The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 2, 2007

The First Annual Boy Bloggers' Spring Fashion Show, Part 1


And so, as we spring into spring here in the Great White North, we set out to offer a variety of tips over the next two posts to answer what every Blogger Boy worth their salt is wondering.

The answer most definitely is yes. We've scoured the earth for the latest in men's wear, we've sent our fashion floozies far and wide to answer one simple question.
How can the discerning male make his way as he sheds his long underwear for his bermuda shorts and knee-high socks? The answers await below.

No true man of the world can consider himself "in" if he doesn't have Perry Como slippers. The ones shown above are typical, comfortable and can be worn with or without socks.

Note the professional stance of the model below, showing the versatility and comfort factor, this time with socks (anklet socks, mind you; more on that later). These cost about $10. They're a steal.

Staying with home loungewear, it's a little known fact: plaid is back in.

And while it may be true that most males such as Homo Escapeons blog in their underwear, there are few out there who don't wander around the house in flannel PJ bottoms.

Here are two examples of what to look for.

If you can get little signs put on them for color contrast (as above; Toba is short for Manitoba), you'll be one of the swinginest guys on your block.


If Perry Como slippers are indispensable to the fashion-conscious male, runners -- the older and uglier the better -- are an absolute must. And if they have Nike swooshes on them, all the better.

Nike swooshes and other free advertising for massive corporations impress women and they show you are cool and have enough money to spend the extra cash to advertise free for the company.
This same rule applies to a staple of any spring wardrobe, the ultra-hip athletic shorts, whether you're a pro sportsman or a wussy weinie who couldn't catch or throw if your life depended on it.
You should have as many of these in your repertoire as possible.
With as many Nike swooshes as you can find.

NEXT: Sandal do's and don'ts, wearing baseball caps, going to work, how to pretend you're an athlete and more on socks


  1. Show us the Crocs. We KNOW you're a closet Crocs wearer.

    And where's your pyjamas with the feet in them?

    Come on. There are things you're hiding from us. You can't possibly be as cool as you're trying to lead us to believe from these photos.

  2. One of two things may have happened:
    1. You've been head-hunted from your paper by one of the Californian must-have fashion mags.
    2.You've ben fired by your papr for moonlighting as a fashion writer.
    Oh! A third just want to scare single women into staying single.
    Very funny

  3. Oh my god. I never knew you were such a fashion genius. I just KNOW you wear sandals with socks, right? That's ok, me too.

  4. MJ:

    No crocs, definitely.

    And didn't I just model two pairs of pyjamas with feet in them? (**Scratches head**)

    Remember, there's a Part 2. And I realize that while I look totally cool here, wait until you see those...


    What about all three? Especially No. 3? I firmly believe all women should stay single anyway.


    Now, now, no early disclosure on the sandals fashions for Spring 2007. I AM a genius, aren't I?

    And now I think the Blogworld wants to see a pic of you in your sandals with socks...

  5. No! I mean the kind of PJs that babies and toddlers wear that have built-in feet on them.

  6. MJ:

    Well, let's not throw the baby clothes out with the dishwasher and the kitchen sink!

    I don't have Photoshop, I'm afraid. No can do...I DO have torn up white longjohns, though...

  7. Torn up longjohns?

    You just get more and more attractive.

  8. MJ:

    I try to hide such sexy secrets, but prying females are the fate of a major male model in these trying times.

  9. Wow, Anna Wintour had better look out! You'll be replacing her as Vogue's editor in chief in no time!

  10. Menchie:

    Yes, she had better beware, indeed!

    (**Runs to Google Anna Wintour**)

    (**Comes back, but runs back to Google Vogue**)

  11. Done with googling Anna Wintour yet?? :P

  12. Menchie:

    Yeah, actually.

    She cuts her hair with a bowl on top of her head, her sunglasses are bigger than my head and she makes $7.5 million a year.

    And her nickname is Nuclear Wintour. I'm going to bring her down in the fashion world.

  13. wut a fashionista!


  14. You are hip...
    You are hot...
    You are happenin'...

    Very funny post, Perry, I mean WW...

  15. One small step for a man in slippers
    One giant leap backward for mankind

    You put the casual in casualty!

