The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 21, 2006


It's those Dog Days of Summer
When I'm feelin' Ho and Hum-mer
Maybe a Bit a' Blogger Bummer
Gonna get my guitar and Strum 'er
Need to go out, shoot some hoops
To get rid a' these loop-di-loops
Kinda feel like a pile a' poops
Waitin' on my l'il Betty Boops
No big offence is intended
But I can't no more pretended
My one brain cell's been extended
To a point it feels apprehended
I just needs a bit o' time away
To make these fuzzies go amscray
Then I'll be back and will surely say
I'm here and bloggin' same old way


  1. WW, "Afterglow" is my favorite INXS song (right up there with Suicide Blonde, but that one goes way back)! Love it!

  2. i just loved the sade song & video dude!
    so, um, how long are you going to be gone- any idea?
    don't be too long- i'm worried already!
    i'll miss you...

  3. Carm:

    So is that a request? Suicide Blonde? I thought about putting that one up...

    I just pick songs at random, otherwise...


    So you could do with some more Sade then?

    I'll still be checkin' things out and putting on new videos, just feel a bit blank lately.

    When I got somethin' to say, I'll say it. Don't figure it'll be too long.

    Meeting people like you is just too cool to abandon for long. And it's not abandoning anyway.

    As Arnold would say, "AH'LL BE BACH!"

  4. awww WW is waving goodbye to me? SOBBBBBBBBBBBBZ!

    **Gonna get my guitar and Strum 'er

    thats nice but u can do that during blog-breaks na? :):)

    How long?


  5. Yo Yo Yo Heavy E in da hause!

    What up DOG?
    Don't be messin' wid my head now know what I'm sayin?
    Yo man look at 'choo!
    y'all been da Rhymin' Foo' Fo Sho!
    Damn schtray know what I'm sayin'

    "What you talkin' bout Willis?"

    Peace Out
    Heavy E

  6. Keshi:

    I figure I'll be checking in with you and others still, but probably not posting as much...I dunno.

    Might just play the Dee-jay and take song requests and post pix for a while.

    Just cutting back a bit is all.


    Heavy E, huh? I always need translations with Donnspeak.

    No big deal. Need to fly back to Orion and regenerate.

  7. "Heavy E???" I'm still laughing!

  8. if that makes u feel good then yeah do just that :) Im happy u'll still be ard.


  9. I'll be dipped in gook! I get dragged away by work for five straight days and come back to hear that you're going stealth?

    You brute, you brute, you brute ( more Blazing Saddles for ya) <:^C>..........

  10. Fronty:

    Well, not entirely going stealth, just on occasion...let's just say I've been in a bit of gook too.

    Big project at the paper?


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