The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 17, 2007

(STILL) Just Resting


  1. What a beautiful post! I love the music video and the pictures are wonderful.

    You've said it all, without writing a word.


  2. Anonymous11:09 a.m.

    who says we as people are more itellegent than animals? Seems to me these animals have it right and are mocking us for creating such a hectic environment where we fail to sit back once in a awhile and truly appreciate what "is" rather than continue in this "rat race" we call "living"
    Great Post, I think I'll lie around for the rest of the day.

  3. Hope you're enjoying your rest.

  4. Laurie:

    Thanks, Montana Maiden...I'd love to be able to boast that I tried to co-ordinate them, but the vid came first and the post idea (not much of an idea) later...

    But merci, Madame...


    Are you an anon I know?

    Anyway, I'm with you. I think they've got the right idea and they always make me smile.


    Thanks. And you and the little tiny one inside too.

    Your pics are "restful" but try this for fun.(Is the mailman stuck in a snowdrift?)

  6. Dinahmow:

    Mailman wasn't stuck in a snowdrift, but apparently his brain was...some of my mail was delivered somewhere else.

    I've emailed you. Fantastic card. Thanks.

    And that's a really neat site. I think HE's son and other kids would have a hoot going there.


    One more thing...of course, I've kinda had a thing for the blonde Heart sister for some time, so it wasn't like pulling teeth putting that vid up either...

  7. Ahhhh...sleep. Funny I should read this after the man and I took a two hour nap this afternoon. It was great, and the cats enjoyed having us to lie down upon. of the world's most underestimated pleasures. Plus, I was kind of a crabapple before, and now I'm feeling fine!

  8. Shelley:

    Aren't those afternoon fiestas (or is that siestas, can never remember) with the loved one the cat's meow?

    Glad to hear you're not a crabapple any more. Speaking of crabapples, I used to pilfer all of mine as a kid from Mr. Huggins down the street.

    I wonder if girls do that...none that I know of...

  9. It's siesta.

    Good that you're taking it easy since I suppose there's no point in going out if it's so cold over there.

    Going on a movie date with the hubby today -- in the afternoon while the kids take a nap. So, no nap for me.

  10. Menchie:

    Sunday afternoon there, Saturday evening here. Amazing, huh?

    What movie...and you've obviously got a sitter or family member...kinda nice.

    It's not quite as cold here now. I'm just thawing. My brain, which houses my blog posting apparatus, will be the last to do so.

  11. Menchie (Shelley):

    Just occurred to me that a siesta might follow a fiesta, and that a fiesta should follow a siesta.

    Now I'll just contemplate that thought all night...

  12. Anonymous6:56 p.m.

    Ahhh resting! Theres a thought! Lovely pics and adore Roxy music!


  13. I remember you having a thing for her WW, and no wonder...she's quite amazing.

  14. Laura:

    Yep, just vegging with Roxy...


    Really, aren't we all?

    I took that vid off...after a while, even a blonde bombshell looks kinda goofy with her hair being airblown and all that fuzzy focusing...but that was the 70s (or was it the 80s?)

  15. I'm not amazing, but I am amazed most of the time. ;-)

  16. I wont take this lion (lying) down...Would be good to have a rest it is too hot for sleep in in melbourne.. enjoy the mental and physical rest...

  17. I must have listened to AVALON one million times..
    especially MORE THAN THIS..
    I am an unrepentent powernapper..
    got it from my Dad who could shut down for 15 minutes at the drop of a hat!
    I do it everyday right after supper..and maybe more often than I care to acknowledge because today Ridz (5) said
    "Mom! Look Dad is watching TV with his eyes open!".

  18. Will be seeing Music and Lyrics (Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore).

    Yeah, I've got a full-time nanny so it's quite convenient. Not to mention my parents are only a backyard away.

    Everyone's taking their siesta now. Off to the movies I go....

  19. Anonymous5:32 a.m.

    Laughing my head off at HEs comment!Too funny!


  20. Laurie:

    OK...reminds me of that McCartney song Maybe I'm Amazed...


    I woulda got "lion down," ya know. And it's too cold here for sleeping, so we're even.


    Yeah, Ridz WOULD notice that, wouldn't he? Sometimes, kids say the darndest things...


    That must be you, Menchie. So how was the movie?


    Yeah, you should see/hear him in person. And I think he's giving me a strong hint to play More Than This...

  21. HE: I listened to Avalon a million and ONE times.

    At the moment I feel like all those sleepy creatures rolled into one. I'm outta here. Back later.

  22. Must go have a rest right now as a matter of fact :).

  23. Anonymous5:19 a.m.

    And now Supertramp! I used to listen to them all the time! Golly you take me back with your music at times! lol!


  24. It's Monday.

    Wakey wakey.

  25. ... that's what February's for ... lovely shots ;-)

  26. MJ:

    Yeah...and I Don't Like Mondays.

    Hey...I'm playin' some music for y'all.


    Have a good rest?


    Glad you enjoyed it.


    Ever heard of Blue Rodeo? Try is one of their best songs ever...


    You got that right. I'm a bear, pretty much hibernating...

  27. Was I by your place last night?

  28. Very beautiful posts. What they say about picture speaking a thousand words is true here.

    Great going, ww.

  29. MJ:

    Uh...I think so. So I guess it wasn't as good for you as it was for me, then.



  30. Walk towards the light!
    The Power of Blog compels you!
    The Power of Blog compels you!

    You will get brain cramps if you don't let it out and start writing...

    The Power of Blog compels you!

    (You don't watch enough movies to ascertain the cinematic references so I shall commence upon answering your future reply forthwith:
    Poltergeist & Excorcist))

  31. *falling down laughing at "the power of blog compels you" * That was priceless, Homey.

    WW- you're thinking too hard about fiestas and siestas. A siesta, without question, is the practice of napping in the afternoon. Fiestas can be anytime!

    When I took Spanish in school I learned that the word used is very dependent on time of day. Also, entire phrases can be changed just by whether it refers to a man or woman, or many people, or whether it's formal or informal. Languages are fun!

  32. Anonymous5:15 p.m.

    I like the "Try" song-sounds good.


  33. HE:


    My tiny male brain can only hold so many things. Maybe there's nothing to let out...

    However, maybe I'll take a stroll tonight. If I see any light, I'll fly towards it like a moth...and get burned to death.


    Well, El Conquistadore, Buenos Noches and Aye Carumba.

    Unfortunately, we take French up here as a second language.

    El Homer Escapeanos used to have Fiesta Parties but they weren't wild enough for him so he stopped having them.

    Ever since, I've confused siesta with fiesta. Call me El Loco.

    Ghost Particular...

    Thanks for waking me up!


    It's their best song, by far...but they have plenty others...


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