The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 23, 2006



  1. quite a nice arse - whose is it? nice tan :) what does the sign say?
    I think the bottom one might be a set up you know

  2. Ziggi:

    Thanks for the visit!! I've seen you elsewhere and welcome you.

    Don't know whose arse that is but will try to find out what the sign says.

    Bottom one a setup? I agree, probably, but for who and just how? (Ouch!)

    Just a couple of Google image pix.

    Take care and thanks for droppin' by.

  3. ya know, i can fully understand taking funny pictres of oneself one holiday- but why on earth show them to the planet!?!?!

  4. Ziggi (Angel, Carmenzta):

    You raised a good question.

    The pic of the bare ass guy that all the women are drooling over can be found at:

    or just Google (image) the word "laughs" and it pops up in the top row of other pix.

    The sign the guy's standing beside says:

    "Nudity in the state park system is prohibited"

    The ass could be mine, I suppose, but (and this answers Angel's question) isn't.

    Now, the guy with the big prickly prick and balls? THAT'S me!

    OK, no it isn't.

  5. ROFL @2nd pic!



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