The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 16, 2008

If this doesn't blow you away (Updated pix!)...

So the world's whole financial system is falling apart, I'm on strike and earning no money, winter's coming, yada yada yada...

And in a small corner of Northwestern Ontario in Canada, this miracle has happened with my youngest brother's and his family's dog.

s it has no doubt in thousands of other places across the planet while all this other crap is going on.

Does anything else really compare? Or, really, matter?

Gerry, thanks.

(Two following pix are right after birth)

Three days old (the first pic and these three below)...


  1. Aww, some good news for all. I'm assuming they're going to be giving the puppies away to good homes when they're a little older. I miss having pets, but I know right now, I'm can't give them the attention and care that they need.

    Those are some really good looking puppies, and a healthy looking mommy.

  2. There's nothing finer than Golden puppies. And to bring it all together, the last time I walked a picket line, my dog Zoe, who I brought with me, picked a fight with a co-worker's Golden Tertrievr. Bad girl. She was also half Golden. (And thanks for the Neil Yound interlude -- I'm seeing him in concert a week from tonight!)

  3. Tertrievr -- good typo, eh? Yound is nowhere near as good.

  4. Eroswings:

    What a brood, huh? My brother sent me these pix tonight. Not sure what his family's plans are.

    Maybe he's keepin' 'em all!


    Tertrievr -- a new breed!

    Neil Young's playing here tonight. Obviously I'm not there to watch him...

  5. Will you take one of them? They're way too adorable to resist.

  6. Anna:

    I would, but I live in an apartment...the only pets I can have are the mice and spiders in my crawl space.

    Hope you're feelin' good as your own time to little ones ticks closer and closer...

  7. I want one!
    Nothing beats a new Puppy posting.
    What do you think Ali?
    *She'll read this in the morning.

    Let's get a girlpuppy this time.

  8. Mmmmmm...stubble.


    Oh, there's cute puppies too!

  9. DC:

    I can give you Gerry's email address if you want...not sure what he plans on doing with 'em all...

    Ali Baby! So you read my blog in the morning? Just to brighten your day and get it off to a good start, no doubt!

    If you get one of my brother's puppies, you have to name it after me: Winky Wienerhead.


    It's starting to become more than just stubble heading into Day 5. Itchy, Itchy.

    Scratch, scratch.

  10. Anonymous6:15 p.m.

    Scrub the stubble with a soft brush like a nail brush to get rid of the itch.... it's because you aren't shaving off the top layer of skin every day.

    Sure is starting to look sexy!!!!!

  11. nice stubble but I prefered the naked shoulders in the previous pics! ;)

    I want a puppy - d'you think your brother would swap with a golden hoss?

  12. Anonimoose:

    Will steel wool or my belt sander do? You learn something new every day, but I guess that makes sense.

    Why the cloak and dagger? Scaredy cat.


    Ha! Sorry, I'll try to remember that on Day 7.

    And I'll ask my bro if he wants to swap one of his goldens for a much bigger, more ornery variety (although I'll have to warn him his poop-a-scoop duties will increase exponentially).

  13. Anonymous9:53 a.m.

    It's the cloak of invisibility.... how can you see my dagger? And what else can you see? Hmmmm????

    Looking forward to the day 7 pic.

    And I agree with Ziggi - bare those shoulders!

    A Nona Mouse Commenter

  14. Hey doofus, before you get too far down your flirting spiral, has it occured to you that anonymous might be a dude!
    *not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Now I want TWO of those Puppies, they're getting cuter by the minute.

  15. A Nona Mouse:

    OK, maintain your cloak. Fortunately, I have night vision goggles and x-ray vision.

    DC (or is that, PC?):

    Uh, I don't think I'm doing any of the flirting here, Mr. Politically Correct. I think I know who it is.

    (Although, the reference to "dagger" does kind of disturb me).

    And if it WAS a spiral, I'd be goin' up, not down -- well, not immediately, anyway.

    Put your orders in on the puppies. I'm tryin' to get more info from Gerry, but he's not forthcoming.

  16. The new pics of the puppies are awesome! Aww, the sweet life of a young one, just eat, sleep, and have your every whim catered, too...

  17. Adorable puppies and great tunes. Thanks for this uplifting post, Chris.


  18. Gorgeous photos! I love dogs so much. Big litter, so beautiful, just so beautful.
    Hope your brother is not too far away so you can visit! If you do, (visit), please give them a cuddle for me.

    One of my fondest memories is, here, when we had our sheep dog (kelpie) puppies, and off I would walk with them to the shearing shed yards (school), to work and educate them.

    One of the most rewarding times of my life, sheer joy and enthusiasm are two of the emotions that come to mind.
    This was wonderful to visit your blog, Sunday morning and meet these beautiful little creatures.Welcome to the world little puppies.



  19. They're so cute :)

  20. Anonymous8:13 p.m.

    Am not a dude. Pfffffttt. Dagger is just that. Need it for protection in the big city. There's lotsa weirdos here, ya know.

    Would love a pup but apt. living in TO is no place for a large dog. They are too cute and I love the smell of puppy breath!


