The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 31, 2008

A Blogger Babes Travel Excursion hosted by WW


The WW Corp. and its new luxury travel subsidiary, I Only Have Female Readers On My Blog Anyway Ltd. (, are shamefully latching on to the newdest trend in the airline industry.

This is only to appease our female customers and it is a limited time offer providing untold hours of sunshine, dark brown tans and opportunities to display yourselves wearing your thongs in a semi-private, non-judgmental way. Kind of.

For only $1,999.99* both ways, the WW Corp. is now offering transcontinental flights to and from the destination of your choice, with free inflight hospitality, service extraordinaire and personal attention from your host and servant (I mean steward), WW himself.

In association with an East German travel agency, enjoy the lap of luxury (or sit on WW's lap) as you visit the Arc de Triomphe, with WW as your friendly, gap-toothed, smiling guide.

Trapse by the Holy See in Italy...oh no, forget that, bad idea. You might see the pope.

Check out St. Peter's Basilica in Russia or Saddam Hussein's trap-door hiding place in Iraq, where he wasn't hiding any WMD's but where he was caught eating rats and, as a result, later executed.

Perhaps you'd like to spend an exciting fortnight in the Pakistan hills with swingin' tall man and world terrorist Obama Bin Laden, far beyond the reaches of the U.S. military, who don't have a clue where he's hiding out.

Travel to George W. Bush's first oilwell in Texas and see the childhood doll of Dick Cheney that he placed there.

Camp out at the America/Mexico border and, with the assistance of specially-equipped night goggles, watch hundreds of Mexicans entering illegally into the U.S.

See the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, where you can snorkel with great whites. Body-surf off the coast of South Africa. Freeze in Canada's midwest during a typical -40C day. Cross Penny Lane in London, just like the Beatles did.

Credit cards accepted, tips encouraged, refunds unavailable. Details, itineraries, conditions and PR campaign are set out below. No males allowed. This is a females only adventure with your amiable, available escort, Within Without.**

First It Was Nude Beaches...Then Nude Tourist Resorts...
Nude airline to take-off in Germany

Jan 30, 2008
Now a German travel agency has unveiled what is believed to be the world's first nude airline.

It is fairly well known that a lot of Germans like getting their kit off. Now there is an airline for them.

An Eastern German travel agency is taking bookings for the country's first nudist air service.

Passengers can strip off on board but will have to get dressed again before getting off the plane.

The flight is to be part of a summer day trip which flies from the Eastern German city of Erfurt to a popular Baltic Sea resort.

*Canadian dollars


  1. Waaaay too many naked Germans for my liking... Why couldn't it have been the Swedes, or somebody in California???

  2. Stace:

    What's wrong with Germans? Spoiled sport! So does this mean you won't partake? Or do you need Aidan's OK?

  3. I am sooo with Stace! Or maybe football players!

    But, I may need the hubby's ok first.

    Have a great weekend WW!

  4. Menchie:

    HEY! Don't you girls get it? What am I, chopped liver? I'm your escort! Forget the footballers!

    (Dang attached females...)

    You have a great weekend too. Just send your cheque in Monday at the latest.

  5. Yes,I am definitely with the Californians! Mmmmm!

    This post made me laugh,anyway!!!


  6. Have a great weekend aswell!

  7. *cough* we dont do germans to well LOL and think of all those sweatie aeroplane seats ewwwwwwwww

    Jebus, I need a holiday LOL


  8. And I came over here expecting commentary on the Superbowl!

  9. Laura:

    So when are you booking?

    And you've actually now got an avatar!!! Does that mean you've got a blog too?

    You also have a great weekend...


    We have special breathable seats that absorb perspiration, doncha know.

    The East Germans are simply the originators of the idea. My company will set new standards.

    So get your credit card out and put your money down!


    My Super Bore preview will be coming soon, if I do one at all. Window or aisle seat?

  10. "Window or aisle seat?"

    *jumps out of plane*

  11. MJ:

    But you forgot your parachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttteeeee!!!!

