The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 17, 2007

The Office (such as it were)


I was quite taken by this intimate look into her work-life. I thought it was daring, very open and told us a lot about her that we didn't already know, which I think is a good thing.

Unlike Ces, however, I don't have my own fancy-schmanzy office where I can just close the doors and take all my clothes off, if I wanted to. No, I work at a newspaper, in a wide-open newsroom.

By most standards, it's probably about a decade behind the times. We are all in pods, separated by silly little structures you could knock over quite easily, walls that are pretending to offer privacy.

On top of that, our newspaper, far more than a century old and the largest in our city of about three-quarters of a million people, was bought in the past few years and we have new management.

A recent and disturbing development has seen our management become panic-stricken, as everywhere else, by possible terrorism. We now have security cameras and must wear ridiculous ID badges.

People are fidgety all over -- even at our newspaper, which used to inhabit an historic building downtown but which several years ago moved into a new building way out in a god-forsaken industrial area.

That's sad.

What all this means is I do not and did not have the freedom to just take a bunch of snapshots, freely, in our newsroom. So I can not be as revealing as Ces was in her post.

On Wednesday morning, having brought my Sony SureShot to work, I looked around in all directions and couldn't see too many people taking notice, so I snapped the following shots.

Do not report me to the Homeland Security people or whatever they're calling themselves. I may be arrested.

This, folks, is basically my workspace.

Note the antiquated Apple machine that I am forced to work on when I'm in the office. It's being propped up on an old telephone book.

Note also my antiquated beige courduroy jacket, given to me by a former girlfriend before she dumped me. I get teased quite a bit about that.

I also draw your attention to the fashionable flooring, the WW garbage can, the reams and reams of books I keep on hand that I never have or will read and the posture-correct chair that gives me back pain.

Note also the funky white telephone cord going with the black phone.

This is simply the same workspace, showing my desk and cabinet in its impressive entirety, plus my cell phone, tape recorder, file cabinets I fear not looking in and the fantastic array of books, plus my bag.

The shot on the left, if it actually and miraculously ends up on the left of this type, is simply a closeup of all my books, such as Lacrosse for Dummies, the National Hockey League record and guide book and the Winnipeg phone book.

Note the tool of my trade, a pen, plus a big piece of white paper in case I actually am forced to take notes.

There's also a half-used packet of pepper there from some previous lunch, but I don't know if you can see it.

On the right, I think, is a closeup of all my most intimate work coffee mugs and a blue football that I sometimes grab and throw at unsuspecting business and entertainment writers not far from where I sit.

I tease them all the time. We sportswriters have a reputation to maintain, after all.

This, really, shows nothing I haven't already shown you, except my barely operating computer mouse and a copy of today's paper.

But it gives the post physical balance, because I have only one more picture to show you. And it displays my unique phone from which I can neither transfer calls or accept transferred calls.

This photo shows two things: First, it shows, in the top half of the picture, the south end of our newsroom.

It also shows all the useless crap I have pinned to my screened artificial wall that I have to peer over to talk to my boss.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of WW's workplace environment. As a parting note, I will have you know it is situated on Mountain Avenue in Winnipeg. There are no mountains in Winnipeg.

How did this come to be?

In Part 2, I will illustrate my home work environment, which is where I wish I could do all my writing. Please do not send any letters to the editor about this post. Just be glad you don't work in this building.


  1. Anonymous8:22 p.m.

    Your office looks like mine, except yours has more character. Mine is so sanitary what with so many rules being enforced (only 2 personal items on the desk, blah,blah,blah,etc,etc).

    As far as newspaper offices go, yours seems a bit modern. My uncle who is a journalist and used to be a bureau chief for the UN in Geneva, has retired and now works as a consultant at one of the major newspapers here and his office is ancient. In fact, there aren't even cubicles, just those wooden desks situated close to one another.