  21. I might have to consult with Donnnnnnnnn on this one.

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were trying to lure in the women with puppies and stubble.

    If one doesn't attract 'em, the other will.

  22. Eroswings:

    HEY! You just described my situation! Well, sort of.

    OK, not at all.


    You're welcome. Any other song requests for DJ Spaceship Orion?


    Pam, they're about 21/2 hours away, so doubt I'll head out anytime soon...but if I stay on strike for a prolonged period, well, maybe!

    I will cuddle them for you, for sure -- and no doubt get pooped and peed on.

    It sounds fascinating, your work with and love of the kelpie pups. I wish I was a fly on the wall to see that. Or, no, I guess a snake or a lizard or frog...

    Ahh, you know what I mean. :-)


    Thanks, girl!

    Oh, you mean the puppies.



    OK, it wasn't ME who thought you were a dude. And I can't REALLY see who you are behind that cloak.

    Well, then...welcome. :-)


    Why do you think Donnnnnnnnn would be able to help?

    I only started this blog because he kept bugging me to.

    But of course EVERY post is intended to lure women! And if puppies and stubble work...

    (Relax!!! I'm not THAT shallow!)

  23. Anonymous10:03 p.m.

    You're right, it was that Donn character who said I could be a 'dude'. I know about the beard itch thing because my father grew one from time to time and that is what he did to relieve it. You need to exfoliate under that growth.

    I've always heard that walking a dog in a park is a surefire way to attract women. So why not a post on your blog?

    And the stubble doesn't hurt either. I love the feel of about 10 days' worth on a man's chin. It's getting soft by then and the threat of whisker burn is gone.


  24. ANMC:

    Donn Dude is just tryin' to keep me wary. It CAN happen. :-)

    I was just joshin' about all my posts being designed to lure women. Only some are (ha! Just kiddin' there too!)

    I'll trust you about the feeling of 10 days' growth and that ugliest of uglies, whisker burn.

  25. Cool our lust by posting pics of your fridge.

    Or anything from your shoe collection.

  26. Anonymous11:46 p.m.

    Whisker burn is wicked. But a soft beard is a treat. Grow yours for 10 days and then find some lovely lady to tell you how it feels - even if it is just with her hand (if she won't let you go anywhere else with it, that is!)

    As far as the luring goes, you've got eight female commenters here, so something seems to be working... just sayin', is all.

    Oh, wait... that's nine including me!


  27. Is anyone up for some rug burn?

  28. MJ:

    I didn't realize the lust included YOU! (**Goes swiftly to Google Images to fetch as many cute puppy and mens' stubby pix he can find**)

    OK, I'll take some pix of my fridge then. The inside of it? Or behind it?

    I'll even throw in a pic or two of the oven. Haven't cleaned it since the last post I did on cleaning it.


    Aw garsh...

    All the lovely ladies ARE on the internet (OK, so maybe not all...)

    They, unfortunately, cannot touch my beard (and my beard can't touch them -- high, low or otherwise).

    Well, not easily...

    Yep, it seems most of the people who comment on my blog are women. Must be my inner female.

  29. MJ:

    I'm reporting you to the blog police.

  30. Those puppies are just too cute! Donn should definitely get one.

    And the stubble is looking pretty good, but I still think you should have grown a full beard.

  31. Anna:

    I think Donn's just joshin' about the puppies, but who knows? And goldens shed too...

    The full beard is problematic for me.

    There are rough patches on the side of my face (no jokes about how my whole face is a rough patch!) where it doesn't grow uniformly.

    And it's pretty much all grey. I'd be eternally depressed. :-)

  32. *repeatedly hits "publish" but unable to leave comment after being banned from blog*

  33. MJ:

    I would never ban YOU!!! But did the blog police summon you for a hearing? Taking my fridge pix now.

  34. Anonymous11:39 a.m.

    It looks like all you do is drink.... is there any actual food in that fridge?

    I would have much preferred a stubble pic, by the way. That MJ may be a little warped, wanting to see the inside of your fridge.


  35. ANMC:

    Whoah, girl! You had to be there. And you haven't.

    I've posted in the past, for fun and frivolity and outright silliness, on the sad condition of my fridge, stove, closets, crawlspace and just about everything else in this apartment complex, including the little old Chinese woman on a bike who picks through the garbage bins.

    If anyone's warped, it's me.

    If anyone goads me more into revealing that, it's MJ.

    This is just more zaniness, that's all. We like to have fun around here and with being on strike and all, I can use some of that.

    As far as my fridge being empty of food, yes, there is food in there but I haven't shopped in a while.


  37. MJ:

    I was thinking of doing a new post on my crawlspace, in fact -- a documentary on all the animals that live in there during Winnipeg's harsh winter.

    I'm just trying to find camera crews who won't mind crawling in there for hours on end.

  38. Anonymous2:24 p.m.

    Sounds like you live in an... um... interesting place.

    What's with the crawlspace? Aren't they usually full of cobwebs, spiders and bugs and such? A little too creepy for ME to want to go there.

    And a dumpster diving Chinese woman? This sounds like downtown TO!

    Sounds like I need to sift through your previous posts to get the gist of this silliness.


