The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 2, 2008



Yes, this was the heading to a real question posed in some online computer troubleshooting thingy I started magically receiving once I bought this new computer -- something I usually never read.

Except for when doozy headlines like this are used.

And here's that question of the week:

Hi everyone. I bought a Western Digital 200GB external hard drive 90-plus days ago, and the buttons quit. I can't back up. I sent WD several e-mails, and no response from them.

If I get another external hard drive, could I open this one, and transfer data to the new external one from the old? How would I do this?

Also: If this can be done, could the one I have then be reformatted, put in a new casing? Does anyone know how to repair these on/off/auto buttons? Will I lose everything I backed up to the WD external drive?

Please keep the explanation simple, as I'm a 63-year-old 'Nanny', IRS Reg. Tax Preparer.

Thank you!

I will not include here the suggested remedy for this "nanny's" problem.

Suffice to say now I know what to do when my own external hard drive isn't responding.


  1. How dare you leave us hanging like that! :)

  2. HAR HAR!

    You can always manually adjust your external hard drive and replace the software with more RAM.

  3. Aren't there pills you can take when your "external hard drive " isn't responding?

  4. External hard drive??? you still on about ya danglies? lol

    Well the granny knows more about computers then me thats for sure..... even though Im older then her lol


  5. Andrea:

    It's far too technical. The manual is 1,500 pages. At the end, it says: just let it hang.


    It's already packed with the maximum available amount of RAM. I checked the specs.


    Pills are for human beens, girl. This is a finely-tuned, complex piece of machinery.


    Yeah, but it was all happenstance and pure coincidence, I promise you. You're a grandnanny then?

  6. :) I was joking about the age, except today I feel about 82 lol, and NO I aint no granny yet, I keep telling me lads to 'keep their bits in their boxers'.... :)

    My lads are 24, 22, 18 and 14..


  7. Oh wow,sorry to interrupt the comments! But Marmitetoasty,I see you are fairly near me!!! lol! I am in Bristol. Whereabouts are you?

    What a funny letter aswell?!

  8. Hi Laura - well not so close I dont think :) - Im nestled in the SouthDowns along the Meon Valley, about 12 or so miles inland from Portsmouth(that I suppose would be the main town people would know)...


  9. Toasty:

    Keep their bits in their boxers? Ha ha ha!

    And what do you think the odds are of that happening, aside, maybe from in your house when the chickens are pecking for food?

    I knew you were joking about your age. Well but did you know that Ziggi, another UKer who's a witch, is 105?


    And I'm up here in the Great White North! Fancy tea, then? Or should we meet at the corner pub on Lancaster Street?

    As a young lad of 23 or so, I spent two weeks in some small military barracks off the Cliffs of Dover, can't remember the name of the place...oh yeah, Deal.

    Sorry to interrupt!

  10. lol@the "Sorry to interrupt"!

    Thanks for the chuckle!!!!!!!!!

  11. Laura:

    Glad to make you chuckle. But isn't it the middle of the night there?

  12. Online nannies are funny. My nanna gets online, she reads my blog but never comments. Freaky! That's why I've never blogged about my extended family.

  13. What the hell is an external hard drive? This question is not a joke.I wish it were/was. People like me should not be let loose on a computer.

  14. :) Within.... shut up she aint 105 lol.....

    Sod Lancaster Street what about the 150 year old pub that sits not 100 yards up the lane from my house :).... they have roaring log fires and wonderful country food :) my shout...

    opps.... sorry to interupt LOL


  15. Stace:

    Don't you hate those nanny blog lurkers? Just kidding. I'm sure she's just interested in what you're saying and doing...

    Why don't you write a post about her, an open letter, saying come out, come out, wherever you are?


    Oh pshaw. OK, an external hard drive is the same thing, essentially as an internal hard drive.

    Except for its external.

    The hard drive on your computer stores information based on how much memory it's equipped with.

    It sorts files and saves them. It's your computer's data storage system.

    An external HDD is plugged into your computer and provides extra storage space, and it's transportable.

    I think I more or less got it right.


    No, really. She is 105. It says so on her profile.

    What does "my shout" mean? You'll buy all the rounds? I bet you live on Coronation Street.

  16. WW - I don't write about my nanna asking her to come out because I don't like her :)

  17. I think I am lost...someone want to take a lost lady home?

    Soft love,

  18. Stace:

    D'oh! OK. I won't tell her that, then. And a new avatar!!! Brilliant of you and Aidan...

    Inside, Outside...

    Yeah, this post has kind of taken a number of different, hop on my Harley, hang on and we'll find our way.

    (I don't really have a Harley, but it sounded good).


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