The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 17, 2006

Hmmm, he schemed, then beamed, then SCREAMED, his beady eyes popping out of their sockets, searching; his tiny male brain anguishing as he scoured it for a stroke of genius...
Or even just a stroke, a stroke of anything...
WHAT will my next blogging topic be?
The possibilities utterly abounded...almost.
1. Play a YouTube video of Mariah Carey singing All I Want for Christmas is You.
2. Take picture of incredibly overcrowded, messy shelf above front door closet for no particular reason and ask others to do the same.
3. Take pictures of fake, badly leaning Christmas tree and elaborate lighting/decorating touches in apartment.
4. Follow MJ's suggestion and take pictures of self successfully baking a Duncan Hines spice cake.
5. Discuss the fine art of Christmas gift-wrapping and how I am hopeless at it, and thank God for my daughter because she does the wrapping for me.
Sometimes, I sits and thinks.
Other times, I just sits.


  1. no mariah carey.never.ever.please :).

  2. Anonymous8:18 a.m.

    I think you just "sits" should be ok!

    Cross out option 1. I suggest option 4!

  3. Anonymous10:12 a.m.

    Those are all wonderful options, but my vote is to see pictures of your Christmas tree. My six cats don’t allow holiday decorations, in fact my last Christmas tree lasted less that 12 hours, despite it having been anchored to the ceiling and drapery rods with fishing line.

    So please, Mr. Within Without, choose door number 3.

  4. The pivture reminds me how much I miss that annual LOTR instalment. I know it was only for three years -- but it became a Christmas tradition!

  5. Numbers 2 through 5 please.

    Will have to boycott this blog if you opt for number 1.

  6. No 4 and No 5 and you better dress up like Nigella when you start baking!!!

    Or perhaps bake some honey-buns?

    Oh WW with a cleavage :-)

  7. try and combine them all?

    I need some writing inspiaration myself, that and the time to post...


  8. Lee (and Gautami and MJ):

    OK, now I guess I've got to play the Mariah Carey tune, of course (women fall for every trick)


    No. 4, huh? The Board of Bloggers will take your suggestion under advisement...


    Six cats? What's to say they won't somehow find a way to destroy my tree too?

    Your vote is noted and you have tugged on my emotions because you are doing without. We'll see.


    What are you talking about? That's me!!! (I agree, we need another LOTR).


    I think you're being rather pushy, aren't you? See response No. 1 above to your boycott threat.


    Why would I dress up as Nigella? Why wouldn't I dress up as, say, that heart throb Emiril Legasse?


    Or that cute Brit guy with the Rod Stewart hair who goes and picks up a chick in the supermarket and takes her back to her place to cook a meal?

    Honeybuns? I'll have to find the recipe, but where would I look?

    And cleavage? Hmmm...


    Best idea yet. A so-called smorgasblog of brilliance!

  9. I'm good with any or all of those - even number 1! Am I the only person who likes that song? I even sing along (badly) whenever I hear it.

  10. LOL no Mariah plzzz cos she's everywhere with that song! not only in blogville but also in malls...(rolling eyes).

    How abt a post on ur MOST romantic Christmas ever ;-)


  11. Anonymous7:14 p.m.

    Well, from previous posts and comments, I rather thought the Duncan Hines (is that a sort of masculine Betty Crocker?)report was a given.And you're clearly outvoted on the Scary Carey so...that narrows your field.# 4 and #5 seem to be tipping the balance.
    Of course, you could buy one those swingers' swings and that'd give you some material!

  12. Anna:

    So many people have said they can't stand the M. Carey song that now of course I've got to play it...

    And you can sing along ad nauseum then.


    You have fair warning I'm going to play the Mariah Carey tune.

    I dunno, do you think Christmas is really the big romantic thing it's made out to be?

    I guess...

    I'm gonna bail a bit and say the most romantic Christmas I can think of is after all the partying is done and all the friends/family have staggered home, then it just all comes down to you and your loved one, alone.

