The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 15, 2006

Just Resting...



  1. How can you be resting when there's so much shopping and baking to be done?

  2. Anonymous11:55 p.m.

    I feel like that today. I'm cutting (way) down on coffee to be supportive of my dad who needs to stop drinking it to lower his blood pressure. I need a nap...

  3. Anonymous9:24 a.m.

    *You* can rest -- we have to clear the trees from our roads first... On that note, I'm late for my hourly dose of pumpkin seeds...

    PS I give up. I am now Anonymous, aka Andrea.

  4. dear ww,
    i am missing your visits. i note that you are visiting ces and others but not me. is it because i have a crush on you?

    most sincerely,

  5. Anna:

    I did one big shopping binge last weekend and need to take a break before I head out again this week.

    Baking? HA! Maybe a Duncan Hines spice cake mix, that's about it...


    Can I just call you d?

    Yeah, the coffee thing is supposed to pump you up but sometimes it just drags you down.


    What's your problem, girl? I've tried to post on Cherrypie's site and had probs, but nowhere else.

    Hope you survived that latest storm...


    No intended slight, K.

    I haven't been making it around very much at all lately, thus my just resting post.

    Plus I went to your blog a few times but you had posted about other people I don't know so didn't comment, then you said you were gone for a few days.

    I'll get around for a's just the Blogworld hasn't been a place I've been frequenting so much lately.

  6. resting? what is that exactly?

  7. Please document your Duncan Hines spice cake attempt on your blog. With pics.

  8. yeah, cool :-)
    (I know : sometimes I have simple puns in my mind, but they make me smile)

  9. I was all set to talk about Polar Bears and why they are the most dangerous Ursine Predator of man and then I realised that you would simply dismiss my good natured effort to further your insight into the Natural World and since you are on some kind of high falutin' hiatus I thought Pearls before Swine..which is actually funny because Bears are closely related to Pigs and that's why the Males are called Boars and Females are Sows and then I thought oh he'll say thanks nerdboy or something to that effect so I decided not to say anything at all!

  10. Ziggi:

    Haven't you been resting waiting for the plumber to COME?

    My definition of resting: "being idle. Not in motion. Observing. Recharging batteries."


    Hmmm...maybe I will. Best post idea for my blog in a while, must say...but do I detect a suggestion on your part I could not do this successfully?


    Thanks for droppin' by with that smile. I'll pick my carcass up soon and meander over presently...

    Homo E:

    I would never dismiss you or anything you had to complete nerd.

    You think I'm high-falutin'? How about just not very creative or inspired to blog?

    While that's going on, I'm still trying to get out on the town and visit others.

    I call you nerdboy just to publicly embarrass you, as you have done 100-fold to me over the years.

    No wonder you call yourself the Solipsist Soliloquist...

  11. Anonymous5:37 p.m.

    Of course you can call me d or m or m or...well you get the idea.

    My son gave me the nickname, it's a long, strange story and I won't bore you with it. I may post a blog entry about it sometime though. ;-)

  12. D or M or M:

    On the contrary, I think the story would be fascinating! I'm goin' to your blog right now...

    But why does your comment come with the moniker "anonymous?"

  13. You're always taking a chance if you don't do as I say.

  14. This is exactly what I want to do. I am getting so fed up with Christmas shopping! Just give me the bill. I need a personal shopper.

  15. Anonymous2:11 p.m.

    I'm not sure why my comment comes up as anonymous. Maybe it’s a blogger conspiracy? It seems to have a mind of its own most of the time. As for the story behind my nickname, that will have to wait until my internet provider decides to fix their server. Until then, I’m going to have to entertain myself by posting short comments from work. *sigh*

  16. can I chill out with ya?


  17. You should be out, buying me the universe.



  18. MJ:

    I know, it's a risky business...


    I would volunteer to be your personal shopper, but you may be less than happy with the results...or the bill.

    DM or M:

    OK on that...


    You're more than welcome.

    But you'd need to bring your own computer.

    Mine would explode with all the comments you get and you'd be on it all the time.


    I'll get right on that. Any particular order of things you'd like, or just all of it?

  19. Anonymous8:19 a.m.

    Utter bliss! Ah all that soaking in that sun. Vit D!

  20. so thats where my bear went....he disappeared for a few days and i had to send the dog out to find him... Hope you have a great Christmas with the kids and look forward to your thoughts and tidbits in the New Year.

  21. lol na I promise I wont blog...I'd just star-gaze with ya.


  22. Gautami:

    Yeah, soaking up all that sun...and -20 temperatures!


    And to you too...can we convince Homo Escapeons to have a winter outdoor Fiesta party?


    You'd better have a bodyguard on hand, girl, 'cause I might be gazing at more than the stars...

  23. huh LOL! ur my BG.


  24. In singapore we they have a POlar bear in their zoo.... weird seeing a polar bear in the tropics.... i would hate to see their air conditioning bill:)

  25. Keshi:

    Well then you accompany me at your own risk. (Nah, I'm not a crazy guy, really...I'd just have to protect you from myself)


    There's a big movement here in Manitoba, where most Canadian polar bears live (around Churchill on Hudson Bay) to protect the majestic animals.

    A lot of them are caught and shipped to places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South America, where they're mistreated.

    I get why some need to be captured and brought all over the world for display, just as we here in Canada want to see Bengal tigers, for example, or platypuses and kangaroos and koalas.

    But at least treat them properly.

  26. Keshi:

    Just kidding, mate. Nothing to be afraid of.

  27. hell I know that...u and HE r the safest guys to be with :) Luv u both!



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