The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 16, 2008

Dubya's Really Big Shoooooooooe -- The Book


You know, where George W. Bush, in an apparent attempt to leave no doubt he clearly IS the worst president in U.S. history, goes to Iraq.

Call it his Loser's Legacy. Or Lunacy, if you prefer.

Now Georgie, he could have simply faded into the woodwork, as no doubt the Reflublicans would have wished as they're drowned by the Barack Obama tide and annointment as the man left to clean up Georgie's disasters.

But no, he decided to make a surprise visit to Iraq, the site of his biggest blunder -- where an Iraqi TV reporter gave him the biggest of Islamic insults by throwing his shoes at the woebegone pres.

You'll note that Bush's Iraqi puppet president or prime minister or whatever makes a meek attempt to stop the shoe from hitting Bush.

The intent of the reporter was to show Bush the bottom of his foot, to show that Bush is the lowest of the low, a creature worth stepping on and squishing like any little ant or bug -- an appropriate measure I am inclined to agree with.

The media worldwide has lampooned the incident. It's all over the nightly talk shows, of course.

Even an internet game has been developed...

But I'm sure you've heard about that ad nauseum. Now it's time for my segue into all the books I bought today at my newspaper's Spirit of Christmas book sale, with all proceeds going to the Christmas Cheer Board.

As with any newspaper, we get hundreds of books sent to us every year to review, free of charge. What we do is review the books and then sell them ($3 for soft cover, $5 for hard cover). I bought a bunch today. Total, $36.

Here they are.

So...why do we blog? Why am I sitting in front of my computer all the time? I'm hoping this book tells me why. Of course, if I'm busy reading IT, I won't be on the computer. Hmmm...

Believe it or not, millions people -- mostly really goofy Americans in places like Kansas, and I don't mean to denigrate the general population of Kansas or anyone else -- believe they're going to live on forever because they'll be raptured while the rest of us will rot in hell.

And here's a book telling me how I can somehow profit financially from the silliness of all that!?I'm in.

I bought this book above because, as a brilliant researcher and groundbreaking expert in the differences between the male and female brains, I thought it might be refreshing and worth a quick 100-minute speed read.

I have no idea what this book above is about, even though I'm sure my retirement nest-egg is worth about half what it was a few months ago. I just liked the shark-shaped American dollar bills and the sexy Italian name of the authoress.

No, the three books I really want to focus on are below.

And in one way or another, they all have something to do with George W. Bush, Iraq, Afghanistan, Islam's hate of the United States and most of the problems the world is dealing with today.

I've already opened this one below. It looks promising and throws out a theory that Dubya's innane presidency -- I remind you the Americans inexplicably elected him twice, once illegally -- was all about family dynamics involving his dad and his brother Jeb.

(Jeb? JEB? Cue: Beverly Hillbillies. Or maybe Green Acres)

This book below, of course, seems to speak of the larger, even MORE explosive damage that Bush's absurd policies did to the planet, and which Obama will have to try to undo somehow.

Finally, the book below foretells, apparently, about the shit we're in now and what it could lead to.


Sometimes, I wish I was back reading my kids the Berenstain Bears at bedtime. But it should take me the entire year to get through all these at my reading rate. By then, who knows where Dubya will be?


  1. I want to read the brain one, the economics thingamabob, the war...oh crap all of them.

    I was impressed by Dubya's ability to dodge shoes..I would have thought that he was only used to exchanging the one embedded in his mouth with the other.

    Another month and he'll be gone..sigh...I wonder what he'll do with all of his spare time now?

  2. Can I just take a moment to say that I LOVE the word "segue", and by using it you have endeared yourself to me forever :)

    Also, some of those books look awful :)

  3. That was funny, the shoe throwing incident! Apparently, his spin doctor, Dana Perrino, got a black eye from the ensuing scuffle! When you lay down with dogs, you're bound to get fleas! It was quite the Clash--those flying shoes Rock the Casbah!

    Now everyone's going to throw shoes at Shrub when he's out in public!

    That's a lot of books to read. But they all sound interesting.

  4. I'll trade you the brain one for a few more Nat Geo's, the economics thing for your subscription to Psych Today...hell, you can read whatever I'm NOT reading.

    Good point on Dubya's feet already being permanently lodged in his mouth. How could I have missed it?

    He'll end up as a crop-duster in Texas, flying in those kinds of planes and pretending he's bombing Islamists.


    Wow, can I frame this comment and save it for eternity and put it up on my wall?

    Segue segue segue segue segue

    These are classic books. Maybe I'll send THESE to you instead of some Canadiana thing.


    The unfortunate part is that Dubya didn't get the black eye.

    But then the reporter would have ended up in Guatanamo Bay or like those prisoners in Abu Gharib or whatever, never to be heard of again.

  5. Frame it, put it on a dart board, whatever you like :) And if you send me those LOVELY books, you won't be able to read them yourself!!! Best to keep them there :) hehe

  6. Noticing there are no Romance Novels in that lot LOL


  7. I laughed so hard when I saw that clip of Georgie dodging those shoes. I don't know why I found it to be so funny, but I did.

    I wonder if our newspapers sell their books cheap. Hmm, I'll have to look into that. Then I can add to my ever-growing collection of books I want to read but never seem to get around to reading.

  8. Stace:

    I'll frame it and hang it. And OK, I'll keep these books to myself.

    Now I'll make my SEGUE on to another topic. Does Australia have mosquitoes?

    Toasty Warm:

    Ha ha ha ha! No, you're quite right! Figures you would notice that. I keep those hidden under my mattress. ;-)

    My grandmother died about 20 years ago, but she lived with us. I teased her incessantly about all the steamy romance novels she'd buy all the time...


    Are you kidding? With all the sh*t that guy has created in the world, the only way to get SOMETHING back is to laugh!

    And if it's at his expense in such a fitting soiree to his horrible tenure, I'm not holding back.

    Of course there's a tinge of sadness and remorse, and I sometimes feel sorry for the guy.

    But that's overtaken by his pomposity, his refusal to admit he was wrong on so many levels.

    I suspect all newspapers sell of the books they receive free from publishers like we do.

    Happy reading!

  9. Have you and Donn formed a Book Club where you meet once a week over tea and cookies?

  10. I'll bet you like a good bodice-ripper.

  11. MJ:

    No, not yet, but I'm sure we soon will be. And substitute the tea and cookies for rye and oysters.

    How's that for a combo?

    He reads way more than I care to, and I do confess to love hearing him drone on and on and on about whatever useless tidbit and then debating him ad nauseum with silly frivolities just to get him all worked up.

    And speaking of worked up, of course I love ripping open bodices, but it's nice to look long and hard first.

  12. Of course we have mosquitoes. We generally refer to the little blighters as mozzies. They're worse in some places than others, of course... for instance, here at home I've hardly seen any, but a friend's place twenty minutes away is swarming with them!

  13. Stace:

    I thought only the weirdest of creatures made their home in Australia and figured maybe your version of mosquitoes had duckbills and pouches and hopped up and down instead of flying.

  14. Yeah but Stace's Mozzies are prolly marsupials!

  15. Donn:

    Thank you Professor Pumpernickle, famous naturalist and evolutionary theory quack.


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