  2. Anonymous8:25 p.m.

    A while back, after Andrea's art show, kj hinted that maybe I'd do likewise. Then, we had the it's-not-an-office-it's-a-fashionable-hotel from Ces.Now, you share your relatively tidy (for a newspaper guy!) office space. There is NO WAY I'm giving you blogsters a sight of my junk heap.No beer cans, but the little foraging lady could be in here for days!
    Unless guilt forces a clean-up...

  3. Loved ur office mate!

    hey u have a mug with K on it for thinking of Keshi? ;-)

    Abt my comment in HE's blog abt Mr.Darcy...well I'll be honest..he's already thinking of marriage and I feel this is toooooo fast. Well he says we can have the goal as marriage and associate each other for now...wut d u think?


  4. Menchie:

    I know I gotta get to your blog, and I'm sorry I haven't...I definitely will.

    That is, to get answers to stupid questions I'm asking now that I'd probably know once I read your blog.

    Where's "here" for you? And what do you do?

    That's brutal, only two personal items on the desk. My office is NOT modern, at least by our standards. (North American).

    Fascinating your ungle used to be bureau chief in Geneva, covering the UN. For who?


    I must admit, I did clear away some paper from my desk (it was already relatively clean for me).

    No, now that you've come somewhat clean, so to speak, you've GOT to post on your junk heap.



    Keshi! OK, I don't pretend to know anything much about Indian or Sri Lankan tradition, and I don't mean to diss it.

    But for shit's sake, you just met this guy!!! You've rubbed arms together and received a peck on the cheek from him!

    If he's even mentioned the word marriage, let alone having sex, seeing you in curlers, seeing him in his underwear or taking out the garbage, you need to hit him in the head with a 2 x 4!!!!

    Marriage shouldn't even be mentioned in any conversation between you two right now.

    This is all about comfort levels and seeing how good he MIGHT be to you and how committed he is and how honest and forthright he is.

    If he's moving this fast, it's crazy. This is out of this world, girl. You need to pull way back on the reins, give him a kick and straighten him out.

    What do you know about each other? Nothing. You want someone who wants you BECAUSE they know you and can make an informed decision.

    HE just came over, so gotta go...none of this, again, is meant to be disrespectful to any eastern tradition.

    But regardless of tradition, what do you want? You must want someone who wants you for who you are and what you mean to them.

    And how can he know that now?

  5. Wow! It's a lot neater than your house!

    You need one of these for your office chair.

  6. I totally agree WW...every word u said was right. And I asked him that too. What he said to me was that he wants to date me in hope of getting married to someday...and he also said that this mite not work out and that we have to test this over time. And yeah we havent even kissed LOL! He's planning too much ahead of time...thats why I find it all too smothering...but he did say he needs TIME too. U get what he means WW?


  7. The jacket would be perfect if it had dark brown elbow patches.

    Thank you for sharing your workspace.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Good Lord WW!!!

    FIRST of all before I would comment on your endearing post of your own office space, let me clarify: I do not take off my clothes in my office!!! Good God! NO. Please. I don't even take my shoes off.

    The only revealing thing about my office is that I have a lot of toys in it just like everyone else. Some of my co-workers have their own refrigerator, coffee maker, aquarium, garden, chocolate factory, etc...

    Yes, we also go through security and we cannot even go to the bathrooms without electronic badges.

    As for your office space - I can relate. We used to have cubicles and pods and "war rooms". Then our corporation joined the race sponsored by US Business Monthly or (Weekly?)as the best place to work in the south, in America, in the world, in the universe. There were studies made on employee satisfaction, retention etc. etc. The results included a boost in a wide array of benefits and those departments who were always relegated to the basements and attics were given offices in regular floors. We no longer have offices in basements after the great flood where we had to use Noah's Ark once again.

    You are a very neat, tidy, guy WW.

  10. Anonymous12:20 a.m.


    I live in the Philippines and I'm an HR (human resource) practitioner.

