The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 20, 2007

Movies that Move Me


The movie Rudy, that is, on TV, a flick I've seen bits and parts of, which I have always heard about, which I thought would be just another soppy "underdog does good" cinematic effort.

I'm not a movie buff, really.

In this movie, Sean Astin stars as an undersized kid from Nowhereville who goes to the University of Notre Dame, whose dream is to play in a game for the Fighting Irish...and who doesn't stand a chance.

He gets mowed over by offensive linemen twice his size.

He keeps coming back for more in practice as part of the prep team, but he never gets to dress for a game...until the final contest in his senior year.

All of his teammates -- the guys who ridiculed him and teased him for three years for even trying -- get behind him and chant "Rudy! Rudy!" and the coach has no choice but to put him in.

And I just blubbered like a baby, watching him overcome all the odds to sack the quarterback on the final play -- and only starting play -- of his career and be carted off the field by his teammates.

This got me to thinking about other movies that have reduced me to tears in such a way, to the point of surprise at the flow of feelings and torrent of tears they caused.

Some of those movies are below. With most of them, the themes are the same: they always involve a guy I can associate with for one reason or another, who is faced with a monumental task...

And who fights through everything to overcome that challenge and get what he wants in the end, whether it's the girl or the personal satisfaction of having defeated the demon and lived to tell about it.

Or whatever.

What movies have "moved" you to the most tears?


  1. I just viewed 2 Movies this week that were very disturbing, Apocalypto and Blood Diamond.
    Apocalypto of course highlights the excessive savagery of the Mayan's penchant for Human Scarifice and Environmental destruction...

    atleast it alleviated any white, male, European guilt because I would have Nuked their asses back to the Jurrasic Era, so what if the Spaniards introduced Small Pox..

    it certainly helped balance out The Mission, which like Blood Diamond, also dealt with exploiting Technologically inferior cultures and the avarice of Empires be they Religious or Mercantile.....but the dranmatic display of the wanton disregard for human life was incredible.

    Blood Diamond is gut wrenching thanks to the subplot of child soldiers and the horrendous tactics used to terrorize the 'people' caught in the middle. The whole industry is taken to task from A to Z and you cannot help but be moved by the sheer determination of a Father's plight to rescue his son from the brainwashing techniques that the Rebels use to turn kids into killers...and GO LEO! He is the best Actor of his generation and I cannot believe what a great Actor he is...

    I just saw Leo in The Departed, another great 'guy movie', and he was great in that too...OK I have had a lot of coffee so I am going to stop talking now.

  2. I had the opportunity yesterday to finally watch "Brokeback Mountain" but I turned it down as I know it's going to leave me a little puddle on the floor.

    HE is going to stop talking? I'll believe it when I don't hear it. Har.

  3. Anonymous3:02 p.m.

    There are a few that stand out.
    The first one was "Love Story", which I watched when I was quite young!It was about someone dying of cancer set amongst some rather sentimental music,and some ice skating scenes!
    Another one was Misterioso with Jack Sherherd in. It was basically the story of a young woman trying to trace her real father.It was set in down town Soho,and amongst all the Jazz clubs. It was an extremely poignant movie,and possibly one of the best I have ever seen.
    The last one which brought me to tears fairly recently was one which I watched over the Christmas holidays. It was called "The Hours",and was about 3 generations of women. It was set on Virginia Woolfs "Mrs Dalloway",and was extremely sad.


  4. I am a total mush-ball when it comes to movies or even some tv shows. I remember crying while watching The Flintstones when I was younger (remember the episode when Dino ran away?). Anyway, I'm a sap. It would probably be faster to list the movies that haven't made me cry, but I'll do this your way. Off the top of my head, I can remember sobbing while watching these movies (in no particular order):

    Brokeback Mountain
    What Dreams May Come
    Leaving Las Vegas
    Schindler's List
    La Vita e Bella
    The Accused

  5. "The Lion King"



    "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. Oh wait. The movie did not make me cry, only the book.

  6. As embarasing as it is Armagedeon... The Bruce Willis film made me blub.. It was cliched and pathetic, but i still blubbed.

    The other was moulin Rouge, I still cant believe i paid 15 dollars to see that what a tear jerker:)

  7. Anonymous6:44 p.m.

    The only movies on your list that I've seen are Jerry Maguire and Forrest Gump. Jerry Maguire's one of my favorites though it didn't make me cry. But it's one of the movies I'd watch over and over again. I loved the part where the girl "broke up" with him and of course the last "you complete me" part.

    Now, movies that made me cry. i can only think of three at the moment:

    1. Passion of the Christ - the tears started almost from the beginning of the movie. I was sobbing by half. And I didn't stop crying till the end. Maybe it was the hormones (I was heavily pregnant with my second when I saw it), maybe it was guilt, but this one takes the prize.

