The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 15, 2007

Visions of Valentine's Day...The Sequel

The person who sent me this has either a rich sense of humour, a wacky, wicked wit or incredible insight into how I spent Valentine's Day...


  1. Um, I would have to say, all three?? :D

  2. Is it a bad thing that I don't like Valentine's Day? I don't want my lover to feel like he HAS to do something romantic for me on a particular day. I'd much rather he do it whenever he feels like it. It just doesn't seem genuine when he's only doing it because society says he's supposed to. Know what I mean?

  3. Menchie:

    I'm wit you, girl! You're exactly right...


    I think if you looked at most VD blog posts, you'd see that same sentiment coming out.

    Let's face it -- it's strictly a commercial enterprise invented on a flimsy whimsical bit of history.

    But the greeting card, flower, jewelry and chocolate companies sure love it, don't they?

    But as flimsy as all that is -- and I agree with you on everything you say -- sometimes relationships NEED a kick in the ass.

    OK, so it's commercial and everything. But a lot of people might say the world doesn't have enough romance.

    If a man or a woman wants to make a big statement and just have fun with it at the same time, I don't think it's so corny and cheesy as to be useless, this VD thing.

    Love that new avatar...and, publicly, congratulations and hugs, Anna.

  4. The only thing I have to report in this regard is that I visited The Butcher that day and he was friendly and sweet. Well,it's better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.

  5. Hey, it's a Hallmark holiday, don't you know?

  6. Love the picture, WW. It made me smile.

  7. uuummmmm... you spent valentines day splattered on the side of a building?

  8. That picture made me smile. I needed that.

  9. I'll translate it for you..
    "Love can overcome any obstacles..
    well almost any"

  10. i must admit, it took me a minute to understand what a "VD blog post" was, and what it had to do with valentine's day.

  11. Huge moral ojection to valentines day... IF you love someone tell them dont wait until some pathetic hallmark greeting card day to let them know.

    Love the picture:) I would love to give that as a VD card

  12. Lee:

    Oh, the you mean the one in Sweeney Todd? Or the one you've talked about before?

    Do tell, Lee, do tell. Or have you already told over at your blog? I'll go check it out asap.

    Almost anything's better than a poke in the eye -- with anything.


    Yep, that's true, ain't it? But hey...if some people get all worked up about it, great!

    Whatever floats your boat.


    OK, thanks.


    Making you smile is my life's goal.


    I spend every day splattered on the side of a building.

    It's just on that day, I had wings and a bow and arrow. And I was wearing a diaper.


    Whatever you need...


    You could be a caption writer at the newspaper.


    So now, I guess, you know...blogging makes for strange-looking abbreviations and new words, etc.


    I'm not quite sure I get how you really feel about this, Aidan...


    Have you considered trying to start a worldwide boycott?

  13. Ah, it's the butcher I've mentioned before -he knows that I think he's O.K. -and he STILL wants to talk to me -so that's nice(I usually have my son with me so he knows the situation). He says hello now even if he's right down the back of the shop and someone else is serving me -never misses -he actually speaks first. We have a little talk whenever he serves me if there are no other customers to be served.And this from a man who I'd never seen smile in 3 years and now I get one each time. At the very least he's a very nice person. Here's a question for you -you're a man- a woman lets you know that she thinks you're O.K., but you don't think that of her -realistically, would you go out of your way to speak to her and initiate conversation? Or would you do the opposite?

  14. It cracked me up about VD day as well, by the way. What's next? Herpes Week?

  15. :D

    Go read my limerick on VD...

  16. Lee:

    Did I say VD Day? Oops. A WW slip, but who knows, maybe we need a VD Day as well as a V Day.

    I can respond to your question here if you want, or I can just email you.

    If you're comfortable with it, go to my profile, find my email address and email me.

    I'll get back to you that way. If not, say so back here and I'll answer you here, if you'd rather.


    I'll get there...

  17. Actually,I don't know if you said VD day like that , that's probably just the way I though it in my head-if that makes sense :). On my computer I see nothing coming up on the right hand side of the screen -you know where it would usually have your picture and links and all that? So will you be good enough to put your email address here in these comments so I can see it? -I don't know what's going on that I can't see the things, because I know I used to be able to.

  18. Lee:

    No problemo...address is


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