    I don't exactly know how many fashion violations you just committed but it seems to me that you are not in any immediate danger of being labelled a Metrosexual.

    Enough with the swoosh! How 80s!
    You definitely need to call Shmata Hari and get some work done OY!

    mj I thought that you were supposed to be away for a few days?
    Where are you WWs?

  16. Kesh:

    No kidding, eh!!?? As you can probably tell, I know a fair bit about women's fashions too.

    When you finally hunker down with a hunk, send any fashion faux pas to me. I'll fix it.

    (Somehow, I don't think you need any help in that regard).


    I just signed a lucrative deal with the estate of Perry Como to market these slippers worldwide.

    Somethin's happenin' here
    What it is, ain't exactly clear...

    Better buy my fashions while I'm less than world famous...

    Homily Exactimundo:

    This, coming from a man who wears sweats and lumberjack coats, a neon green cell phone case around his neck and steel-toed boots.

    On the contrary, I'm a Monster Metrosexual, a Unique name it.

    And my adoring public knows it.

  17. My goodness-you really know how to Dress To Impress.Men the world over could take lessons from you, I think. I have a favourite which is flannelette pyjamas worn with bed socks and a old cardigan I picked up at an op shop. Such a good look that I wonder why it hasn't been picked up on the cat walk. Particularly since it's fashion week in Australia this week. Must keep an eye out for within without High Fashion slippers ;).

  18. HE: I'm supposed to be in Seattle but it won't stop raining here or there so I haven't gone yet. Maybe I SHOULD be in WinterPeg.

    Quick! Call Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

  19. The reason that WW wears socks is to disguise the Velociraptorian talons that portrude from his 'smallish' feet!

    The last farrier who took a crack at clipping them died from exhaustion.

    People! Please don't encourage him to continue this line of posting.

  20. HE: Let's have a peek inside YOUR closet, then.

  21. Lee:

    Yes, it's true, I'm clothing's cat's meow, fashion's Next One.

    Those PJs, socks and cardigan sound like true winners on my runway (**runs away**)

    Watch for those slippers at an op shop near you...


    Could you two just go over and talk in the corner? Better yet, in HE's closet?


    Size 10s, Mister! And I just cut my nails. Besides, my audience of a Baker's Dozen has no influence on the subject matter I produce.

  22. goodness that's the first time I've seen male cellulite!

  23. Well, Ziggi, we know you like them young... The rest of us are not very familiar, but very very familiar with seeing male cellulite!
    Anyway: WW, nice calves! Mooooo! (get it?) I like the Perry Como slippers better than mandals. You go, WW!

  24. Anonymous7:26 p.m.

    Great fashion tips.
    I must buy some slippers.
    Cheers, Andrew

  25. Yeah, keep on running , buddy. No, I just wanted to tell you that I just discovered your kookaburra song comment -it's probably been there for days.Any respect I have for HE has now gone out the window ;).

  26. You can see where a man became a father, as his wardrobe is frozen in that year...
    I pitty those from the eighties....

    by the way nice legs

  27. Ziggi:

    Gee, thanks girl! And male cellulite is in, in, in, doncha know! Better tell Himself...


    Moooo back. Watch for the final instalment, when you'll see plenty of mandals.


    Yes, Mate, the slippers are crucial to any true man's complete wardrobe.


    (**WW keeps running**)

    HE thrives on a lack of respect, didn't you know that?


    A proper selection of clothing early in life leads to consistency over time, that's the theory.

    Thanks for the legs compliment, Hair Boy!

  28. w.w., have i not asked you before to warn me if i'm going to need my asthma inhaler to reverse the giggle induced wheezing??!
    this was bucking frilliant dude... so is part two going to cover women's wear?
    oh yes- does the other leg say "mani"?

  29. Angel:

    I don't remember you making such a request. I will have to consult the World Humour Metre Reading Scale to determine if future posts are likely to require an asthma warning for South African readers.

    No, actually, the other side of those PJ pants do not say "MANI," although they should...

  30. You forgot cotton shorts with the elastic waistband. These are a step above boxer shorts and a step below denim, khaki, or cargo shorts. These jersey cotton shorts are the staple of Q's at-home wardrobe.

  31. Ms. Val:

    Dang, I knew I forgot something@!!


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