    My uncle was a bureau chief working for the UN (specifically the UNHCR) in Geneva where he lived with his family since 1990 up to last year when he retired. He got sent to a lot of fascinating but dangerous places to cover events for the UN -- he wrote the Kosovo report and was also sent to areas of unrest in South Africa and the Middle East.

  11. Anonymous12:33 a.m.

    Your office looks kind of like I'd have imagined it, except I would have expected to see more sports-type memorabilia. Nice tour though. Thanks.

  12. Anonymous12:37 a.m.


    I live in the Philippines and I'm an HR (human resource) practitioner.

    My uncle was a bureau chief working for the UN (specifically the UNHCR) in Geneva where he lived with his family since 1990 up to last year when he retired. He got sent to a lot of fascinating but dangerous places to cover events for the UN -- he wrote the Kosovo diaries report for the UNHCR and was also sent to areas of unrest in Africa, South Africa and the Middle East.

  13. MJ:

    Ar Ar Ar. I wonder if they'll include those kinds of chairs in our new staff benefits plan?


    What's your biggest feeling as a result of all this? You said it yourself: you're smothered.

    If you start out feeling smothered, you need (and he needs to let you) surface and break free of these chains or it won't work.

    He needs to press the rewind button and swear off such expectations or you'll always have this fear of being smothered in the back of your mind.

    You need to straighten this out with him right away, I figure. Expectations are often the thing that kills romances before they start.

    Whatever way he tries to rationalize it -- and he may just be trying to indicate he has sincere intentions -- it's wrong.

    He's putting the cart so far in front of the horse that you'll both end up on different planets.


    Thanks, yeah, I know the patches would have worked better. I rarely wear it any more, it just kind of sits on the back of my chair, all lonely...


    If I had an office like yours, I'D be taking my clothes off every day, just to revel in the feeling of privacy.

    You have a gorgeous office, especially overlooking the car dealership.

    I wouldn't say I'm that neat and tidy (erk!), really. Now I'll have to mess it up some...


    Fascinating!!! Good writing obviously runs in the family...your command of the English language is stunning.


    Wasn't much of a tour, was it?

    I often do have more sports memorabilia hanging around and some of it is in those file drawers I never open.

  14. I bet he's got a bottle of bourbon in one of those file drawers.

  15. Anonymous11:28 a.m.

    WW, feel free to come over and take your clothes off. HA! OMG. I can't believe I am saying this in a blog.

    Today, I am wearing a suit and because the temperature regulation is sometimes a problem, I am wearing a winter coat inside my office. So there!

  16. Anonymous11:29 a.m.

    WW I was the anonymous one. Ces

  17. I feel like I just saw you in your underwear! (And is that next? I hope? :)

    PS The proper name for office cubicles is "veal-fattening pens."

  18. Hey Dilbert, your breathtaking photographic extravaganza can only be described as utterly((yawn))fascinating..

    now if you can tear yourself away from all of this I was wondering if you could come over to taunt & mercilessly tease me while you answer some very personal questions about which POPSTAR you'd like to snog?

  19. Atleast they didnt try and solve terrorism by issuing a fridge magnet. Australian Givernment initiative voted the Stupidist Security idea since 9 11....

    I am GUessing you are a neat freak, you photos always look so clean and hygenic. My work space is a sea of coffee mugs and whatever i am reading at work.

    I have a small cubical with a view of a concrete wall... SUrrounded by business propaganda...

    Btw the Way how did you go with your chinese lady?

  20. Anonymous5:30 p.m.

    Thank you. Though I would attribute my English language skills more to massive doses of Sesame Street when I was young and from being a bookworm than my genes. :D

  21. It sounds a lot like my office, and just about any other call centre in the world. Big space, partially partitioned (if that makes sense), we can all hear and mostly see each other... Since taking my new position here, I am in the fortunate situation of being shoved in a back corner with three other people (only one of whom I work with directly, but all of whom I get along with exceedingly well). We are somewhat removed from the main office. I have a map of the world on the wall beside me. I like that, it allows for extensive daydreams. If I had my camera today I would demonstrate... perhaps next week, if you're lucky!

