The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 10, 2007

Teasing Women Week Tossed to Trash Heap

(Photo illustration courtesy Anna)


What can I say other than mea culpa?


  1. Your overwhelmingly female readership is probably just because you're so sexy! Oh, hang on, I just remembered who I'm talking to... Well, I dunno, it's a mystery to me!

  2. OUCH!

    Comin' from Down Unda, THAT HURT! Right in the knickers, Red Roo style!

    I think I'll just exercise my feminine side's right to hear only the first part of your comment.

    And your refusal to even address the joke itself leaves me no choice but to assume you acknowledge it as on target...

    (*Runs away laughing*)

  3. Hildegarde6:08 p.m.

    ALMOST ENTIRELY FEMALE READERSHIP : must be good for your ego :-))

  4. Hildegarde:

    Well, it makes the part of my brain that contains my feminine side bulge, how's that?

    What it probably means is that men don't give two hoots what I have to say, but women do?

    Who knows...

    But I do note that you are the second female to comment and NOT say anything about the joke itself.

    Again, I take this non-defence as a plea of guilty but in a "yeah, who cares, tell me something I don't know" sort of way...

  5. WW: Looking forward to more! I've been told I give as good as I get so maybe I should do the same chez moi. Nah -- too stressed over the cost of Christmas ... !@?&!@%? I do love a good dumb blonde joke, but I think they've all been told.

  6. Andrea:

    Finally, a human female who actually acknowledges the joke (and jokes to come).

    Personally, I don't subscribe to the dumb blonde theory, except in laughter with everyone else.

    I invite you, no, I DARE you to do a post on jokes that females make about males...

    I could regret this...aak...

  7. That joke was probably written by a man who couldn't find a root if he tried ;). Fact is that some of us do turn into crabby bitches from time to time -but look what we have to put up with!!! :). This stirring that goes on between men and woman -it makes the world go around :).

  8. Lee:

    Ah, you beautiful woman! Now there you go, a sassy, honest, and clear and complete response.

    I agree with you entirely that these kinds of "stirrings" are what makes the world go round.

    I'm sure the writer of that joke "couldn't find a root if he tried."

    Yeah, look at what you have to put up with! EXACTIMUNDO! And us TOO! But somehow, it works out!

    How does that happen?


  9. LOL tease away mate no worries at all ;-)


  10. Awww, good thing I am a good sport. I admit to being a crabby bitch when I don't get my way...LOL!

  11. Well, Stacy came back atcha!

    "I hope the signposts on the road to Hell are clearly writ.
    Cos NONE of the men consigned there
    Would ask how to get to it!"

    (You may quote me)

  12. Nice one Dinahmow!

    WW, as a blonde female I'm so used to having jokes directed at me that I scarcely notice anymore! Even though I've installed artificial intelligence (dyed my hair). Anyway, coming from you, how could I take offence? :)

  13. Keshi:

    OK, I'll let 'er fly...


    Honesty is always the best policy...(*Runs away*)


    You girls south of the equator are a prickly bunch, aren't you? And what do you make of today's joke?


    Artificial intelligence, huh? I'm glad you take no offence; none intended, of course.

  14. How does that go..Fools rush in, where Angels fear to tread.

    Flirting with this sort of tomfoolery is enviable..especially when seen from the sidelines. Knock yourself out discussing Women's Problems.

    The Engineer should have dialed in on the 'GO' button...everything else is just conversation.
    *grabs remote, adjusts crotch, sips beer, and spits.

  15. Do you think your female readership is due to your intelligence(??) or your looks(????) or whater?

    As I don't beat around the bush, it is solely due to your stupidity. We come here, look at that VERY FUNNY face, chuckle at your..err...posts, comment pandering to your ego and go away.

    You would'nt know how to tease a woman!!

    *waiting for brickbats*

    reading room

  16. You know, WW, the reason we don't actually comment on the jokes is because isn't something usually funny to be considered a joke? I put those lame attempts down with ...


    Ok - I took off the feminist, humorless hat. ;) Actually those are really not that offensive, except for the Bitch part, which well, what did you expect?

    Enjoy the week!

  17. I'll go one better. *grin*

  18. "The bulk of (your) semi-regular or regular readers are of the feminine variety" because you're hot, Baby!

    I hope the jokes get better. They've been kinda pathetic so far. Surely you can do better.

  19. Where is the love?
    Oh the HUGE Manatee!

  20. Well, y'all, I actually typed in responses to all of your comments today, then lost it all.

    I'll try again.


    Humourless Emancipated:

    Take a happy pill! Geez, where's the sense of silliness? Zest for zaniness? Mind for moronicism?

    I don't remember mentioning in the post women's problems as an issue. I think the word I used was teasing.

