The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 3, 2007

Birthday Boy Blues


So on Sunday night, I brought my daughter and my son out for dinner to celebrate his 16th birthday. And it gave me joy and it made me laugh and snicker in spite of all that's going on around me.

And this, with a few little details pointed out along the way, is a pictorial of that goofy and night...every single picture I took, off-centre or not...

On the left, right beneath my son's ugly face, I'm holding my ancient cellphone...while my two kids are showing off their cellphone/camera/text messaging machines, which put my cellphone to shame, I know...

Below, we are now at the restaurant, which is called Applebees. I can't exactly remember, but I'm sure my daughter is giving me hell about something or other.
My son? Who knows what he's looking at or thinking, if he can think at all...

This shot was taken after I teased my daughter about her fish-hook earrings, the longest and most garish in the solar system, as far as I can tell.
She is accustomed to me making such remarks, which always are true and correct. The neat thing is, she doesn't care what I think.

Attractive girl, isn't she?

Here's my goofy son being, well, goofy, knowing I'm trying to take his picture and covering himself up. I think I gave him sh*t, but it was exactly what I would have done....duh...

The appetizer arrives...daughter, of course, takes control...

After piling his onion rings on top of his fries to erect some sort of tall ship or monument or something, my son dines...

Daughter dines...

Look at my son, particularly. What a dork, but I can't help but laugh and see me in him...

Very appealing pose, Monica...

With identical cellphones, they're both text-messaging me: "Dad, you're a nerd."

Daughter, after being told by dad to enter her and her brother's cellphone numbers into my phone, because...I don't know how.

The birthday boy.


  1. Great photos -what a lovely family you have :).You have captured the fun of the night really well.Your son is growing up -I've noticed a difference in his appearance since first visiting here.You have reminded me of making food sculptures with my Grandmother-she was the instigator of it. I had forgotten about that :).

  2. Looks like you had a fun night :) I was going to go on for a bit about how you shouldn't let life get you down and blah blah blah but then I realised I was sounding like a father myself, and I'm not even a guy or old, so I deleted that! Just chill, man!

  3. Hildegarde1:11 p.m.

    Well, well, you have very tolerant children :-) (letting you publish their pic's, ...)

  4. Thank you for sharing with us. Your post and pics made me smile.

    You're right, your son IS goofy... and totally adorable in all of his goofiness! His face has really matured over the last year or so. He's looking more and more like a man.

    And I love that your daughter gives you shit... and that she doesn't care what you think about her fish-hook earrings.

    I especially love that they both text you to tell you you're a nerd when they're sitting two feet away from you. The whole scenario just makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (Yeah, I know I'm a sap.)

    You have wonderful kids and that can only mean that you're a wonderful dad.

  5. Lee:

    Thx. Yeah, he's changing a mile a minute. Glad to bring back memories of grandma.


    I'd take them out every weekend if it wasn't so expensive. We always have zany fun when we do that.

    Chilled, Dad. But thx!


    Are you kidding? They're all over Facebook!!! I think that secretly, they love it...


    Glad to make you smile. My son goes through about a girlfriend a week, so evidently females agree that there are some adorable things about him.

    My daughter always gives me shit, and I tease her even more. She loves it and she dishes it right back at me.

    What's warm and fuzzy about me being told I'm a nerd? By text message? Whatever works...

    And thanks.

  6. What a beautiful family you have there!

    And a belated happy birthday to your son!

  7. Pamela! You live!

    Well, of course you do. Thanks for visiting again...old friends never really fade away...

  8. These photos are great! You have such good looking kids. You must have so much fun with them. I can already imagine my two gremlins 10 years from now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Menchie:

    Hey, you! I hope everything's kind of back to normal in Manila now, was worried about you...

    Thanks for what you said about my kids. But just envelop yourself into the wonder and whatever of the stage your kids are in at their age now, they're so beautiful.

    This is different, my kids are no longer really "kids" in that sense, they're real people I have to deal with.

    And there's some great things about that, and I DO have fun with them. It's just different fun.

    But fun all the same!


  10. Wish a belated Birthday to your son. Liked the family photos.

    Both your kids look great. Well you look like, YOU!

    Although not being a mother, I shouldn't say this, however children are best things that happen to us.

    Dos it matter if your a nerd? All men over 40 are nerds!

  11. You all look so beautiful! Okay, now I have to go out to dinner tonight, I am so jealous of the food you had. :)

    Glad you all had such a good time! My kids are all 8 and under and already call me a nerd. What took you so long to get hip??! Being a nerd is such a cool thing!

    Right? :)

  12. Funfunfun. And those are onion rings? They look like donuts!

  13. Gautami:

    Well, I NEVER!

    (That's an old expression used by women on TV shows in the 60s to express their shock, outrage and disdain for a perceived insult).

    All men over 40 are nerds?

    Well, I NEVER!

    And of course I look like me! However, your avatar certainly doesn't look like you...


    Oh, so being a nerd is hip? Cool!

    People have called me that my entire life...maybe it's my kids who are out to lunch...


    Yeah, they're onion rings. The kid eats. And eats. And eats. But he brought those home with him.

  14. a coupla seriously good looking kids there ww!
    and it looks like you had a total blast to celebrate the "sweet" sixteenth!


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