  22. MJ:

    How'd you know?


    Yeah, I figured you were the anonymous one.

    I have no problem showing up at your office and taking my clothes off.

    But wait! You're a nurse!!

    You've seen more bare butts and pathetic peckers than the entire staff and alumnus of the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!

    Besides that, how do we know that you're not wearing absolutely nothing under your winter coat?


    I could always post a pic of me in my longjohns, which have a hole in the butt. Would that do?

    Herbert the Escapeon:

    I'll be over a while later. I'm so excited you're fascinated.


    Do tell about the Aussie govt's fridge magnet security idea, will you?

    I have not seen the Chinese lady since I posted. I asked her out on a date, but she apparently fancies someone else.

    And I am definitely not as neat as I make myself appear...


    You're being far too humble.

    And I'm assuming English is your second language, in which case your proficiency at it would be even MORE remarkable.

    I think I need to hire a fashion designer. Are you available?

  23. Anonymous7:19 p.m.

    Wow! The comments are interesting today! lol! I had to comment on that jacket-Its cool!


  24. Anonymous7:19 p.m.

    It was a lovely tour WW! The fact that you risked being hauled off in shackles to take the pictures makes it even more meaningful.

    I might follow suit and post a photo tour of my office next week. Be sure to bring a pillow; it will put you to sleep.

  25. Anonymous9:06 p.m.

    That's what I like about my "office". I get to wear my pajamas there. :-)

  26. Stace:

    I'd love to have a map of the world at my workplace. OK, you're on about your own work post. Please?


    Yeah, we're kind of all over the place in today's comments section, huh? Underwear, marriage, boyfriends, the UN...


    Why would I fall asleep? Your workplace can't be that boring...


    The cryptic invitation for you to be my fashion designer, near the end of my last response to you, was not actually meant for you.

    It's a long story, but I found myself asking Anna, who suggested my jacket could have used some dark brown patches, whether she wanted to be my fashion designer.

    However, I realized I had already responded to her comment. So I thought I had deleted my response, but didn't get it all.

    Oh, never mind...

  27. Ms. Val:

    Now THAT'S an idea! I'm going to try to get all my workmates to wear pyjamas to work next week!

    p.s.: now you're making me jealous. The entire world should be able to work from home.

  28. Anonymous11:10 p.m.

    I figured. :D You'd be surprised at the English proficiency of Filipinos. You do know that Ces is also from my country, right?

  29. ISSUING Fridge magnets with terrorism numbers, if you see something to report it. Which is great if you carry a magnet or a frideg around with you.

  30. well, it's about time i weighed in here (and where is cherrypie?). these comments have gotten entirely out of hand in my absence. ces and ww are taking their clothes off, or challenging one's imagination in very interesting ways; andrea is stalking, keshi is being counseled in dating and take-your-time marriages, ww does not know that menchie and ces represent the extreme intelligence and english fluency of filipinos, and i, ms.kj, can only say: what a crew this blogging family is!

    makes me proud to be a member of the loving dsyfunctional family we all are.

    and dinahmow, how about photos without the clean up. or if you clean up i will too.

    oh ww, you are interesting even when your cubicle is zzzzzzzzz.


  31. Menchie (and KJ/Ces):

    Well now, let me straighten you gals out about what I do or don't know about Filipinos.

    First, it's entirely obvious how intelligent Filipinos are just be reading Ces/Menchie's comments and blogs.

    And yes, Menchie, I did know Ces is originally from the Philippines.

    Now, I have never been to the Philippines. But on an overland journey I took many moons ago from England to India and back, a bunch of Filipinos -- almost all of them women -- were on that bus trip.

    They were a pleasure to be with and around. And they were very well spoken and gentle and happy.

    Winnipeg has a very significant, important population of Filipinos who have immigrated here, as well, and they have immersed themselves into our community in every way.