    2. Remember the Titans -- this was a Denzel Washington movie where he coached a "mixed" race football team in the South at a time when tensions were high, etc. etc. It was good!

    3. Deep Impact -- armageddon story featuring one of the Hobbits. This one made me cry -- it was more real and not as cheesy as the testosterone laden Armageddon (sorry Aidan!)

  8. Anonymous8:19 p.m.

    I cry during Pet Smart commercials, so I might not be a good one to ask, however...

    1. Brokeback Mountain--I cried like a baby. I have tears in my eyes thinking of it.

    2. An American Tale--my son was with his father for 3 weeks when I watched the movie. The song "Somewhere Out There" still makes me ball.

    3. Beaches--the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" always makes me cry because my son dedicated it to me at one of his high school concerts.

    4. Old Yeller—I can’t even talk about it without crying.

    5. Hook—I sobbed piteously when Hook killed Rufio and again when Peter gave Toodles his lost marbles.

    6. Cars—don’t even ask; it could have been a “state of mind” moment!

    This is the short list for sure. But there you have it.

  9. Anonymous8:26 p.m.

    I cry during Pet Smart commercials, so I might not be a good one to ask, however...

    1. Brokeback Mountain--I cried like a baby. I have tears in my eyes thinking of it.

    2. An American Tale--my son was with his father for 3 weeks when I watched the movie. The song "Somewhere Out There" still makes me ball.

    3. Beaches--the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" always makes me cry because my son dedicated it to me at one of his high school concerts.

    4. Old Yeller—I can’t even talk about it without crying.

    5. Hook—I sobbed piteously when Hook killed Rufio and again when Peter gave Toodles his lost marbles.

    6. Cars—don’t even ask; it could have been a “state of mind” moment!

    This is the short list for sure. But there you have it.

    If this posts twice, I apologize, blogger is being evil! Either that or I really do keep getting the word verification wrong. ;-)

  10. Anonymous9:45 p.m.

    I clearly remember crying at the end of the Donny and Marie show. Every week I would be silently crying while the family watched together. I think it's because they looked so gosh darn happy. I wanted to run away and join the Osmonds.
    I cried again when I watched Donny in Joseph and the Techniclored Dreamcoat. "I closed my eyes, drew back the curtains..."

  11. Homer Eraserhead:

    Yeah, but did you cry?

    I still can't get serious about Leo. He looks younger than my 15-year-old son.


    HE never really stops talking. He's like a windup doll that's stuck.

    And it's OK to be a puddle on the floor. Watch the movie.


    Who hasn't seen Love Story, of course, but the others are new ones on me. Are they girlie movies?

    I figure these movies I posted about are guy movies and my argument is that guys do cry...more than they'd like to let the world know.


    I mighta cried during the Flintstones too...when I was about four!

    That's a pretty good collection of flicks you've cried at...only one I've seen is Schindler's List.


    When you've got kids, you're going to be watching the Lion Kings and Bambis of the cinematic world.


    Never heard that word, "blubbed." Glad you admitted to it...


    Jerry Maguire made me cry not because of his saved relationship with wotshername, but because of his relationship with Cuba Gooding Jr. and the faith Cuba had in him when he was flat on his back...

    I have Passion of the Christ but haven't watched the other two, will have to try 'em out...


    Brokeback Mountain and Beaches seem to be early faves as tear-jerkers, at least among the gentler gender...

  12. Brian:

    I was going to tease you about that, but then realized...hey, I might have too!

    You have to admit, they sure DID seem like a happy family promoting that American Dream...

  13. Anonymous6:04 a.m.

    loved ur list...and jerry MCguire is one of my top favs too!

  14. Anonymous6:53 a.m.

    I dont think the other films I mentioned are especially "girlie" ones!Its funny as I have never really attached gender stereotypes to films before especially.


  15. If it's just crying guy stuff you're after then I am with Aidan on Armaggeddon...Old Yeller or any Disney ClasSICK! (Walt you sadistic bastard!)..Schindler's List..
    now I am stuck on those sadistic Disney films..why hasn't anyone sued them for mental anguish!!

  16. Last night I finally watched Brokeback Mountain and, as predicted, broke down and sobbed in more than one scene. I won't spoil it for the possibly one other person on earth who hasn't seen the movie but the final scene got to me most of all. The SHIRTS! Waaaaa!!!

  17. Anonymous9:49 a.m.


    How are you ?

    Did you watch Blood Diamond ?

    awesome movie!

  18. Wi/Wo, Ohhh, now these ones I'll mention are totally "guy movies", but gender's overrated anyhow...
    1. High Noon--Sheriff stands up to a town that would rather live in fear and complacency than do the right thing. Sometimes good and bad is all that matters and the middle is esoteric and not worth dwelling on.