    In the spirit of Maxwell Smart, one of my humour heroes, maybe it's time for the cone of silence, Chief!

    (Flirting with tomfoolery: I GUESS!)


    I always figured it WAS my incredible intelligence and good looks...

    But NOW I finally know the answer! And I stay up nights, doncha know, waiting for my ego to be pandered to...

    What are brickbats? I know what bricks are and what bats are...


    All those x's are kisses, right?

    Hey...if I could write my own good jokes, I'd be on Comedy Central.

    The point here was in the teasing, not in the quality of jokes. All these kinds of jokes are lame, we all know that.

    There was no intention, even remotely, to offend. I apologize if you have been.

    The joke you directed me to kinda fits this same bill, wouldn't you say?



    I'm not hot, I'm more like rot, like snot in pot, to be caught and got and stomped on lots...

    (In my best Dr. Seuss impression).

    I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, basically right after Stace's second comment, which seemed to still be responding in the spirit I intended...

    I don't know that the jokes get better, but I'm not sure I want to risk it one way or the other.

    I think I'll have to take a different tack, give up the teasing thing and write about...?


    Huge manatees?

  21. I like the women=problems! Had me dang near rolling!

    I do not like teasing...I am a go getter kind of gal. If I see something I want, I want it no games to be played. But then again, I am just rather impatient when it comes to having something I see and want. :)

  22. Yes, of course they were kisses :) And, by linking an even worse picture than you put up I was...

    Taking The Power Back Yo!


    Psst. We say "c*nt" now, too. There's a whole feminist book about it.

  23. What happened? I was looking forward to a full week of this.

    I guess you'll just have to find some other way to entertain me. ;)

  24. Awww where'd the woman-teasing go?! I got up this morning, really very tired and hungry, and I thought to myself, "What I really need right now is to be teased unmercifully by a man." So I came straight to your blog... and... GONE! Maybe I'll have to tease myself?! hehe

  25. where's the joke????

  26. Hey -ww -did ya like the response to your teasing comment on my blog!?? -haha. Was looking forward to more of the same. You have pulled the carpet out from all the ladies just like that? Why, you canuck.... (beep) :).

  27. Awa:

    I guess everybody has a different sense of humour. Mine happens to be silly, but others...

    If you don't like teasing, why did you roll on the floor laughing at that tease?


    But you know that you have all the REAL power...or maybe you don't think so. Thanks for the kisses.

    And you know what? Some of us males don't say c*nt. Bad form and all.


    Yeah, well, there wasn't exactly an overwhelming acceptance that this was all just a harmless joke...

    ...Meant to illicit universal guffaws and rolling of eyes and an "Oh, he's just being goofy, I'll get him back" sort of response.

    Hey, you guys were my target audience. I sensed a bit of anger and this is not funny, so zap!

    In terms of entertainment, what would you suggest? Maybe a Masticating Man Week might be in order?



    Well I hate to disappoint you, but as I've already said, I kinda figured it wasn't all taken in fun.

    My point was to tease unmercilessly, but sometimes we need to put a sock in it.

    I hope you found your need to be teased somewhere else. :-)


    Maybe so! What do they say about the wrath of a woman? Or is that the Grapes of Wrath?


    Gone, just like that, with a wave of my wand. I'm a warlock, doncha know.


    I'll get to your blog to see it tonight. I'm sorry to have pulled the carpet out. Just call me a Canucklehead.

  28. Anonymous9:21 p.m.

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. **OK, I'll let 'er fly...

    Call me Betty Blondy Boo but I didnt get that :(


  30. Keshi:

    "I'll let er fly" simply meant that I'd do as you suggested, proceed with the teasing...

    ...Something I've subsequently opted to stop doing so as not to risk offending anyone, given some of the comments...

  31. Without a Pair,
    This has been like watching a documentary about the Serengeti Plains in Africa.

    You, a wobbly, little, bewilderbeast, only a few hours old, starts kickin' up his heels, just happy to be alive...Yippee!!
    Feeling pretty cocky you wander away from Mommy, get lost, and in the process come face to face with "the Sisterhood"..
    the female dominated Hyaenas.

    You inexplicably blurt out,
    "Na Na Na Poo Poo!"

    At first the Sisterhood just stared at you in disbelief...
    Is this guy for f*cking real?
    Don't you know who we are?

    Then, as the background music starts of swell and the drums start imitating your pounding heart, one by one they began to circle and start making those 'sinister laughing' sounds that send chills down your spine.

    The thought suddenly occurs to you, "Aw crap, I am TOTALLY f*cked!"

    Now, only moments before they are about to tear you to shreds, you have decided to lay down in the tall grass, close your eyes, and pretend that they can't see you.