    Many of them, actually, are very good athletes -- primarily in boxing and basketball, and I have written about and met many of them.

    So, Menchie, I'm not in the least surprised by your or Ces's or Filipinos' in general command of the English language. I was just remarking that it's very impressive indeed, given that, as I understand, it is your second language.

    Now on to you, Ms. KJ:

    Yes, while the Kat's away, the mice will play. Cherrypie is missing in action, swept up by storms in Norfolk and environs.

    Yes, Ces and I were disrobing, but if you notice it was within the confines of her office overlooking the car dealership.

    Once she saw me naked, she ran away laughing.

    Andrea never stalks, she just nicely flirts and teases with that wondrous sense of humour and wit.

    Keshi, the bronze-skinned bombshell from Oz, sought out such advice.

    And you, KJ, who have been AWOL (busy changing poopy Ryan diapers, no doubt), show up and...

    Yes, what a crew...


  32. Aidan:

    Amazing. I want one of those fridge magnets! I think that's worth a post!

    So do Aussies carry their fridges around on their back, if only for relief from the 40C heat?

    You know, stop every 50 metres, set the fridge down, find a place to plug in, open it up and there you have it.

    Cold beer.

  33. Anonymous8:17 a.m.


    *grin* thank you! You gotta visit one of these days...i'd be happy to show you around.

  34. ww, ces told peterpie that she loved him and it was totally appropriate for the circumstance.

    so i'm telling you too, but don't get any ideas: i love you ww. you keep me hopping and laughing and that is one fine gift from you to me!

    remember: this is platonic affection. don't be spreading any rumors....

  35. Thanks for playing a good tune (fafc)..from the Concert for George..can you believe how much his son Dhani looks like him...

    now about your office..
    I need to clarify something lest you think that I am merely a cold hearted callous bastard..what I mean't by my yawn is that there isn't a shred of evidence to suggest that you work here...
    drone city....
    no personal shrine dedicated to your kids,
    not a trace of individualism,
    no colour aside from the mortician grey,
    where is the mandatory half shrivelled sickly guy-plant used as bait to lure women to stop by and nurture it?..
    just a blue football...
    why don't you have the 5,000 media passes (with your famous goofy blank stare/startled deer in the headlight expression)that you have collected from all over the world?? Those monuments of authenticity should be draped on your divider!

    Mygawd man you need to spice up your life!
    Shine that little light of yours!
    Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

  36. Anonymous10:47 a.m.

    i have a laptop... thats my office! since i move from client to client i have no permanent space to call mine...

  37. oooh, i agree with he. personalize and accessorize that cube of yours. make it home. nest a little. it will help your writing and your deadlines. it will help you soar, ww.

    (translation: yet more free advice from kj.)

  38. Anonymous12:22 p.m.

    Actually my office is: my classrooms. With cracked blacboards and bad quality chalks which give out more dust than great writing. There are more students than desks. Whatever!

    Most important is, I love to teach.

  39. Anonymous2:22 p.m.

    I have no office. I have an oak computer desk with my computer where my children work and play. I use my laptop lately.

    Great pictures. It's nice seeing pieces of people's lives.

  40. awaiting3:23 p.m.

    I can see myself working in a place like that.

    Of course, I'd be the one with the comfy corner office with a view. And I'd be the one who when I came out and walked around, the nudie mags would get shoved under the seat, the headphones would magically disappear, back would straighten and the whole floor would be covered with a freakish quiet.

    Yeah, I think I'd like that.

  41. u were spot on!

    Im ok WW...ty, HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Im so glad u guys r with me...thank God for u!


  42. Menchie:

    I'm headin' over there sometime in the next lil while, girl. Glad you're grinning.

    *Wait* mean visit your blog or visit the Philippines? I meant I'll visit your blog shortly...

    The Philippines, not so sure I can make it there tonight.


    Well of course it's platonic. I don't think I flirt with people who are paired off and therefore unavailable...