    2. The Great Escape--McQueen, Garner, Bronson, Cohen...courage, ingenuity, and fortitude.

    3. Freedom Writers--Just saw it, and was choked at Gruwell's dedication and faith in people.

    4. Cinderella Man--I adore sports underdog stories, too (although I have been known to ask during a football game "what inning are they in?), but this story is about perseverance, humility, and proves that nice guys do win sometimes.

    and my favorite movie (that is indeed a tear jerker, too)

    5. Lonely are the Brave--based on Edward Abby's book The Brave Cowboy, to borrow New Hampshire's motto, this movie is basically a call to "Live Free or Die".

  19. Awaiting11:09 a.m.

    Rudy did the same to me. Such a touching story.

    I was recently reduced to tears when I watched Pan's Labyrinth. Although it was a mystical and somewhat fantastical film, at the very end, it was so sad and heartbreaking.

  20. Anand:

    Thanks for visiting! Yeah, despite the weirdo quotient of the star, Jerry did it for me...


    I didn't mean to diss what most might call "girlie" movies, but they do often seem to be mostly about romance and love.

    Like I said on the post, my own feeling is the flicks that seem to really grab me by the kahunas are more involving guys and their battle with a situation or a challenge that they have to overcome.

    Thankfully, men and women are very different in terms of what moves them emotionally (though not different in every way). Supposedly, my zodiac sign is a feminine one...I've got a good dose of "she" in the "he."

    Hmmm...did that sound right?

    Herman Esoterica:

    I don't think I've watched Armageddon...or have I? Doh! Gotta find it.

    And maybe I can squeeze in a fast-forward version of Schindler's List today in between NFL playoffs...


    I haven't watched Brokeback Mountain either. I wait until I can buy them for $5.99 in the WalMart bins. Why didn't you invite me over?

    White Forest:

    Well hello, stranger. How ya been? Haven't watched Blood Diamond yet but it seems to have everything...

    It's on my list.



    I agree gender differences are overrated, to some extent...I just think different situations/emotions play differently in mens' and women's minds.

    That's quite a list, thank you. I've seen Great Escape and Cinderella Man, will have to have a boo at the rest.


    Where's your avatar to brighten my day?

    I'll have to rent Pan's Labyrinth...

  21. I strongly recommend "Brokeback Mountain" (I know you're confident enough in your masculinity to handle this film), "Leaving Las Vegas" (so so sad - Nicholas Cage does a wonderful job), and "La Vita e Bella" (that one is Italian though... and I don't think subtitles would do it justice. Maybe I should come over with a box of tissues and translate while we watch it together).

    The others, specifically "What Dreams May Come" and "Beaches", are really chick flicks and I'm not so sure you'd enjoy them. Then again, maybe I'm stereotyping and that's not necessarily a good thing.

    In The Accused, I sobbed through one particular scene... a very graphic gang rape scene. It touched something inside of me that I really didn't want touched. I can still remember it quite vividly and that isn't a good thing.

  22. Anna:

    OK, I gotta watch Brokeback Mountain, for sure. I've seen Leaving Las Vegas but should gamble on it again.

    The Italian one, yeah, you better zoom on over here with the Kleenex and...translate? How many languages do you know? Or do you mean there's not a lot of translation required...

    I have nothing against so-called "chick flicks," but they don't call them that for nothing...

    I haven't seen The Accused. When I think about brutality against women, I think of my daughter, it kinda turns me off.

    But I'll check Blockbuster.


  23. Fluent in three and functional in one other (used to be functional in two others, but I haven't spoken German in so long that I can't remember much beyond counting to ten and singing happy birthday).

  24. Anna:

    Buenos Noches, then, Senorita...

    So English, French, Italian...and Spanish and German?


  25. Oui, mon ami. :)

  26. Anna:

    Well then Wilkommen and a bientot or bean venue, monsieur ou madame blah blah blah.

    Il est pleasurable vous les vous avec mois c'est le quois, ce sois et merci, le frere a jacques.

  27. House of the flying daggers : tremendously beautiful (a movie as painting with colors of nature), a romance, amazing fights, a storyline that often puts you on the wrong track ... but no happy ending (weep)

  28. Hildegarde:

    I'd say don't cry, but I guess crying is kinda what this post is about.

    I'll add daggers to my list...


  29. Anonymous12:58 a.m.

    movies don't make me cry... i can't think of one that reduced me to tears.
    documentaries often do though! i watched one about a year ago about the bombing of hiroshima and i cried all the way through it, then earlier this week i watched one about 9/11 and the week following it and i cried all through that! oh- and the episode in the survivor tv series where the contestant's family comes to visit the survivors makes me cry every time!


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