  39. ANMC:

    The crawlspace, my cleaning fridge follies and other assorted posts can be found easily.

    If you call up my blog page, there's a white space up in the left hand corner next to the words "search blog."

    Enter the words "fridge" or "crawl space" or "Mr. Clean" or "closets" or "Easy Off oven cleaner."


    No, I expect you would NOT enjoy the crawl space. But my pictures should suffice.

    To get the posts on the Chinese woman (and pix), I suspect "parking lot" might do the trick.

    She's a beautiful old lady. Doesn't understand a word of English, but neither do I understand a word of Mandarin.

    So we're even. Smiles, however, do get us by.

  40. Anonymous9:34 p.m.

    Very entertaining reading! This is a great blog and I am glad I found it.

    Are you sure she speaks Mandarin? Might be Cantonese.

    I'll take the pics of the crawlspace. Not much into small spaces filled with bugs, spiders and mice. Yuck.

    And smiles make language unnecessary in a lot of instances. The world would be a much better place if more people smiled more spontaneously, don't you think?


  41. NAMC:

    Couldn't you give yourself a name at least? Like Big Smoke Bertha or something? Hogtown Harriet? Timid in Toronto?

    Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language in China, so that's what I used.

    For all I know, she speaks one of China's 50 zillion other dialects of Cantonese or Wu or whatever.

    The point is, she doesn't know English. And I don't know whatever language she speaks.

    OK, you just go with the crawl space pix as you're firmly ensconced in your apt. on Yonge St. or thereabouts...

    (TO's an amazing city to visit, it really is, I was there for the Grey Cup last year).

    Smiles are what make the world continue to function as we know it...or despite what we know of it.

  42. Did I call you NAMC? Doh! Of course I meant ANMC. Or was that AMNC?

  43. Anonymous11:49 p.m.

    Call me what you will - the cloak remains intact for now.... how about "Transparent in Toronto'? Or then again, maybe not.... that shortens to TiT. Let me think on that one.

    You don't get a crawlspace up on the 26th floor - so I will go with your pictures. Even if I had a crawlspace, I think I would just go with your pictures. I really don't want to go into an area like that.

    TO is a great city! Life is 24 hours a day pretty much, and you can find a million things to interest you. Traffic sucks but then I don't have a car so it's the subway for me or my own two feet.

    Smile in spite of what the world is.... and make your little piece of it a better place for you.

    ANMC or AMNC or NMAC or what have you....

  44. the new puppy pic are wonderful, the day 7 pic is such a let down - you have ruined my monday morning. I wanted naked WW and sexy stuble, I doubt whether I'll come back this way again now . . .

  45. ANMC:

    Well we could have all kinds of fun with giving you an acronymic name -- I opted not to use the one I just came up with -- but we'll leave that to you.

    26th floor? Don't you get light-headed and dizzy up there in the clouds?


    Sorry to disappoint you, I know how demanding you are, but I'm just a shy, bashful type...

    Couldn't you just ask Himself to start growing some stubble in the interim?

  46. What the hell is going on here?

    Do you have electronic pheremones on this blog or what?

    TiT could still be a Dude..(nttiawwt)

  47. DC (Which stands for Doofus Coppens):

    Yep, I have an IV machine here right now that's draining all of the excess pheremone out of me that I'm trying to emit to purposely attract females and it's being pumped out through my blog over the internet.


    I'm innocent. It's all world wide web wackiness. I'm going to start writing posts about my days as an altar boy.

    Do you think that would help?

  48. DC:

    And spare me the suspense: what does nttiawwt stand for?

  49. Anonymous5:12 p.m.

    What name did you come up with, pray tell? I'd like to know... It must be better (or worse) than TiT.

    What happened to the photos of your scrumptious stubble? Are you no longer on strike? If that is the case, I am saddened. I was quite enjoying watching your goatee progress.

    Disregard Mr. DC. I think he must be jealous. You could patent that Pheromone machine and make yourself a multi-millionaire. That would sure to attract even more females!

    The air 26 floors up makes me dizzy but it is due to the combination of the height and the air pollution. I rarely go out on my balcony because of those issues. I do prefer my feet firmly planted on the ground when I am outside.

    ICIT (Invisible Commenter in Toronto)

  50. ICIT:

    Keep in mind, DC is my best friend and fellow doofus whose goal in life is live vicariously through me.

    I would never disregard him. He IS could me a 400-pound male with issues. That's one of the things about being anonymous or, beyond that, about the internet.

    I would never tell you what name I had come up with for you, in a fleeting moment.

    I deleted my stubble photos because that was becoming a bit of a circus and I don't do well as an entertainer, at least not in so public a forum.

    But I DID think that such a pheremone machine could make huge bucks!

    See, I'd be out on my 26th floor balcony all the time. Otherwise, what's the point of living on the 26th floor?

  51. Those puppies would go for at least 300 quid over here.... they are gorgeous, just gorgeous, I sat and watched our cats on many many occasions have their litter of kittens and I cried every time lol....


  52. Toasty:

    Well, that's a woman's way of appreciating and empathizing with what truly matters...300 quid, eh? Hmmmm....


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