The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

November 10, 2006


OK, not really, but I do hope to inadvertently run into these two women below, members of the British Columbia Lions' cheerleading squad, inexplicably posing with whoever this guy is.

OK again.

No, in fact, I am off to Vancouver this weekend to cover the Canadian Football League West Division final on Sunday between the Lions and the Saskatchewan Roughriders at B.C. Place Stadium.

And if I get to meet the cheerleaders at a post-game hot tub party, well so be it. All part of the job.

But even if that doesn't happen -- or even if it does -- at least I might be able to meet with Vancouver blogger MJ (The Infomaniac) or Andrea (Colouring Outside the Lines).

Regardless, this will be my workplace this weekend (and how ironic is it that Vancouver, which hardly ever gets snow or cold but just gets rained on all the time, has a domed stadium and Winnipeg doesn't):

Here are some action shots of the Lions and Roughriders in action. The winner of this game will advance to the Grey Cup, the CFL championship, in my Winnipeg on Sunday, Nov. 19.

It's going to be quite the national party, even though the game itself will likely be played in -40 C temperatures. Still, it's Canada's big football hoedown and it's going to be fun.

Nelly Furtado will play at Grey Cup half-time (we'll be watching to see if she has a clothing malfunction) and 45,000 people should be drunk by half-time. I, however, plan to remain sober.

After all, I do have to write and I will be working.


  1. "...just gets rained on all the time"??!! After four months of drought? OK, we're more than making up for it now but that's just because the weather gods want to welcome you properly...

  2. Drought in Vancouver is only getting two inches of rain per day, isn't it?

    It's the ocean/mountain thing, Andrea, as we Flatlanders are taught in school.

    We're cold and dry. You're warm and damp. That's just the way it is.

    Hell, your icon or whatever it's called is a fish with a backwards 4 on it (but it IS lovely).

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time! Sounds to me like you enjoy your job and that's a very good thing.

  4. Anna:

    Coulda been Montreal I was headin' to, but I'm a westerner through and through...

    Homo Escarpment:

    Thank you Mr. Mountain Man, the Hero of the Himalayas (Him-ah-LAY-ahs)

  5. What???! You mean you had a choice and you chose Vancouver over Montreal?! I'm shocked. Then again, perhaps my high opinion of Montreal is just slightly biased.

  6. You're a Westerner through and through? Well, I'm an Easterner through and through.

    Football? I only follow Euro football (soccer).

    And you plan to stay sober? There goes my plan to get you legless.

    Andrea, be ready to take over. Should be a short visit he has with me! lol

  7. Say "hi" to Andrea for me.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. hi ww, not much to say tonight except to wish you well. hope you have a great time AFTER work....!

  10. Most of Australia would like to have the so-called vancouver drought :). And I bet those women pictured don't fail the pencil test ;).

    WWIII -hope you checked back to see that there was something I liked over there -ranch flavoured ruffles -good stuff.OH, and friday night dug out my copy of Secret Window especially to check out our Uncle in his role of Arthritic Sheriff. He's actually good at his job ,isn't he.

  11. I mean your Uncle. Ha! i'd like to see my uncles act.

  12. Thanks for opening the comments for a non-Blogger-blogger like me !
    Your logs are full of humour, that's a great quality. What do I read there : traveling through Flanders in 89 seconds :-) Shame on you (and a ticket for speeding I'm afraid) But you're correct : Flanders is ridiculously small, however : we have great internet services. You mentioned sending me a mail ? I didn't see one. More inscrutable ways of the internet ? :-)

  13. lol good going WW, and GOOD LUCK with the girls ;-)


  14. Anonymous10:42 a.m.

    Okay I don't know why I am not allowed to be myself here but I am Other today:

    Uhm, that sounds like fun. I don't watch a lot of football. I get distracted by the uniforms.

    Ces, the Other

  15. Aidan:

    Back now. But aren't you a nuclear physicist or a sperm counter or bean counter or something?

    No, I'll just write about games, thanks. But if you're ever in town, I'll get you tickets.


    No, no, girl, I didn't have a choice about Vancouver or Montreal. Both beautiful places, just went with the flow...

    I don't think your opinion of Montreal is biased at all...


    You'll hear more from me about our meeting, and as you know, I did more or less stay sober.

    Sure had a nice walk back from the hotel in that rain...


    Never got a chance to meet up with Andrea, although sure would have been nice...


    I'm going to post about it, but there was very little extracurricular after-hours time...


    Haven't had time to check out any other blogs, including yours, but will when I can.

    Even the Aussies would not have enjoyed the constant rain of Vancouver on the weekend...


    The closest I got to those girls was being squished up against them all in an elevator.

    Which wasn't too bad, come to think of it...


    Welcome. OK, it wasn't 89 seconds, it was more like 114. Compared to Canada, it's a wisp of a country, but it's beautiful.

    My email should be findable if you click on "View Complete Profile" or something's wrong with blogger...

    Ces, the OTHER

    It must be Karma...

    You need to get in touch with your inner wish to put your hands on the butts of those pro players...

  16. LOL thats what I call too much of good luck!


  17. Keshi:

    I'd call it more of a case of "So close, yet so far..."

  18. hellooooooo!
    remember me?
    please excuse my absence... i have no excuse!
    so did you get to meet the vancouver bloggers? was it fun?


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