The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 6, 2007


  1. Did you drink a giant slurpee and get brain-freeze?

  2. The first picture in your post looks like a scene from the smelter where I used to work. That could be the plant control room on any given day.

    The second to last picture is the plant manager pretending he didn't know that the place was falling down around us.

  3. Vogue called. He's on another fashion shoot.

    "I'm a model you know what I mean
    And I do my little turn on the catwalk
    Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
    I do my little turn on the catwalk"

  4. Menchie:

    No, I'm here in body and spirit but not in mind. Please do not adjust your set...


    Yeah, that's it! At least now the weather's warm enough to contemplate that scenario.


    I'm glad to have brought back for you "Memories of My Marvellous Moments at the Smelter."


    Of course I had thought I had made it clear in my last posts that I was off to Reykjavik for more fashion shoots...


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