The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 22, 2006


In a completely non-Christmas related post, I hereby reveal the remainder of my closet, recently the subject of jokes and derision from the likes of Awaiting and Homo Escapeons.

For useless trivia buffs such as HE, the list on the shelf shown includes (closeups are below; from bottom to top, it's highly skillful and clever snaps of all the items from left to right):

*Two Canadian Football League footballs
*Two hockey pucks
*Two softballs from my slowpitch team
*Five baseball hats, most of them freebies of one sort or another (I rarely wear them)
*One air conditioner cover that I guess is supposed to be covering my air conditioner during the winter
*One Frisbee
*One basketball
*My bike helmet
*Two cans of stuff to spray on my leather shoes, which I never do
*One Odour Eaters powder canister
*My trusty wrench set
*A pair of weather-resistant running pants or something
*My baseball/softball glove

Here, as near as I could get it all in one picture without stepping outside to do so, is the closet in its entirety. Don't trip on anything on your into my living room.
Next in WW's painful revelation of self periodic series: the bedroom closet


  1. You disgust me, WW. No Aussie rules footballs! :)

  2. Anonymous4:18 p.m.

    you know- i'm sure you tidy up before you take a picture, its very neat...

  3. WW what are are you trying to prove, that this is a mess? So if this is a mess then what will you call my closet? You'll probably recommend therapy for me.

    If anything else, you revealed that you are a neat guy and not a rat pack at all. Gee I wonder if you floss your teeth more than once a day, probably three times a day. Your closet puts me to shame.

    Oh the bedroom closet, that is where you keep your leathers? Right? I can't wait.

  4. Get back in the closet!

    And shut the door!

  5. That really isn't bad at all. Mine is so much worse. All you need is one of those shoe shelf thingies and you'd be able to close the closet door(s). Easy peasy.

    I like ces' comment about the bedroom closet being where you keep your leathers. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing those photos.

  6. Andrea:

    You could always send one from the Left Coast. I think it would nestle itself up there somehow. :)


    Tidy? I think I'd call it organized chaos...

    Yes, we want to see your closet now, Ces. We really do. I'm lucky if I floss once a day.

    Bedroom closet: Yep, my leathers, gold chains, feather boas...they're all hiding there.


    Now that wasn't very nice...


    Easy peasy? HA HA! I haven't heard that for 30 years, I bet, from my grandma or something!!

    Anna, I don't WANT to close the closet doors. It would upset my karma, my Feng Shui, my open concept.

    Dunno if my flash is bright enough to overcome the darkness in the bedroom version, tho.

  7. Oh for %*%$#@sake!
    You could at the very least admit that you have never actually thrown, tossed or propelled any ONE of those items during what could be interpreted as physical activity even by a random, casual observer.
    Can I get a witness?

  8. I can't believe that on a Saturday night I am looking at the contents of someones's closet. I think I need help. It's fairly tidy for a fella, though, I must say :).

  9. I mean "someone's" :).

  10. On a totally unrelated topic... is it wrong that I really like that Blondie/Doors mix?

  11. Homer Escargots:

    Sorry, I can't admit to that.

    1. The softballs(and the green bat out in the trunk of my car, which I should bonk you over the head with)are the remnants of the slowpitch team I formed and captained until last summer, when we couldn't field enough players for a team at work.

    But we went out on a winning note, claiming the C Division in the No Talent Slowpitch League.

    2. The last time I had the football out was in August when my son and I went out to toss it around...I think he broke my finger when he fired a bullet at close range.

    3. The basketball comes out often when I go and shoot hoops at the outdoor court in between the high school and junior high. It's a little cold for that right now.

    4. I admit to not using the hockey pucks ever (they're from last year's all-star game) and bike helmet and frisbee for some time, and already confessed to not using the leather shoes protectorant.

    5. And I come clean here and say I do not jog...I find it too boring.


    Again, I consider it organized chaos. I know where everything is, I can see's just not in neatly organized piles.


    I don't know why it would be wrong. I love that rhythym guitar from Blondie's song and that beat and it goes along great with the flow of Riders. I like it too.

  12. Anonymous8:44 p.m.

    This is depressing. Looking at your organised closet, I feel ashamed! For a female, I am very dis-organised. Only thing I organise rather too well are my book selves!

    GEE! I hate this post!



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