The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 3, 2007

WW for WW and all of W

There's a Weather Warning for WithinWithout and all of Winnipeg.

I may be Whimpering and Wheezing, but I'm not Whining...much.

At about 9 a.m., after I've driven my daughter to work, it is -36C here.

Most of you woke up to a weather situation that climatologists would have described as sunny or clear, cloudy or foggy, rain or snow.

Here in Winterpeg, the current description is:

Ice Crystals

And worst of all, there's a windchill warning. With the windchill factored in, it's -47C here.

My car, even though it was plugged in all night, barely started. The deathly cold air resulted in two deflated tires that I had to pump up.

It even SOUNDS cold.

It IS cold, chilling to the soul.

Normal lows for this time of year are -21C and the normal high is -10C.

But even worse than all of this, it's supposed to get worse...

I wonder how.


  1. I so want to visit Winnipeg. I'll just have to remember that January and February seat sales aren't as big a bargain as they seem.

  2. That they aren't, Andrea!!! Nah, the best time to be here is from April to September.

    But then, of course, there are few seat'll just have to decide to chuck the expense and visit for the company.

  3. Ice crystals? I am certain I've never seen that weather description here in Eastern Montana.

    I just logged in to my F to C converter...that's -52.6 degrees F! I'd stay inside under a warm blankie at that temperature if I could.

  4. Thank gawd this isn't Naked News!

    I hate to say I told ya so but I told you to put Nitrogen in your tires so that the cold wouldn't deflate them..

    I told ya so.

  5. I hate to say this out loud but I'm slyly hoping for continued cold through Monday and Tuesday like the forcast indicates. Too cold for school means a nice quiet classroom for me to catch up on...blogging.
    I'll see you tonight at Donn's. I'm bringing something warm for everyone to help with the cold weather blues.

  6. HOLY MACKEREL W.W.!! i like the cold- but thats really pushing it!

  7. Laurie:

    We're convinced ice crystals are strictly a Manitoba commodity/weather condition.

    I'm sure we'd export it to Montana if we could, but there doesn't seem to be the demand.

    Good conversion.

    Duty calls and social enlightenment beckons, however, so no warm blankies tonight.

    Going over to HE's to enjoy the lovely warmth of him and his wife, Brian the Mennonite and his wife Joyce from Chronicles of Blunderview and another very nice couple who may also be bloggers, for all I know.

    Another night of being the single guy trying to mingle with couples...

    That's if my car will get me there...

    Homo Snowflakes:

    Nitrogen? How about Nitro Nerd Gas? Which I'm expecting you to blow into my tires when I get there.


    That's simply cruel and selfish. Looking forward to meeting you and Joyce.

    What time?

  8. Angel:

    Tell me about it!!! Better yet, come try it!! We'll start a bloggers exchange program.

    I'll try South Africa for a week...and you can try Winterpeg, during winter!!


  9. It sounds like you will be having a very nice night! Much better than staying home alone...which is what I'll be doing. Well as much alone as you can be with six cats in the house, that is.

  10. I know what -20°C feels like, but further than that I can't imagine. What does -36°C mean for the temp. inside the house ? It might sound dumb, but can the heating system cope with that and what temp. do you have inside ?

  11. Anonymous6:25 p.m.

    I wondered about how you heat your house with those sort of temperatures aswell? Do you have to keep the heating on all night aswell? I just cannot imagine it! lol!
    Have a fun night tonite-It sounds good!

  12. Anonymous6:26 p.m.

    The anonymous was me by the way!

  13. so...I guess water in the basement and soggy timbers in the laundry floor and 21deg.C high doesn't help much? Oh, some roads are still cut.And there's a cyclone watch current for the people who live 'way up north.And the grocer is running low.But it is 21 deg. C. Sorry!
    PS I know where you can get a knitting pattern for a willy warmer.( Good initials, too!)

  14. Wow, now that's cold! I'm such a wimp when it comes to cold. I'll be heading over to China next week where they say it's cold but it's not even less than zero there.

  15. Please, please, please be careful. I think I'm still traumatized by that post where you said people had died because of the cold weather.

