The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 22, 2006


AUG. 22, 2006
WITH a little help from Paris Hilton, video-sharing site YouTube today announced the launch of two new advertising concepts that take queues from the site's own user-generated content.
"Hey, YouTubers, it's Paris," purrs socialite and aspiring pop-singer Paris Hilton in a
new video that graces the right sidebar of the online video hub's front page.
The video is an example of what the company calls "participatory video ads," or PVAs. Like other YouTube videos, PVAs can be rated, commented upon, and embedded in blogs and MySpace profiles.
The clip pushes Hilton's newly released debut album, "Paris," and is part of YouTube's initial big test of the online advertising waters.
..."Just a little rich girl with too much money and a lot of time on her hands," YouTube user "ptmchale" posted on the new PVA for Paris Hilton's album promotion. And a user "zzzyax" added, "What a loser...YouTube isn't for 'celebrities' as some people may call them."
This one's even better...
Paris Hilton claims she was broke when she first moved to Hollywood.
The 'Pledge This!' actress - who has just released her self-titled debut
music album - insists she refused her millionaire parents' offers of financial help after she first left home, because she was determined to prove she could make it on her own.
She said: 'When I moved to Los Angeles, I swear on my life I didn't have anything and was living in a crappy apartment for models. I told my mum I didn't want any money.'
Despite her privileged upbringing, Paris - whose parents, Kathy and Rick, own the Hilton hotel chain - insists her success and wealth are down to her own hard work.
She added: 'I've done it all on my own. My cars, my house, I bought for myself.'


  1. Yeah, she bought it on her own, with her parents money.

  2. huh?
    okay, we all know she's as thick as two bricks... but how stupid does she think we are?!?

  3. LOL 'poor' Paris babe then!


  4. Paris would read this post and say "thats HOT" because that is her line and she is afterall the self professed ICON of our age so she can say whatever the f*ck she wants to

    Paris is according to Paris..the BLONDE... like Monroe and Farrah...but you know what she gets $100,000+ to show up at Clubs for 15 minutes! Her internet sexcapades One Night In Paris made her famous and she has never looked back.

    Paris Hilton (two brand names in one)is (unfortunately) the perfect ICON for our age..
    the vapid Celebutante..
    famous for being famous..

    you're all just jealous!thats Hot!

  5. Awaiting:



    With my tiny sexually oriented male brain, I might say, jokingly, that who cares if she's as thick as two bricks? As long as she looks good.

    But she doesn't even look good! She's a 3 dressed up as a 6, and she's not even a good-lookin' 6.

    The really scary part about what you said -- how stupid does she think we are -- is the real issue.

    While people with some intelligence can see she's nothing but a dopey socialite with big money and serious issues, it's obvious there's millions out there who actually care about who she is and what she does.

    It's more of that Entertaintment Tonight crapola. People must be watching, right?


    Poor Paris is right, in so many ways...

    Hominid Bicuspid:

    That's the whole point...she is nothing but a walking, breathing brand name, the worst of what society has to offer.

    And we gobble it up. Sometimes, I think we get whatever we deserve because we eat whatever pap is dished out to us.


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