The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 4, 2007

From Frozen to Friction

HAVE TO HEAT this place up somehow...


  1. That song is one of my favourites... love Chris Isaak.

    Hope you're feeling warmer. Need any help? ;)

  2. Anonymous6:42 p.m.

    Yeah love that song too!

  3. Laura:

    All it's doing is steaming up my windows! Oh, wait. That's just my vegetables boiling...

  4. love Chris Isaak!

    Where's the 'Bend coming up - slow down' sign? :):)


  5. Hey! I was playing that song last night. Have you been eavesdropping?

  6. Is it warm in here?

  7. Keshi:

    No, don't you mean "Curves ahead, slow down," which I would cause there's nothing like curves...


    Yes, I very afraid...I know where you live...(well, I know what part of the city...)


    Not warm enough...

  8. WWIII -it's obvious to all what you need to warm you up........a hot water bottle ;).

  9. Lee:

    It's -40 as I wake up today...-40! All the school bus services are shut down, etc.

    I'd cry you a river, but I can't. My tear ducts are frozen solid.

    I think what I really need is a portable hot tub instead of a hot water bottle.

    Arby Dar and Bob's your uncle.

  10. One of my favorite one hit wonders..that guitar is awesome!
    The only thing Wicked in Whateverpeg is the Weather.brrrrr.

  11. what the hell happened to Wicked Game this song is terrible.


  12. Homo Emancipation:

    Chris Isaak is not a one-hit wonder. In fact, just for that, I'm playing his songs all week.

  13. Maybe you should go ice fishing.

    With those hats you're sporting over at Homo Escapadeons.

  14. Yeah, those hats are priceless! =)

    I'm going to stop complaining about our frozen weather immediately. We're cold (-15F before windchill), but y'all are way colder than we are. Ack!!

  15. MJ:

    I don't think those hats would do much to keep our heads warm (and no jokes about you never use 'em anyway)...

    No, I think when it's this cold, the lake ice would just be so brittle it would crack beneath our feet and we'd be joining those fishes.


    You can have mine, but you'll need HE to agree and he'll mail it to you.

    Ack is appropriate.

    And're in Wisconsin. I get the grrrl part but the tide? What, Lake Superior?

  16. *cue birds and springtime music*

    WW, long, long ago, in a decade laden with watergate scandal and watered-down music, there was a beach town in California where the Tidalgrrrl was born.
    Before she could walk, she learned to swim in the ocean. Before she learned to read she was surfing. Badly. This girl spent her youthful days wandering the beaches and avoiding the jellyfish.
    When this girl grew up she realized that to live in a place with the tides and the sand, she would have either prostitute herself or continue to work four jobs and wait for a Sugar Daddy to come along.
    Tidalgrrl was a feminist and wanted to do it on her own, without relying on a man. She decided to start her adult life by seeing the world! After she finished touring Scandanavia with nothing but the clothes on her back, she had to return home with what she started, which wasn't much. Her sister had moved to the Frozen Tundra of the North, and offered this Tidalgrrl a place to stay while she got settled.
    The rest, as they say, is herstory.

  17. Tidalgrrrl:

    And a fascinating herstory it is. All makes perfect sense, and an admirable tale of triumph at that.

    Chances are, had I taken more time to check out your blog (slaps self) it's probably all there, right?

    I'm gonna snowboard on down there tnite, in fact. I just hope my snowboard doesn't crack in half as I meander thru them big trees...


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