    Harmonic Echo:

    What does "mean't" mean? The same as "meant?"

    Actually, I do have stuff that shows this is MY workspace.

    I have a pic of Evan there at age 7 in his hockey uniform; a pic of Monica too.

    There's several pix of me with people I've interviewed, plus an MRI scan pic of my reconstructed knee to go with a piece that still hasn't run on amazing medical technology breakthroughs in the world of sport.

    There are cards of thank-yous from people I've written about and others from classrooms of six-year-olds who I've talked to or read to.

    A lot of that stuff I couldn't take pix of because I was rushed and because it's obscured or whatever.

    The plant is a good idea, but enough nurturing women stop by to keep me happy.

    All those media passes are too valuable to me to have there and people there might think I was some show-off. However, I may post on that one day and scan them all in for posterity.


    I have a work laptop too. It's what I use when I write from home, which I did today and which I often do if I can.


    I will consider the advice from you and HE, for sure. I'm a very fast writer so rarely get caught on deadline. If I was in the office every day, it might be more of an issue...but I'll think about it.


    Fascinating...and you're right, I've always admired teachers, so I get what you're saying about despite less than ideal conditions, all that matters is you love to teach.

    I'd love to see a post on that whole thing...have you done one along those lines before?


    That sounds like a cool setup, where your children "work and play" too.

    I wish I could see pictures on your posts. You're the only blog where I can't see what you put up as pix.


    So you'd like to be the ULTIMATE LEADER OF THE WORLD, then. I could go for that.

  43. Anonymous5:40 p.m.

    I love all the music you play BTW!


  44. Keshimadinkarinkaroo:

    Glad you're OK.

    There's a million guys out there for you. When you're ready, head back out on the boat.

    Cast a line with a hook, don't need bait, they'll see you in the boat. We're not all that stupid.

    Just troll slowly, surely. Have your net ready. You'll barely set out from shore and they'll start biting.

    Just reel 'em in and taste 'em, one by one. You'll find one that suits your palate.


    Thanks. Briefly checked out the parenting site, see it's just getting started.

    In the meantime, girl, why don't you start your own personal blog! This is all one-way!


  45. Anonymous6:07 p.m.

    Yeah,its just getting started,and I need to help the admin of the site with his English,as its all a bit Franglais!!! lol! Hes from Quebec!
    As for a blog,yeah I know,I know!!! Its just kind of time constraints really,but maybe one day soon!


  46. Laura:

    OK...and you're from the UK, right?

  47. Anonymous6:44 p.m.

    Yes,thats right!!!

    I meant to say that your sidebar on the right isnt showing at all at the moment with whats playing etc. Maybe you know already?


  48. Laura:

    Blogger is doing a few strange things this afternoon, but the index (and music) is showing up when I call up my blog.

    Where in the UK?

  49. Anonymous7:27 p.m.


    Have you been to U.K?

    Are you on Yahoo? I am Wilce40


  50. I just wanted to be # 50!

  51. Laura:

    Do you mean am I on Yahoo instant messaging? No, that's far too technologically advanced for my tiny male brain.

    I don't do that...although it appears I should.

    I've been to the UK a few times.

    Back in 1980 or thereabouts, I was part of an overland bus tour from UK to India and back.

    I stayed at a military base in Deal for a week or two. It was part of an organization run by a guy named Col. Lionel Gregory, who led a group called the Commonwealth Expedition.

    I guess he served in the British Army in India and fell in love with the place and wanted to keep the Commonwealth's ties to India strong.

    So he organized an annual bus trip from the UK to India and invited people from all Commonwealth countries to make the trip with him.

    It was fascinating, one of my life's biggest experiences. I met people from the UK, India, the Philippines, Australia, NZ and Canada on the trip, which lasted 4 1/2 months.

    I've also been to the UK just hopping airplanes en route to Spain and Finland.

    It must be late there in Bristol...

