The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 1, 2007




Caricature by Donn Coppens (aka Homo Escapeons)

My son was a video game junkie.

He'd play Zelda or Final Fantasy on his Nintendo 64, PlayStation and every other increasingly expensive new generation of game box he could persuade me to buy for him.




Yes, my 15-year-old has decided he definitely wants to be a professional rock singer or musician when he grows up (or next week if that's possible, but I told him not likely).
Just like the band Billy Talent (below) and their lead singer (name unknown, above).
And my son came out with this final declaration of his life's calling this week after he and his buddy Alex, the lead guitarist and head of their own garage band, met and interviewed Billy Talent.
And then saw them in concert.
It's confusing, you see, but Billy Talent isn't actually one person. The whole band, the collective four pictured above, ARE Billy Talent. Yes, and my name is Within Wonderful.
Anyway, Evan and Alex take a broadcasting course at school.
They requested and obtained permission to do a five-minute TV interview with the lead singer of Billy Talent, who is not named Billy Talent, and one other band member.
They did that this week, hugged the boys in the band, probably peed their pants, went home, changed and then went and saw them perform that same night.
I have not seen the video. I have not seen the pictures that someone supposedly took.
It was only a month or more ago that Evan met and talked with another one of his idols, the lead singer of a Canadian group called Alexisonfire.
I've only had him in singing lessons for a few months, and I've promised to buy him an electric guitar and pay for his lessons if his school marks pass muster.
But you've got to admit, the kid sure has been getting himself into the right circles.
I've told him the chances of him ever performing professionally are pretty small. He knows that.
I think maybe I should start becoming very afraid...


  1. Hmmm...interesting video and song. My kid brother is the same with the playstation and computer games. And now he's playing the guitar (and he's not bad either).

    I've got to give your son credit for pursuing his dreams. Not all would have the guts (and the gumption!) to go after what they want. Then again, there is American Idol, so maybe I'm wrong.

  2. Yay! I can comment today! Blogger unceremoniously booted me out when I tried yesterday.

    Sounds like your son should meet mine. He also likes Billy Talent but has recentl gotten into harder-core stuff (black metal). Then again, maybe, for his sake and yours, your son should saty away from mine. :) (Music taste aside, he's really just a big softie.)

  3. Oops -- that's death metal, not black metal. (Mothers are so uncool.)

  4. Billy Talent isn't actually one person...

    You mean like Jethro Tull. I was in my 20's before I knew that was a band, not a solo singer. Same goes for Blondie.

  5. Menchie:

    Actually, I despise the song...or let me soften that, don't like it much. Sounds a lot to me like the same heavy metal stuff I grew up with (and also didn't like).

    I'm very proud of him too and I tell him that...and try to keep my prehistoric opinions about his music to myself...


    I guess it's universal, right? My guy also likes a lot of the death metal stuff too.

    Dads are uncool too...I guess we all are, at least in that way.

    Ms. Val:

    Yeah, but I was trying to avoid mentioning that or accepting that. I guess it has always been that way.

    (Secretly, I was probably just trying to avoid the public embarrassment warranted by the fact I didn't already know this).

  6. It still took me 4 attempts to get Bloggleroogle to let me comment..AAArrrggghhh!
    Ev should also keep in mind that if he pursued a career as a Journalist like his Daddy (specializing in Entertainment_ that he
    A. would get to meet every Rock Star
    B. would have a much safer career path since most bands never make it and if they do staying on top is next to impossible
    C. would be making all kinds of connections to create his own band..most Rock Journalists are frustrated or how do you say..realistic people whohave found a way to get paid to cover something that they love.
    D. he would have you to help him leapfrog over the competition because you can show him the ropes.
    Sign him up for CreCom!

  7. Hahaha, great times are ahead of you ! Both my daughters have a friend who is playing in his own hard rock/metal band + studying, so that can be done. Just in case you might be interested, which I doubt :-), here you can listen to some of their music Krossbreed and Ankalima (curious if the links work with the tags I used)
    Great cartoon of your son - young version.
    Actually I like that music, but of course I am a cool mom ;-) (not my own words)

  8. I think it's wonderful that you're being supportive and helping him as much as you can to achieve his dream. And how cool was it for him to interview rock stars he admires so much! Good for him!

    I'm even further out of the loop than Ms. Val. I had no idea Jethro Tull was a band and not a man.

  9. Homely Escapeons:

    That would be a good idea, and I'll pose it to him, but the only problem is to be a journalist, you have to know how to spell and minor stuff like that there.

    I figure that's about No. 133 on his list of 15-year-old priorities. But I've told him he can be prime minister if he wants or the leader of the free world in 2020, so what the heck...


    Great times? Or a world of chaos? Whatever comes, I say.

    I'll check out your links, Hilde, but I absolutely HAD to change the video to something I more like...


    (The caricature is by HE, who is very artistic himself, which I'm sure is no surprise...although don't let him see this)


    Thanks, girl. You have a heart of gold and the understanding to match.

    Don't feel badly about the one-name "groups." Who knew?

  10. Anonymous6:00 p.m.

    I wish your son luck! I think its great when they have aspirations whether they are realistic or not,as you just never know!
    Have a lovely weekend aswell!


  11. It sounds as if your son has a pretty good idea what he wants out of life. With a supportive parent like you around, he will no doubt be successful.

  12. Let the kid find his niche. You have to give him a chance. We all learnt from our experiences.

    BTW, I am impressed!

  13. Laura:

    Thanks! I've tried, gently but firmly, to explain to him he'll need more than luck.

    But I don't want to spoil his parade either or throw water on his dreams.

    The No. 1 thing is school first, and he knows that.


    Of course you're right...and it's HIM that has to do that, but with some guidance and enabling.

  14. Laurie:

    Doh! Missed your comment in there. Thanks.

    For all I know, next week he might be into fashion design. Or psychology. Or back into computer game programming.

    I just try to go with the flow...

  15. sheesh- he's not just meeting famous people- he's meeting famous people he likes and admires!
    its quite incredible- and i reckon its more than a small step in the right direction!
    LOL at word verification: "gnawwmt" describes the action of the jaw whilst speaking to one's personal idol

  16. I think you should be extremely proud of your son! If any of my kids joins the corporate world, I'll disown them until they embrace rock wholeheartedly :) That's fantastic, WW, and I wish your son the best of luck with his career choice. I only wish I'd made the same decision at his age!

  17. Angel:

    Yeah, he's getting the most he can out of this and he's excited about life, that's the big thing.


    Well, as much as I'm supporting him and all, this may be no more than the flavour of the month.

    He seems all hepped up about it,and that's cool.

    We'll see if he wants to apply himself enough to give himself any real kind of chance at it...and even if he does, to accept the possibility that if it doesn't work out, then all of this won't be for naught.


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