The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 26, 2008

Really silly interludes from Canada (and possibly elsewhere)


  1. Only in Canada, I swear... and maybe in Australia sometimes. But we don't have meese.

  2. I'm in shock over the moose photos. Is that kind of like their version of our inflatable dolls?

  3. Notice it is all guys being silly?


  4. Gotta love the Swamp Thing... or is that the Creature from the Black Lagoon?

  5. Penis jokes. It's always penis jokes. Except maybe the guy on the diving board. As for the four of you holding the penis fish, I can name three of the four! And I LOVE the last sequence.

  6. (Actually I love them all. But the moose's version of the blow-up doll is the best. You guys come a close second.)

  7. I'll stop commenting now.

  8. Stace:

    You aren't just whistlin' Dixie there, Stace girl.

    There used to be a TV ad for a Canadian tea company with a punchline of, "Only in Canada, you say...pity."

    Of course you don't have mooses. All you've got are boring things like koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, platypuses and kookaburras.

    But our hockey team here is called the Manitoba Moose. They're all over...


    What? You've got an inflatable doll? Remember, Manitoba's provincial symbol is the bison. What do those four pix say about us as Manitobans then?

    The rest of the country always screws us over.


    Well of course it's all guys being silly. That's what makes our lives fun and what makes the world go round.

    Uh...what swamp thing? You mean the moose or the mounted muskie we're all holding?


    This is Canadian life in its purest form. Consider yourself exposed to it.


    Well, didn't it make YOU laugh?

    It's that penis envy thing.

    The guy on the diving board, if you hadn't noticed, is me getting ready to dive off the 10-metre platform at the Pan Am Pool a few years ago for a charity thing.

    Alexander Despatie, the Olympic diver from Montreal, was one of the judges.

    I somehow was able to execute a swan dive (even though I almost separated my shoulder upon entry) and won $600 for the charity of my choice.

    I still wonder to this day what prompted me to do it...and how I actually survived it.

    I agree the moose trying to be manly is quite the sequence...

    All four of the penises holding the fish are bloggers. And I remind you that Donn was on a chair in between the two tall guys in the group...:-)

    P.S. Yes, you fooled me.

  9. You on the diving board ... THAT is the Swamp Thing. Or the creature from the Black Lagoon.... although I must say you are posing quite nicely for the camera.... must be because it was a media stunt and you kinda had to behave yourself!! Or trying to make yourself look respectable with all that rubber stuff stuck all over your head. Ha!

    Moose aren't noted to be the brightest of creatures.... probably couldn't quite figure out who the cutie patootie was, so decided to test the waters with a good boinking.... and since 'she' didn't run away, 'she' must have liked the big guy!

  10. The plural of platypus is platypii. I think. We were talking about them today, apparently one of the guys I work with used to have a job dressing up in a platypus suit.

  11. That's you?! I thought it was HE - he always seems to be posing like that. Nice knees, by the way... nice other things too, but I'm gonna behave. ;)

    Alexandre Despatie has always come across as a really gentle and sweet soul. And how nice of you to do that for charity. Yay you!

  12. Ponygal:

    Yeah, that pic (or one similar to it) appeared in our paper, was part of the Canadian Diving Championships that year...

    Swamp thing is right...scraggly beard, my daughter's bathing cap, my snorkel, her noseplug...

    I wanted to look as stupid as I could and I think I accomplished that goal...


    Please send me a link proving that the plural of platypus is platypii. You're pullin' my leg, right?

    And send me the link to show me where I could buy or rent a platypus costume, so I also could dress up like a platypus.


    No, the blogger who now refuses to call himself HE is about five feet wider than me.

    I did that pose at the direction of the newspaper photographer. I don't usually do that pose.

    Except, that is, when I am competing for the Canadian Over-50 Male Bodybuilding Championship.

    Yes, behave.

    Alex is a very good guy.

  13. Well, the plural of platypus is actually platypuses, according to the New Oxford Dictionary. But I think platypii is much cooler!!

    And if you find a platypus suit, I want to be there to take the picture!! Swamp Thing morphs into Aussie Platypus.... wouldn't need the snorkel or noseplug then!

  14. Ponygirlus:

    Yes, just as I indicated, being the Prince of Plurals.

    However, I would insist on maintaining my nose plug and snorkel as fashion accessories.

  15. It 'moosed' have been love at first sight..or a case of 'moose'taken identity.

    *scientificky note;
    Moose aren't horny, they have antlers.

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  17. I think Ponygirlii is much better.

    If you become a Platypus, you could have reeds or some kind of water plants as accessories.... go 'green' instead of plastic... but I guess that wouldn't really go with your image, now would it? Mr. Withinus Withoutii...

  18. boy stuff eh?
    You standing in a hole in the fish pic? Or are you just MUCH smaller than I imagined?

  19. Ponygirlii:

    No, the reeds or water plants would dry very quickly out of water and they'd stink.

    I think I'll stick with plastic, even if it means not going green...


    I've been standing a hole my entire life :-)

    I am not tall, but Homo Escapeons is standing on a chair, the cad, and the other two guys are well over six feet, like 6-2 or 6-3.

  20. Donnnnnnnnnnn:

    Ha ha ha! Arse. Clever, but you're an arse.


    I can do better than what?

  21. LOLOLOLOL... that poor moose!

  22. Angel:

    What about the poor bison statue?


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