    Your last thoughts on this Earth are..
    "Jeez I was only kidding
    I miss my Mommy and
    find a happy place."

  32. HE:

    I have just about split a gut laughing at your analysis, which you no doubt are doing the same with...

    Yep, eaten alive...torn to bits...just like you might see on those Nat Geo documentaries...

    But without a pair...of balls, for not pressing ahead? Hey, man, it's one thing to jump into the fire.

    It's another to pour gas on yourself and light the match.

    As you pointed out from the beginning, and as your analogy to the "bewilderbeast" now make clear, that's exactly what it was.

    I didn't stand a chance. Better to lay in the grass and hope they can't see me and can't smell downwind.

    Otherwise, I'm nothing but a tasty little snack. They caught the scent and were moving in for the kill.

    Gak. Or, as you said, "na na na poo poo."

    If there was a 2007 Blogger award for best comment, you'd win hands down. I'll nominate you.

    If I ever come out from the tall grass I'm hiding in. But whatever happened to a sense of humour...

    Oh, never mind.

    Watch my latest YouTube vid.

  33. The world needs more WW's and HE's. Although maybe only one more of each, since I'm not sure I could handle too many.

  34. Oh! As if one isn't enough!! :).

  35. Stace/Lee:

    Well, HE actually seems to be in some sort of multiplication or multi-replication mode.

    He seems to be going forth and multiplying, what with his new cowboy image and Doppelgangers and such.

    Lee, better watch yourself with such statements...what you fear the most can come back to haunt you...

    And how is it that the two of us actually live in the same city, within about 10 minutes of each other?


  36. Please send HE's doppelganger over as I have a backlog of housecleaning he could attend to.

  37. MJ:

    Which one? His own discovery, Homo Insapiens or somesuch who appears to have died in 2006, or his new cyber version with cowboy hat and horse?

    Why don't we just send over the real thing, although his OCD will take over and you'll never find anything ever again.

  38. Send any of the above but NOT the real thing as he'll never shut up and I really just want to relax with a book while he waxes my floors.

  39. MJ:

    Right, you know him better than I do! I'll send the cowboy version, as long as you don't mind horse poop.

  40. I'm sure you're a very tasty little snack indeed. ;)

  41. Anna:


    So that's you then, lazing around over under that big tree in the shade, sharpening your teeth, readying for the kill...

    ...Well aware of me trembling in that tall grass just over that hill, my Bewilderbeast brethren long since moved on to the next grazing grounds?

    (*Shivers in fear or something*)

    I so feel like Bambi...

  42. Bambi Meets Godzilla.

    Coming to a theatre near you.

  43. MJ, I'll place my bet on Bambi. The good guys always win, right?

  44. MJ:

    Appearances can be deceiving...Bambi, as you recall, survived and flourished.

    Godzillas, on the other hand, aren't nearly as threatening as they at first appear.

    I'll go watch that movie though!


    You're a gem, Ozzieland Girl!

  45. I think I was just called Godzilla. This can't be a good thing. I think I'll go tend to my tattered self-image now.

  46. Anna:

    Um, uh, are no Godzilla to me, you know that...the image I had was "lioness."

    OK, I'll just keep my head low and try to be quiet, wondering whether I'll survive the night...yeesh...

  47. Anna and WW: I did not mean to say that the lovely Anna is Godzilla.

    When I saw WW referring to himself as a shivering Bambi (hard to imagine him as a wee gentle woodland creature, I know) well... the first thought that sprang to mind was the movie Bambi Meets Godzilla.

    *blows kisses to everyone and exits as the curtain comes down on the movie*

  48. MJ:

    OK, I'm going for 50 comments at least now...

    And I think I fit perfectly the image of a wee gentle woodlands creature, although I do need a kiss on the nose from time to time...

    Thanks, you two Beautiful Blogger Babes.

  49. 50!

    Yes, I know I should have saved it for HE.

  50. MJ:

    What? You think HE reads my blog?

  51. Awww, she called me lovely.

    Thank you, MJ... self-image is officially untattered.

    WW - Lioness sounds kinda sexy. Do lionesses preen... cause I've gone from untattered to preening.

  52. Anna:

    I'm no feline expert, although the purrs are profoundly moving, but yes, like all cats, lionesses do preen.

    Knock yourself out. Or, should I say, preen away. I'm still frozen still in the tall grass.

  53. ooh, um, i think i like that there's only one w.w. & h.e.!!!

    and i must be having a seriously dumb moment 'coz i missed the boat here somewhere... joke?

  54. Angel:

    I deleted the jokes from the post after I reworked it to put an end to Teasing Women Week.

    You're not having a dumb moment at all.


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