The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 21, 2010



To my youngest brother Gerry, who turned something like 47 on March 20, I wish nothing but the best to him and his wife Kim and kids Joshua and Matthew.
Gerry was just a kid usually hanging out with me as we grew up. He always loved collecting insects with me as a kid and playing goal in our basement or outside, also as a kid.

He became a pretty good golie on skates, and we two always looked similar, except he he is well over six feet and I am about 5-10.

This above is Gerry's wife, Kim. Below, that's their oldest son, Joshua. He is a figure skater of note.

Below, that's Josh with one of his uncles.
Below, that's Gerry on a hot, summer day.

Gerry celebrated his birthday recently. BEFORE HE GAVE US THE FINGER.

Gerry's son, Joshua, below.

Gerry's other son, Matthew.

Matthew, again, above, and Josh below.

A lake near their home in Kenora, Ont.; below, two of their dogs play-fight.

Above, a pic of Matthew; below, just a teasing pic.

Above, Josh and Matthew playing on a log; below, the moon as taken by Gerry. In fact, many of these pix were.

Me, my brother Gerry and his son Josh several years ago. Below, Matthew and Josh.

Above, both brothers play outside in the winter. Below, Matthew sinks one in the summer.

Gerry and Matthew.

Above, Josh; below, mom Kim with an aging Matthew.

Above, Matthew sinking a basket; below, Josh with a wild pizza!

Matthew at a family birthday party, above; Gerry, below, with one of my nephews and my dad, Don.

Kim at Christmas 2008.

Gerry with my two kids.

Gerry with his own camera, above; Gerry with one of his sons, Matthew, below.

Below, my brother Gerry suffers a sprained ankle. One of his nephews looks on.

Our (almost) entire family a few years ago. Only my brother Doug and his family are missing.

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  1. Happy B'ltd Birthday to Gerry!

    Best wishes for many more fun years to come.

    I have nephews who are taller than me now! And I remember when I used to babysit them and change their diapers! Now they're young adults and it blows my mind that they're grown up now.

    Your family gatherings look like a lot of fun. I have to say though, that turkey looks delicious in that Xmas pic with Kim! Those birthday cakes and the pizza look good, too! Now, I'm hungry.


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