word spelled incorrectly on the Internet. When in doubt, please refer to a dictionary, not the Web.

    And I am most definitely not a cranky editor.... I am a brainy librarian. Quite a difference, I would say! ;-)

    Whoever reads your blog, male or female, does so for the entertainment. I have been perusing previous posts and must say you are a man with depth and sensitivity, as well as a silly side.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Eroswings:

    "Just big-boned." Ha! That's what my mom always used to tell us as kids! That first one, though truly IS ugly. You've got to admit that.

    Anonymous (ICIT):

    Yeah, well, see, while mostly women come here, they're almost all married, unavailable, live thousands of miles away, some are get it.

    I am very close to some, others less so.

    For the most part, they're my blogger buddies and we're "regulars" and, to varying extents, constants in each others' lives.

    Sometimes we flirt, sometimes they insult me or tease me...and I do the same. Sometimes, there's more.

    I will, of course, not discuss my romantic life in this forum, although I have done so before.

    What I know is there are beautiful people that visit here and since most of those visitors are women, I consider them beautiful women.

    There's kind of a line that you've crossed that involves things that are more personal than this space would allow me to comfortably disclose, react to or, really, want to discuss.

    And that's not intended to diss you or offend you. But it just goes a bit beyond the usual lighthearted, fun teasing that seems to be the norm.

    I appreciate your compliments, I really do. If you had your own blog, maybe I or others could visit and tease you back. But you don't. You're A Nona Mouse.

    If you need further clarification, my email address is on my profile. I'll explain it more there.

    Again, thanks. You're a brilliant speller, obviously, a beard-lover and a grammarian of greatness.



    Yep, no doubt. Particularly the first one, with the space between its teeth?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. DC:

    Correction: My profile says I'm a raconteur and an arse, though a nice arse IS a nice arse.

    Now pardon me while I go submerge my own arse into the bath tub and wait the "cyber harem" to come to my rescue.

    This picket line crap is just doin' a doozy on my back and feet.

  17. Anonymous9:17 p.m.

    My sincerest apologies. I did not realize I had crossed a line with my comments. No intent to pry - just friendly curiosity. Your point is taken to heart.

    I don't have a blog and really just got into this commenting situation in the past few days. I am not certain I would want to write online about my life as it is pretty mundane at the moment.

    I can see that you and the other commenters are well known to each other. And with that familiarity comes the flirting and teasing. I am not one of that group so I understand and I do apologize if I went too far with any of my comments.

    I wish you a quick end to your strike to save your feet and back the agony of walking the picket line.

    ANMC/ICIT/or whatever you want to call me

  18. ICIT:

    Thanks for that. But as you explained, you didn't realize. No harm, no foul. It's hard to play the game if you don't know the "rules."

    I took no offence, but the comfort level had been stretched. Please don't worry about it.

    And no life is as mundane as mine. You could write a blog just about being on the 56th floor of a place overlooking the Big Smoke!

    I'm sorry I had to say what I said, but you seem to understand. You're intelligent and you can fix my spelling mistakes.

    You're welcome here, any time. But it would be great if you could lose the cloak of invisibility!


  19. Anonymous10:19 p.m.

    Oh alright then.

    My name is Jill. I am your age and have no children (does my cat count?), never been married although it was close once.

    I guess that would make me the old spinster librarian, doesn't it?

    Oh my! I think you just moved me up 30 floors... that is NOT good!

  20. Jill:

    Depends how often your cat asks you to drive it to a friend's or for money, I think.

    Never allow yourself to fall into the cliched world of labelling, as per spinster librarian.

    How did I move you up 30 floors? Didn't you say the 56th?

  21. Anonymous11:18 p.m.

    My cat does not ask for money but I probably do spoil her far too much. She is my sole companion at the moment, so I spend my spare change on her.

    No, I said the 26th floor. 56 would be much too high for my comfort level. I think I would have a heart attack at that elevation! 26 is almost more than I can handle, thank you.

    Well, technically, spinster librarian is correct, because I am unmarried and a librarian, however I am anything but that in real life.

    Labels are too generalizing, and there are far more round pegs than there are square holes, or vice versa. So I will no longer call myself by that label. I will have to come up with something a bit more original. :-)


  22. Jill:

    Do you keep your hair up in a bun and are you always shushing people to be quiet as you look sternly at them over your wire-rimmed glasses?

    And me, as a sportwriter: Do I scratch my scrotum all the time, spit out tobacco juice, watch TSN all day and tell everyone that I gave 110 per cent?


    Everyone is way more than what they do for a living or what they have or haven't done or what they "are" now, technically or otherwise.

    If you are who you want to be, you're much more than what appears on the surface.

  23. Anonymous8:51 a.m.

    No bun (my hair is almost shoulder length so wouldn't quite reach), contacts and no glasses, and I spend more time in my office than out on the floor.... so no, I am not your typical 'old style' librarian.

    I work in Serials and References, which is getting to be almost exclusively online now, so I spend an inordinate amount of time in front of my computer.

    Finding something else to read was an effort to lighten my day at work. And looks where it has led me!

    This is fun and I look forward to reading more about life in Winnipeg, and I do click on the other commenters' names - nice that they link to you so I can explore this further.

    Thank you, WW, for enlightening me on the blogging rules and so being so gracious to me. It is most appreciated. Smiles!


  24. Jill:

    Cereals and Preferences, huh?


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