The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

September 17, 2008




I've been blogging about silly, inconsequential things like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the U.S. and Canada elections, beheadings, American war resisters and the Far Right.

I've been talking about the overall disorganized chaos on the planet and ignoring the organized chaos that's right in front of my nose, in my own life -- the kind that's my haven for sanity.

Chaos is chaos, you say? By definition, chaos IS disorganization, nothing else? I beg to differ.

The worst kind of chaos is the disorganized kind brought about by others that we really DON'T have any control over.

But there's another kind -- the "organized" kind -- that we all have lying around us on our messy desks, in our messy bedroom closets, in virtually ever facet of our messy lives.

The great thing about this organized chaos is it's all on ME. It's mine to control or, if I want, not control. It's mine to clean up (which I'm doing today) or, if I want, to leave just as it is.

It's my whatever number of square feet and no one else's. It's like a hot bath, my first cup of coffee in the morning, it's my soup for my soul, it's my trademark environment.


My bedroom closet...

I'll take out the recycling, don't worry...

Storage is storage...
The medicine cabinet (daughter's/female side)

Medicine cabinet (son's/mine/male side)

Daughter's bedroom closet (YIKES!)
Kitchen table/workstation/bills repository/overflow

Overpacked Fridge w/100's of items well past best before dates

TV/sound system/art/family/friends stand
Front Closet
Bedroom in disarray

Now I'm going to clean it all up -- just because I can.


  1. Are those Christmas lights on the multi-purpose stand?

    And what's with the WW shrine with that picture of you in your youth and the candle? Any sacrificing going on at your place?

  2. After visiting your blog, I can only think of garbage. All thoughts writing passionate poetry has flown out of the window. If only you had put up a bit of erotica, it might have helped.

    Well then.....

  3. Anna:

    Yep, they're little Xmas lights that flash on and off in different patterns when I turn them on.

    I leave 'em there year-round to give my otherwise beige-coloured walls and entertainment area some colour and brightness.

    And that's not a WW shrine. That pic was hanging in my son's room until he knocked it off while dicking around one day and the back hanger thingie came off.

    He asked me to fix it, I just put it on my dresser so I wouldn't forget...and I promptly forgot.

    As far as sacrificing going on, no, there haven't been any such rituals here in quite some time.

    Although some of the items in that pic -- including the candle -- are designed with that in mind ;-)


    And THAT was the intent!

    Isn't ALL poetry writing supposed to be passionate? I do have erotica hanging on my walls -- in fact, some from India.

    Maybe I'll post about that next. Unless I decide to return to the mundane, like the world money crisis.

  4. You need a good woman in your life LOL.... when you are done with your clearing up, maybe you could come and do mine LOL..

    I need a good man in my life LMAO


  5. Toasty:

    I wouldn't necessarily disagree with comment 1.

    Complications like geography, bad timing (watch the YouTube vid), circumstance and a whole whack of other things (some of them very weird) seem to have kiboshed that.

    So far.

    Here it is, 2:30 in the afternoon on a day off, and I still haven't even started cleaning up.

    I've still got the weekend.

    So I don't think I'll be getting over to the Jolly Ole mother country to clean up yours...

    As far as comment No. 2, which you're LMAOing about, I wouldn't doubt that to be true either.


  6. Hahaha, and now you order/organize it because you want to do that, yeah this is your territory, your home, your nest, your kingdom. And to my humble opinion I think it might feel better if it's cleaned up (notice the careful formulation :-). At least for many women it work's this way that cleaning up their house brings order in the mind and emotions too. I don't know about men, so let me know !! I'm curious.

  7. dude, you actually tidied that up because you wanted to!!?!
    i think you may be ill...

  8. Hildegarde:

    Yeah, but women and men are different, and that's a darn good thing.

    I'll clean it up just because I should and it WILL bring more order into my life.

    But I won't do it every day or every week. And that's the big difference, I figure...


    Yeah, I must be ill...

  9. You use “Dippity-do”…

    Tee hee.

    Your daughter uses a product called ‘Time Reverse’ yet she’s only what…16 or something?

    Is she trying to recapture her childhood?

  10. I see a can of Febreeze.

    You’ll need to spray your entire house with that.

  11. Mmmmm….

    Kraft slices.

    Gourmet cookin’ at WW’s.

  12. OMG.

    You have framed photos of Donnnnn.

  13. in·cor·ri·gi·ble:
    incapable of being corrected or amended: as a
    (1): not reformable : depraved
    (2): delinquent b: not manageable : unruly c: unalterable , inveterate

    Aside from Death and Taxes, the two things that are guaranteed in this world..your goofy extreme closeup snaps and photos of your lair which you decorated in what could be termed, 'tornadic aftermath'.

    *starts dialing Molly Maid

  14. MJ:

    1. Uh, incorrectimundo. My kids use Dippity Do.

    2. Uh, negatory. I blogged a while ago about how a former GF persuaded me to go get my one and only facial, where I proceeded to be sucked into buying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of skin goop.

    My daughter, who's 20, now uses some of that stuff.

    3. Yeah, I spray every once in a while with Febreeze. It's amazing stuff!

    4. Yep, but not just framed photos of Donnnnn, also of his wife and kids and other friends' wives and kids. Hell, I might even have a frame photo of YOU somewhere!


    It's better than blogging about all that other crapola. And besides, I know it always gets you riled.

    I was thinkin' bout calling Molly Maid myself, actually.

  15. Hey, my kitchen table currently resembles yours! One of your shoes appears to be missing laces!

    I don't have any expired stuff in my fridge as it's almost empty. But a recent cleaning of the cabinets let to a bunch of expired medicine that I had to toss out. Among them was an unopened bottle of Pepto Bismol that expired 2003!

    I luv the pairs of black figurines and piggies on top of the entertainment area! Fun and chic art at the same time!

  16. Eroswings:

    Shoes with missing laces on one, expired food, black and chic -- you name it, I'm it!

  17. You'd better post the results of your clean-up effort or you're grounded!

  18. Andrea:

    Oooh, now THAT'S assertive! :-)

    I guess I'd better get my butt in gear then...

  19. Noticing you drink a lot of pepsi in your place :) and oh my, you have a big jar of pickled gherkins in your fridge MY FAVOURITE....


  20. Toasty:


    That's mostly my son who drinks Pepsi, although it IS the mix of choice for Donnnnnnn and I.

    I always have a jar of pickles on hand (over here, gherkins are the sweet little ones) -- these ones are, well, pickled with garlic -- so if you ever make it over here, I'll have plenty on hand.



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