The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 20, 2010

Another Saturday Night

And I ain't got nobody, not even my son Ev, who has gone out tonight for a life of merriment and stuff.
But first, he woke up Saturday wearing my pyjamas, proving he's an unfortunate chip off the old block or insane, one of the two.
I personally was utterly confused by new cell phone, which if I understand correctly can have its own babies. I'll take pix when that happens. I'll probably laugh too.

Another blurry pic. And oh, yes. Here's a silly pic of that Australian Open tennis guy, Robert Nadal. Whatever.
More Aussie Open crap. Yawn.

This is one of my hand grip thingies.


  1. I would be concerned if Donn had woken up wearing your pyjamas.

  2. Chris, you are so very funny. It's a pleasure to be reading your posts again. I am always confused by a new cell phone. Loved the line where you said it can have it's own babies...

    MJ - I like your observation

  3. Annie: It's like my new cell is another girlfriend...ha ha ha ha!

  4. The hand grip thingy is awesome!

    I have problems with new cellphones, too. I just want to know what I press to dial a call and how to hang up when I'm done. And maybe how to use the camera function, although that's mostly for silly pics. For great pics, I stick to the digital camera.


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