  52. Horatio Entrails:

    Dang! You beat me to it. Go check out the bottom of Ces's comments section on her latest post.

    Do not check out Ces's bottom.

  53. Anonymous7:48 p.m.

    Your bus tour sounds like it must have been a fantastic experience!
    The reason I asked about the Yahoo is because your comments here are beginning to look like my Yim! lol!

    Yes,its late here,but hey,its Friday!

  54. Anonymous7:54 p.m.

    I checked out the comments! lol! I couldnt resist! Very funny,and as for Big Brother-what fantastic publicity that show has got itself here in recent days!
    I have to admit I dont really like Big Brother anyway!

  55. Anonymous7:55 p.m.

    I checked out the comments! lol! I couldnt resist! Very funny,and as for Big Brother-what fantastic publicity that show has got itself here in recent days!
    I have to admit I dont really like Big Brother anyway!

  56. Laura:

    Yeah, it was an amazing trip.

    Of course I met tons of people in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India...

    On the way back, in Iraq, I left the expedition and hitch-hiked back with a buddy.

    We caught a ride with a lorrie driver who brought us off the beaten path through Hungary, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, so we got to see a few different countries.

    Yim, I'm assuming, is Yahoo IM. Yeah, well, email or blogging comments are almost as good if you're a fast typist.

    Late? It must be past 2 there by now, at least!

    Glad you enjoyed those comments on Ces's blog. I hope to begin directing it soon.

    Personally, tho, I don't watch any of those reality shows...they're too unreal...

  57. Anonymous8:19 p.m.

    Exactly,they are unreal!! And who needs that when we have the internet?!

  58. Laura:

    Well, the internet has its own inherent problems...but it's better than watching mindless pap...


  59. Anonymous8:35 p.m.

    I totally agree re.the mindless pap!
    I am off now! Have a fantastic weekend.

  60. Wait a second... I missed it! I missed you offering me the opportunity to be your fashion designer. You do realize this means I get to see you in AND OUT of various outfits, right? And I'll have to smooth fabrics on your body - running my hands along those muscular legs to kneel at your feet and check the hem. Sorry, got carried away. So when do I start? ;)

  61. WW, I have a new post now and it's about a naked woman. Don't get too excited.

    I don't know why you think I do the things you think I do which I would never think of doing for one moment if I was thinking properly of doing anything at all.

    You are an imp!

    I don't watch television WW.

  62. Laura:

    You have a good weekend too...


    Gulp! How much do you fashion designers charge? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not enough...

    Do you just want my debit card?


    I haven't seen your new post but I'll get there.

    I confirm, on the bible or whatever book it is I have my right hand on (I think it's the Da Vinci Code) that I know you would never do these things.

    I also confirm that I am totally teasing you, that I respect that you have a fantastic husband and a beautiful family, and that I would never tease you so unless I really really believe you were quite a remarkable human been and thought you'd get a giggle out of it.

    Yes, I'm an imp.

  63. Debit card? Don't be silly. You can just pay me in sexual favours. ;)

  64. Smiling
    Biting my lip
    Shaking my head
    Rolling my eyes
    Thanks for considering me though. I am very shy and not a good actor.

    How did this get started anyway? My! the comments are as interesting as your posts!

  65. Anonymous8:23 a.m.

    Yes,the comments seem to be deteriorating rather rapidly! lol!


  66. Anna:, uh, stumble, bumble...


    I'm glad for the smiling and laughing. :-)


    It's just the blogosphere in all its living colour and splendour. Remember the (mostly) thousands of kms that separate us all.

  67. ((*whistling))
    I am patiently waiting here so that I can be

  68. OK, Hieroglyphics Embargo, go for it.

  69. Anonymous7:31 p.m.

    I wish I knew just why you can't see the pictures on my blog. It makes no sense to me.

  70. Pam:

    First, thanks for being No. 70. I don't think I've ever had so many comments on one post.

    Secondly, I agree it's frustrating and I don't get it either. But that's just the way it is.



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