The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 20, 2006

Christmas at My Place


Well, being so bereft of blogging topics, I did what anyone would do. I threw out some ideas to the general Christmas-weary populace in BlogWorld and you decided for me.

So for Dinahmow and Dmmgfmmmm to the 18th power, particularly, here is my Christmas tree and some of my other Christmas ornamenture (if that is even a word; if not, I just invented it).

I'm disappointed with the results from my Sony SureShot, but I don't think it's my camera's fault. I think it means I have to actually do what every male detests doing, and that is read the manual.

The lights on my Christmas tree don't show up, for example, although the severe lean to the tree does. I think I have to alter the position of the Xmas girlie at the top of the tree, but she might slap me in the face.

Anyway, I'll deal with that when Homo Escapeons comes over. In the meantime, this is me and Christmas.

I bought this tree, of course, when I split with my ex. It has served me well. I am still in hock for the billions of dollars worth of decorations that my daughter forced me to buy, however.

This is the scene on my TV/sound system stand. You can actually see that I do have lights and that they are plugged in. They flash, too. It's cool.

That globe thingy in the middle, which cost about $9,000, used to have fake snow floating around in it, but I guess due to global warming it doesn't do that any more. What a shame.

And of course there's the obligatory Frosty the Snowman and Santa (on the right), who has no bum so I can put a candle in there to make him light up. It's really neato.

These are the Christmas stockings that I'm obliged to fill every year with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of small gifts from the dollar store or whatnot.

Being the alpha male (Santa), that's me up top. My daughter's stocking, of course, is the cute teddy bear. My son got left with the Frosty the Snowman. This reminds me...I still have to do all this shopping to fill them...argh.

This is just a wider angle view of my TV/stereo unit. The works above it, by the way, are ones I bought from Andrea, the lovely artist/blogger from Canada's West Coast.

Check out her Small Art website. Stuff on there's a steal.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Anonymous8:01 p.m.

    Thanks so much for humoring me. It is a lovely Christmas tree (get back cat...I said NO!) and the stockings are very nice. I absolutely adore the bumless Santa (Get away from the monitor you little fur-ball--now look what you've done). Oops, sorry about that..heh. :|

  2. Awww, it all looks so festive and cozy. The tree really isn't that bad at all. Mine tilts too and is looking quite pitiful, but it has sentimental value - it's the same tree I had at my parents' house when I was growing up.

    Our stockings are still empty too and there are no gifts beneath the tree because Rainbow (the Lab puppy) will try to eat them.

  3. Very festive, my friend. We have the tree up -- have for days -- but still no decorations, so you're way ahead. And tonight my better half and I are off to see Zappa Does Zappa downtown. Woo-hoo!

  4. BTW my word verif was COOHT -- it's not referring to you, is it, OLD boy? :)

  5. Anonymous12:42 a.m.

    Awwww, how pretty! Thanks for sharing your festive decorations with us all.

    And since you're so well versed in filling stockings, how about I send you some of mine to fill as well? :grin: Thanks! I knew I could count on you!

  6. Anonymous2:54 a.m.

    the tree looks cool! The ornamenture would certainly impress the ornameturalists who go around conserving ornamentures from around the world.

    I dunno where I put my snow globe...and gonna go find it now.

    Have a snazzy xmas!

  7. Is it just me, or does the angel on top of the tree have a really startled expression?

  8. Cool decorations. I should've put something up too, but all you get from me is a tree.

    Maybe next year though!

  9. Kyknoord, it's not just you. The angel DOES have a startled expression on her face. You would too if you had a Christmas tree stuck up yer arse.

  10. WW I think this is wonderful. You have a festive home. I like that you have a tree. You are so SWEET.

  11. I'm so very impressed! I didn't know men 'did' decorations - I've never met one that did / does! It all looks very festive - just lovely. I hope your Christmas is a really happy one :)

  12. dmmgmfm:

    The bumless Santa is my fave Xmas decoration, d...your cats haven't got at it yet.


    I was going to climb up there and fix the Santa angel or whatever she is, but she was kinda grumpy...

    I think it's great you've got the tree you grew up with. I have a bunch of gifts already under the tree, my kids would stone me to death if I didn't...


    What? The All-Canadian mom hasn't decorated yet? I know how busy you are...just kidding...

    And yes, Old Cooht could apply in some contexts...


    Thanks. Sure, just send those Christmas stockings along, I've got some mandarin oranges here that have gone bad...


    You've GOT to have a snow globe! All the best to you too, GP, it's good to know there are ornamentalists in Malaysia.


    No, I tried moving her around last night but either she was fine just the way she was with the pointy parts or she's PMSing or something...


    I have a bunch of unused ornamenture from lives past that I could send down to Ole Miss...

    MJ (Kyk):

    I think she secretly enjoys it, really...


    Awww...shucks. Thanks. I do have that deco thing somewhere deep down inside, and my daughter loves it, just happens, I guess.


    Ziggi Zee Plumber Girl:

    Really? Guys don't do this? Oh no, I'd better check my masculinity rating...

    Seriously, thanks. I don't know how people CAN'T do this, especially if they've got kids that care about it.

    All the best to Yourself, Himself and all the Selves.

  13. im ashamed... REAL MEN DONT NEED INSTRUSTIONS ... hence why the number of DIY injurries increase each christmas with young men getting trapped in bike frames or seriously injured by rogue trampoline springs... The true spirit....
    I love the prosthetic tree by the way... We dont have a tree this year...

  14. Merry Christmas to u and ur family WW! HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

    Lovely pics of ur home there...I love the mirror one the best!

    Have a safe n happy holiday season then. I will c u in 2007 :)


  15. Anonymous1:40 a.m.

    Wow! I'm impressed. Firstly, because you said it was for moi and because you've made the effort to be "Christmassy"
    I hope you have a wonderful festive time, both at your place and on Blogworld Road.
    PS RTFM for that camera!

  16. Anonymous2:12 a.m.

    Love the Mr. Hanky pic at the previous post. He's corny, he's nutty . . . . .

    Please forgive my extended absence (or maybe regret my reappearance) but the best Christmas wishes I can offer to you and your family WW.

  17. Anonymous1:01 p.m.

    This is great! Actually you managed to pull me from my lethargic state. I was kind of zapped afeter I came back from Bangalore what with evaluating 400 odd answer-sheets in 3 odd days. My head was spinning. Now looking at the decorations here, I am uplifted somehow.

    Tomorrow I go shpping for decorations and a small christmas tree. Might as well as decorate the house for myself. Not to forget to buy gifts for my nephews and nieces.
    ( I am the SANTA for them!)

    Merry Christmas to you!


  18. Anonymous4:16 p.m.

    it all looks very festive dude! ver cool tree- i would like to upgrade to a bigger tree next year, just coz i want one. i am a complete sucker for christmas and if i had more bux my entire flat would be stuffed and covered with all sorts of stuff! as it is i buy new decorations for my tree every year so it looks different all the time!


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