The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 10, 2008

Unsolicited Invitations

I figured, with my son spending last weekend with me, that I, unsolicited by him, would buy some succulent ribs and try to cook them up all nice for him.

So that's what I did. But then, a problem. How the hell do I cook these things? I haven't barbecued in years.

I've never prepped a meal like this from start to finish, I always just threw stuff on the Barbie.

No more.

So I searched the WWW and came up with a recipe.

Ugh. I hate the boiling part when all that fat rises to the top. Of course I drained it, and then on to the sauce...

Well, there's the finished product. He didn't really like the sauce. It took me all afternoon, basically, but what can I say?
He and I both like more crispy stuff. The ribs were moist, tender and coming off the bone.

OK, so I was guilty of that unsolicited invitation, setting myself up for rejection.
But here's another one, sent to my work email, from or something or other. I did not join.
I was also asked to become the speechwriter/communications manager for the following, but I refused.

And then, of course, Jib Jab emailed me their latest zany videos, this time for Father's Day. For the first time in several years, I will have this Father's Day off and will not have to cover the Manitoba Marathon.
I would send one of these to my dad, but he doesn't have a computer. They ARE super funny.

That's all the recent unsolicited invitations I've received, although that could change. In the meantime, I need to start figuring out what I'm doing with my two weeks' vacation in August.
I know I won't be visiting, although the bikini part sounds quite appealing.


  1. What a coincidence - I was craving ribs just last night! Tender and coming off the bone sounds perfect to me.

  2. Where's the link to bikinitube..
    I had better see if it is appropriate...
    and as tastefully done as your sauce..speaking of which I hope you made the little ingrate sit at the table until he finished every last these days..when I was his age we didn't have food we had to chew on our legs if we were hungry..this generation is so frickin spoiled...little brats.

    btw did you add enough corn starch?
    I use my Mom's scratch recipe and it is wicked good.

  3. Wow, the kitchen looks clean!

  4. I'm a big red meat person, but that does look nice to me.

    Come to Australia for two weeks! We ALWAYS wear bikinis! (har har har) *freeeze*

  5. Anna:

    Ha ha ha ha!!! Must be the hornymones talkin! But very clever!!!

    Donnnnnnnnn: or something like that, but of course I never signed up. I'll leave that to you.

    Yes, you had better see if it is appropriate, being the lord god of all censorship and all...

    I don't know if I added enough corn starch. I added what the recipe suggested...


    Appearances can be deceiving, believe me...


    OK, I'm on my way!!!! But what do you mean, freeeeze? That's what we're doing here in the new Arctic.

  6. It's breakfast time here a the minute and seeing that makes me feel a wee bit...queasy :). Hello to you, old boy.

  7. Lee:

    OLD BOY!!!???

    I'd call you Old Girl if I knew you were anywhere close to my age, young thing...

  8. For some reason, seeing those raw ribs made me kind of queasy...but the end result looked pretty good. You are quite the chef these days, aren't you?

  9. Laurie:

    No, I still can barely fry an egg. But I'm pretty good at spaghetti and stir frys!

    Nice new pic!

  10. I'm soooo the Queen of the BBQ.
    Ask me, I'll tell ya.

    It sounds like you were bombarded with those invites. Eh, just dodge 'em!

  11. Diva:

    OK, I'm askin'...are you the Q in BBQ? I'm good at dodging invites I don't want to accept...

    Thanks for stoppin' by :-)

    Had a quick boo at your blog, it looks fascinating, gotta revisit sometime...


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