  16. Sooooo, is this what global warming has brought us? :) It sounds painful to be in that kind of chill. Bundle up hon. Stay warm. Heck, stay inside!

    I hope spring comes soon!

  17. honestly, ww, i don't know how you stand it. i'm dealing with 5 degrees and i'm complaining.

    would you ever move because of the weather? or because of work opportunity? the under-informed want to know...


  18. Laurie:

    Yeah, it was a lot of fun...I'm sure HE and Brian will be posting appropriately goofy pix.

    How could you feel alone with such purrsonable animals?

    Hildegarde, Laura:

    Our heating systems certainly are taxed by the colder temps but well able to cope.

    Most homes are heated by natural gas, my apartment is heated by electric heat...the thermostats are set at a comfy 21 or 22C and the heating systems kick in to keep it that warm, although more often and at higher cost as a result...


    Very funny! But I'd take that 21C high, anyhow! This morning (Sunday), it was -39C...without the windchill.

    The WW initials could stand for that or for something else Homo Escapeons invented. I suppose I could get that knitting pattern from you, but I already have one...and I can't knit!

    I suppose two's better than one, though, it would give me more variety and fashion accessories.


    Yeah, I guess there's cold and then there's cold...


    Thanks, girl. Made sure I started my car at HE's last night every hour or so, got home fine...


    Bundle up is right! No big plans to head out into the cold, hard night tonight except for driving my kids hither and yonder.

    Hope to watch some of the Super Bowl if I can...


    You're probably more informed than I am. I wouldn't move as long as my kids are here, I can't see that happening...

  19. Is it colder than a well-digger's ass?

    Or colder than a witch's tit?

  20. at -36 does a couple of degrees make a difference?

  21. MJ:

    Your two choices are rather limiting and less than appealing, MJ, altho don't know that I've tried either.

    On the other hand...


    Only if the wind's howling, mate.

    Perhaps this will cheer you...

  23. HE:

    More like HE HE HE HE HE...

    but for what?


    That address turns up a blank at ABC News Australia. Want to try it again or give me a hint?

    Word verification for the ages, from my own computer on my own blog: jzuaahna. That's Google for ya.

    Why don't they just make it supercalifragilisticexpialidocius?

  24. I don't know how you can stand it for one minute longer!! Is there nowhere else in CAndada that you can MOVE TO!!!! I guess it won't help matters if I tell you that it is lovely and warm here at the, didn't think so :).

  25. I mean canada!
    (word verification keeps telling me that I'm doing the wrong thing, bugger it)

  26. Being from Phoenix, I can't even begin to comprehend that kind of cold!!!! It was about 75F today--simply gorgeous.

    Ah, but I'll be the one complaining come August when it's 96F. Inside the swimming pool. At 10:30 at night.

  27. Lee:

    Actually, I couldn't move even if I wanted to. A giant wall of ice, 10 metres thick, has now formed around Winnipeg.

    They discovered this when an airplane, attempting to take off for Hawaii, crashed into it this morning.

    Being virtually invisible and not showing up on radar, it could have been a disaster but the plane was only taxiing down the runway so people only suffered bruises and cuts.

    It was quite a dramatic shot seeing all the passengers, already in shorts and goofy Hawaiin shirts and stupid hats and leis around their necks, freeze the instant they stepped off the plane onto the tarmac.

    I'm amazed this news hasn't already made its way to Australia and around the world.

    No, we're supposedly in for this deep freeze for the rest of our lives, or at least until later this week.

    Then it's supposed to return to a balmy -15 or -20 and we can all put our sunglasses and suntan lotion back on and sip on drinks with little umbrellas in them.

    In the meantime, though, my cajones are frozen solid, my long underwear has developed more holes and pretty much grown into my new skin and I just drive around now with my air pump attached to my right rear tire.

    Ms. Val:

    No, hearing about 75 and gorgeous doesn't bother me at all. Why would it?

    Strangely, though, we often get up around the 90s in the summer and have to swat at mosquitoes as big as your head, at which point I also complain.

    I'm pretty picky, really.

  28. Gerry (ur brother)5:45 p.m.


    Quit being such a wimp!



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