  12. Credit card? CREDIT BLOODY CARD? Im old fashioned and I use cash darling :).... lol

    *thinking of ways to utilise the germans sweat and turn it into a money making idea* :) see, always me business head on lol


  13. Toasty:

    Cash is always the way to go. So forward a cheque in the mail, then. Good luck with your German sweat equity plan. :-)

  14. A cheque? A BLOODY CHEQUE lol.... lifting me mattress and pulling out a wad of notes and peeling off a 100 nicker LOL.....


  15. No blog as yet!!!!!

  16. Marmite Toasty:

    What's a 100 nicker? This trip will cost a lot more than 100 pounds, me dear.


    Well, at least we can put a face to the name...and it's a very cute pic at that...

  17. its a 100 quid..... dam, cyberflights are wellabit expensive LOL.....


  18. Toasty:

    Well, depends where you want to go. The more exotic destinations are, of course, more pricey.

  19. What was that line?

    "Ya ever seen a grown man naked?"

  20. Wait a second. Which part was a joke? The part about sitting on your lap or the part about the German nudist flight? Quite frankly, I'm interested in both. Any chance on combining the two?

  21. ::shakes head in disbelief::

    I have no words.

    Soft love,

  22. Since 1/4 of my DNA is Teutonic I am 'onboard' with the whole nudy-toody thingamabob providing that the proverbial Swedish Stewardesses of 70s fame looked like Anita Ekberg.

    Like most tourists I have encountered far too many Hermann Göring look-a-likes in tiny speedos (where's my eye bleach) so I understand the trepidation of many of your commentors...then again Katarina Witt was German!

    It might be fun although I would definitely want to keep my laptop handy until the 4th or 5th cocktail.

  23. Yo steward!
    I am unattached (for the first time in years)
    Don't need me no permission.
    Count me in

  24. Whitesnake:

    Ha! Aside from HE and maybe my brother, you're the first male to drop by here in a long while.

    Who said anything about being naked? Well, OK, maybe I did slightly suggest it.

    But it seems the tepid response, aside from a few brave souls, might scuttle the airline.

    We have a Boeing 737 ready to go. We need at least 200 women to reach the break-even point.

    By noon today.

    I don't think it's going to happen.


    Ha Ha Ha!


    In addition to the above explanation to Whitesnake, the International Civil Aviation Board, the Global Association of Travel Agents and the CIA have launched joint investigations.

    And CSIS has sent me a cease and desist order. I'm now trying to hire myself out as a pool boy.

    Inside, Outside:

    From Shaking Hips to Shaking Head? :-(


    You're live and in technicolor. I want to see your purple haze look next time.

    Ah yes, Katarina Witt...the only reason I ever watched figure skating. She was amazing.

    The physics never added up to explain how someone of her stature could do those things, but...

    That's why they call it the Wide World of Sports. I hear she's since joined the WWF.

    Somehow, I suspect you and I would end up sitting on each other's laps while the girls watched Notebook over and over.


    Unfortunately, no one showed me their money. We have had to downsize the operation.

    We're now taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty on a trip sponsored by Rudy Guiliani and the Loveboat crew.

  25. Sitting on each other's laps on a nude airline ain't gonna happen dude!?!
    Your blatant Freudian slip is going to confuzzle your female audience but fantasizing is free so knock yourself out.

    Besides, I LOVE The Notebook, so I'll be watching it with the Ladies.

  26. *hands HE a tissue and cuddles up on the couch*

  27. HE:

    You're such an egg-head.

    It wasn't a Freudian slip. Doncha get it?

    All the ladies would be so impressed with our sexual comfort zones they'd be all over us!

    I have still not seen the Notebook. Waitin' to watch it with the woman of my dreams.

    And just FYI, remember this was my nude airline. If you was comin' aboard (don't take that in the sense you're takin' it), you'd be washing the lavatories and preparing the meals, that's all.

    Besides that, like I said, I suspect the flight has been grounded.

  28. MJ:

    I think he'd need that tissue for whatever he was going to be doing under the laptop on his lap.

  29. ohhh, look at that! I didn't get a "no". ;)

  30. Anna:

    CSIS was censoring my blog. I am now in jail awaiting a flight to Guatanamo for interrogation.

  31. I could totally run with that interrogation comment, but I'm going to be a good girl and shut my mouth on the subject. :)

  32. Anna:

    It's hard to type with bamboo shoots shoved up my fingernails. But at least it's warm here.


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