The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 13, 2006

Those Christmas Blues


Right here, right now, we have the solution. And it's all about pumpkin seeds.

Get over those shivers of fear about shopping and spending hundreds of dollars, that bad feeling about baking til you drop, forgetting to send your cards by the deadline.

Here is yet another press release from yet another company proposing to solve all your holiday anxiety with the latest elixir that purports to make your life all fresh and new again.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — December 12, 2006

Toronto—Searching frantically for that "perfect gift" along with mounting bills, obligatory engagements, and endless loops of Christmas carols counting down the days… Stress now defines the holiday season.

What should be a time of comfort and joy has become an annual nightmare. But it doesn't have to be this way.

What if choosing the right foods could help eliminate stress and improve sleep? According to Toronto psychiatrist and sleep expert Dr. Craig Hudson, it is possible.

Dr. Hudson explains how the right combinations of proteins and carbohydrates digested at varying times of the day can make a huge difference in stress perception and quality of sleep.

With his research Dr. Hudson created Zenbev, a scientifically-derived formulation that combines simple ingredients for significant results.

Zenbev has garnered huge success in Europe, treating people suffering from sleep and stress problems like insomnia and anxiety.

Invented in 1997, this patented formula is now available in the Canadian market at fine health stores across the country.

Organic pumpkin seeds are the secret behind Zenbev's success. This all-natural beverage mix derived from pumpkin seeds provides a natural source of tryptophan.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that our bodies can only receive from food. It naturally enhances and regulates mood, emotion and sleep patterns.

Zenbev is unique because it is light-sensitive. Using Zenbev during the day causes tryptophan to metabolize into serotonin, which is scientifically proven to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety.

In a night-time environment, tryptophan turns into melatonin which allows people to fall asleep naturally.

Using Zenbev over a period of time will not cause dependence or tolerance because the product works with your brain's natural sleep chemistry. Weight loss and an increased libido are other benefits.

Additional information on Zenbev is available at

Are the holidays driving you nuts enough to try something like this?


  1. No, but I might consider trying it just for the perks:
    "Weight loss and an increased libido are other benefits."

    I actually enjoy the holidays - all the cooking, the entertaining, even the shopping! I don't lose sleep over the holidays. I think there are things of greater consequence in this world that would cause me to lose sleep.

    By the way, isn't tryptophan the chemical in turkey that everyone claims makes them sleepy?

  2. Anna:

    Yeah, I should have highlighted that part.

    Glad you don't go crazy over the holidays. I'm sure they're overstating it, because I get all warm and fuzzy too.

    Tryptophan and turkey: Hell's bells, I dunno. I just have a little male brain.

  3. It's the economy, Wise Guy! My stress is all self-induced and mostly related to the fact that i don't have enough days off. I am also oncall on New Year's Day. Thank God for my husband. He is so relaxed and we decided that throughout the year we will give each other presents and gifts so come Christmas time we don't give each other a list. My favorite present to receive is a nice Christmas ornament, makes it easy for my friends who love to go shopping for Christmas in July.

  4. I eat pumpkin seeds just about every day -another thing they have in them is magnesium which is also supposed to be good if you're feeling anxious -but they don't help!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrghhhhhh!!!!! I'm tired!!!!!!!!!! O.K...calm down now....

  5. Is there a pumpkin liqueur? If so, I'll drink to that!

  6. hhmmm... do i need to be stressed to try it?

  7. So, that Dr. Hudson tried it out in Europe ? hm, I wouldn't trust that ;-) but it sounds tempting.

  8. Anonymous8:58 p.m.

    Very interesting! If my boyfriend wasn't so skinny, I'd get some for him to try (and no he isn't an insomniac). :-|

  9. Ces:

    Blame the economy!!

    I think it's probably true that all stress during the holidays in all of us is self-induced.

    I think it's great what you and your husband do...and Christmas ornaments are beautiful gifts.


    Glad to hear you're calm now, just keep poppin' those pumpkin seeds...


    You'd know if there was a pumpkin liqeur...


    If you're NOT stressed, I'd leave well enough alone...


    Are you saying anything originating out of Europe isn't very trustworthy?


    That's quite a handle...but thanks for visiting. Gotta get that BF beefed up a bit...

  10. I have finally reached a state of complete disregard for the Hollow Days. I could care less and therefore don't worry about it.
    To me all of the misplaced angst and dreams of absolution and PEACE on earth have been replaced by a commercialistic PIECE of the pie mentality.
    This absolutely ridiculous notion that you can buy someone's love with trinkets reduces us to a bunch of Bower Birds trying to impress each other with 'stuff' that we find lying around.
    Aside from the horrific historical inaccuracies of the Nativity tale coupled with all of the mythological Pagan Add-ons Christ's Mass is now nothing more than a disastrous mess...a mishmash of myth, mania, and monetary gluttony.
    Were it not for the opportunity to visit loved ones and old friends the entire escapade would be an excercise in excess and repulsive...which by the way it is to most of the other Earthlings.

  11. WW I know for sure I'll be having a blue Christmas...but Im good at pretending like Im ok (rolling eyes).


  12. HE:

    Yowsa, man! So I gather you're not going around humming Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.


    Hmmm...Why the blue, though?

  13. I say no to your question. But I might say yes after seeing the nutty wrapping papers.

    I do believe eating turkey will give the same relief for sleeping and in the right amount, weight loss. As for the "libido" turkey will do nothing.

    I think the libido thing happens with the right person. But you know that already. I hope you get to enjoy these holidays, especially this one, its the most important one.

    Now, lets hope this gets through, the blogger has been having a bad holiday and I have been having trouble leaving comments.

  14. Anonymous8:20 a.m.

    I don't know. I am yet to get my last three months salary. How do I shop now? I already spent so much in Bangalore!

    POOR ME!


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