    And you've planned for this, you've waited for it all day, just to be with her (or him), by yourselves...

    The kids, if you've got any, have gone to bed...

    And it's just the two of you and a feeling of warmth to wrap up a good, warm day, in whatever way you can imagine.


    But this is a reverse psychology blog. So whatever people tell me they don't want, I give them.

    And whatever they tell me they want, well, I'll think about it.

    It's just my warped sense of humour...

    And yes, I figure Duncan Hines is a testosterone-laden version of Betty Crocker, which is a bit outmoded now...

  13. Anonymous8:47 p.m.

    I’m a good sport and I promise not to pout if you don’t pick #3. I’ll just sit here in my Christmas tree-less house staring listlessly into space. *sniff*

  14. 1.If you make any attempt to put Mariah on your post I will unleash a captured trojan horse from my security system that will disintegrate your hard drive within 15 seconds.
    2.Enough with the shelves, closets and fridges..for gawdsake man let it go!
    3.Tree, fine.
    4.Spice cake..I suppose but only if you are the nekked chef.
    5.Wrapping is OK but only if it is really pathetic.
    What is up with the boutique blogging? Where is your tip jar?
    ...and no more videos of people ruining perfectly fine tunes from the Beatles...wth!

  15. Well, I agree with the MJ suggestion.

    Would LURVE to see that!`

  16. **And it's just the two of you and a feeling of warmth to wrap up a good, warm day, in whatever way you can imagine.

    thats nice WW! yeah to me Christmas is also abt romance...I mean I see more lovers hand in hand, having fun, enjoying the season..I dunno mebbe I notice em alot during this season. And I rem one Christmas night when the party was over, how my ex-BF and I kissed near the Christmas tree. I will never forget that kiss.


  17. I laughed so hard that I snorted when I read HE's slightly aggressive comment. And I was already laughing cause I can't believe you actually posted the Mariah Carey song. Yay! Now I can sing and dance along. :D

  18. dmmfgmmfmmmmmmmm:

    I feel compelled now to post on No. 3, just because you have said you will not pout if I don't.

    Watch for it...

    HE (MJ, Keshi, Lee, others):

    You will note that I didn't actually put Mariah on a post, I put her in my sidebar.

    Don't ask and you shall receive...

    As to your other points, I will of course immediately do otherwise.


    Like I said to MJ, I thought she was being kind of bossy, don't you?


    I getcha, but you know what? You've got to forget that kiss, as much as you can, so you can open your heart up to someone else's...


    HE was only SLIGHTLY aggressive? He's launched WWIII, the cad! Boutique Blogging?

    Wait til I get his fat ass and goofy grin over here tomorrow night...he'll be sorry.

    In the meantime, you appear to be the only blogger on the planet who wants this song, so go crazy...

  19. oh, cruel canadian :).

  20. Anonymous1:12 p.m.

    You are so good to me :).

    I will do everything in my power to keep the cats away from the monitor while I'm viewing your tree, I promise!

  21. Anonymous3:08 p.m.

    As a rule, I hate all Christmas songs and I hate everything to do with Mariah Carey. I happen, however, to like that particular song as long as I don't have to look at the video ( I didn't, I scrolled down and caught up on your other posts).

    I vote for Nekkid Chef pics though please. Come on, WW, let's see what you've packed in your lunchbox.

  22. Lee:

    Sorry, girl, I just had to do it, the tide was so overwhelmingly against it...

    dmmgfmmm (you know what I mean):

    Meow. It's still standing.


    You Brits are so sensible...

    However, I'm not sure I can accommodate your request for nekkid chef pix.

    At the very least I would have to be wearing my Herman "All the girls are off sick" Playboy pink bunny apron, and all pictures/video would have me shot from waist up.

    When you post a topless piece that displays you cooking your favourite food,call my agent and we'll discuss what I'm packing in my lunchbox...

  23. Anonymous4:11 p.m.

    isn't it okay to just sit sometimes? if it isn't i'm in deep doodoo...


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