The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 5, 2007

A 50th Birthday for a Blogtown Blowhard


For those of you haven't already stampeded over there, here's a pictorial salute to my bestest friend, including virtually every pic I've ever published on this blog (and some, of him nude, I opted not to).

ENJOY. I will probably invite myself over there sometime this weekend to acknowledge his existence, but mostly so I can get a big hug from his wife and their young son and any other of his family members.

That's him on the right, me on the left, in his backyard pool circa 1979...

As my special surprise birthday gift to Homer, I've included this pic (below) of yet another shaving snafu on the eve of his 50th. I'm sure it will be treasured forever and show my commitment to our lifelong friendship.

Spot him in the middle, at the back, just to the left of the handsome guy in the checkered shirt? Did he tell you he has a penchant for standing elevated like that to raise his height-challenged form above the rest?


  1. Thanks for that HE-overload! He's a scary man. But I envy you guys your friendship. When are you having your Commitment Ceremony? ;) hehehe

  2. I don't know whether to laugh or cry..either way I wouldn't want to go through another 50 years without you.
    Thanks buddy.

  3. Stace:

    Yeah, it was scary, wasn't it?

    But seeing as it's almost entirely women who visit my blog, and he's so attractive to all, it seems, I figured more was better.

    Now that you've asked, our commitment ceremony has happened repeatedly. We gently gnaw at each other and advise each other and tease one another.

    It just works.



    It's been what, more than half our lives already or thereabouts, give or take?

    Your teasing and Jiminy Cricket voice have kept me sane over the years by keeping me crazy.

    That counts. For a lot.

  4. You guys are so cute! Very touching. I wish I was being sarcastic, but I'm not! :)

  5. I LOVE stace's idea about a commitment ceremony! This was a wonderful tribute. I think my favourite is the one of him doing his Mr. Universe pose on the dock.

    And ouch on your most recent shaving snafu.

  6. what a fantastic post dude*!

    awesome** to be able to call someone you bestest friend for such a long time!!
    happy happy and huge congrats homo escapeons!

    *apparently i say that a lot...
    **my new favourite word used at every opportunity...

  7. Oh why would I want to see post about an old man!! ;).

  8. Stace:

    Oh please, try harder! Seriously, thanks.


    Yeah, and I was trying to many commitment ceremonies have he and I had?

    I would say the cross-country skiing in the nude out in the white spruce forest...

    Or beating him at Blackjack all the time over many beers and super loud music...

    And're the only one to acknowledge my shaving miscue. I think I finally stopped bleeding about an hour later.


    You're right, you say dude ALL THE TIME. Awesome.


    That's right, why would anybody? (*Sobs and runs away*)

  9. Hahahahahahaha, ah, it's fun to stir.Seriously, isn't it a privilege to go through life with such a friend? A friend and I have joked before about when we are 80 -if we'll still be carrying on about our love for this band and that band etc, will we still be in love with george harrison (yes, definitely) and that type of rot.To be close to a person and see them develop and mature as life goes in this direction and that through all the different stages is truly is a privilege -as you guys already know :). And happy 50th for today you old homo ;).

  10. Lee:

    It's true, all of what you said.

    And don't tell him, but if he's 5-foot-9, as he claims on his blog, it must be in his high-heeled shoes.

    Either that, or I'm 6-foot-11 and should be playing in the NBA...

    I guess it's all in how you feel...

  11. You need to grow a beard before you expire from exsanguination. What a maroon!
    How can you not know how to shave..for f*#% sake you have been shaving everyday for 40 years!!

    and stop taking those extreme closeups EEWW gawd what is wrong with you?
    You have Sweeney Todd Syndrome.

  12. Hmm... cross-country skiing in the nude, eh. I wonder just how small... umm, nevermind. ;)

  13. Happy Birthday Escapeons:

    Maybe I will grow a beard, but it will be all grey, which would make me look prematurely older than I am.

    And even then, I'd still have to shave. In this case, I simply went too far north and caught the lower nostril, and bled like a pig.

    Of course I posted the pic just to annoy you and to give my 3.8 readers a break from the 32 pictures of you I posted.

    And I was NOT shaving at age 12, I'll have you know.

    Sweeney Todd syndrome, eh? That has a nice ring to it...


    Very, VERY small. In fact, I thought they had just frozen solid and fell off.

    Needless to say, heavy quantities of alcohol had been consumed. It was like 1979 or something.

    And of course it was HE's idea. But none of us were feeling too much pain.

  14. Anonymous4:05 p.m.

    Happy Birthday HE!

    From WW's brother

  15. Hildegarde1:22 p.m.

    Uhm, I can see it : you both are still very young ... at heart and in spirit :-)

  16. WOW Im so glad I stopped by ur blog today!


    Some really FUNNY pics LOL!

    hahahaha WW u look sooo funny in that bloody nose pic!

    And both HE and you look GREAT in the last pic. LOVE IT!

    Yous rock!

  17. Hildegarde:

    It's the teasing of each other, I think, that keeps us young -- although that isn't a constant state of mind.

    As our bodies shrivel in some places and expand in others (see: Jaba the Hutt), our brains dump the useless stuff.

    I'm still doing that now. :-)


    Yeah, the Great HE...he's returned with a vengeance, hasn't he?

  18. yes lol! And u definitely add to the spice of HE!


  19. That guitar photo in the hat is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!!

    Nice shaving pic. You do show your love. ;)

  20. Keshi:

    HE has enough of his own spices, I think, without me sprinkling any more on him.


    I guess you least the one I had over here.


    That's a lamp he's wearing on his head.


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