The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 4, 2008

The REAL Donnnnnnn...


A guy who can't swim without the help of a flotation device...

A guy who pretends he's fearless and brave but who stomps beetles to death and curses innocent squirrels and other wildlife who invade his backyard -- from the safety of his window...

The party animal of all party animals...

...and the guy who's quick with the middle finger...

...A man with no end of goofiness...

...and whose undisputed lifelong ambition has been to pose for Playgirl.


He is the ultimate father and protector of all those loved ones who live in his realm.


We introduce Donnnnnn, the nincompoop neighbourhood patrol guy.

I sent him these pictures so he could do a post on it himself. He opted not to before he leaves on vacation, so I had no choice but to come out of my own respite from the Blogworld to reveal this to the planet.

Yes, this is the immortal and immoral Donn, with his son's plastic handcuffs, only hours before his first patrol with another neighbourhood nannie with a cute yellow vest thingie and cool, authoritative hat.

Just like this youthful dragonfly above -- which was drying its wings on Donnnnnnn's ledge -- he will hover about his neighbourhood, his keen eyes of justice peeled for suspicious looking characters, etc.

Doesn't it look like he's having a piss here on his own backyard bench?

Well, anyway.
Donnnnnnnn has become quite an upstanding citizen of late. Only last month, he finished up his season as head coach, chauffeur, cheerleading squad, mascot, cook and other things of his community's local six-year-old soccer squad.
He most certainly is a talented, upstanding citizen.
I just wanted all of Blogdom to know that.


  1. Gotta love a man who can do it all! Donn, that's a great vest. If you make a citizens arrest will you capture it and put it on youtube? :)

  2. how can you stomp on a beetle from your window eh?

    smoked oysters, hat and hivis vest, he's certainly a ladies' man!

  3. Pamela:

    Yes indeed, gotta love him! He's not actually allowed to make a citizen's arrest, but I'll try to document his patrols as warranted.


    When the beetle is inside your house on your kitchen floor and approaching your wife's feet.

    He IS a ladies' man, ain't he? Especially with the lampshade on his head.

  4. The neighborhood can rest easily knowing Don is on patrol, eliminating (on) pests. The bugs flee and hide underground in fear for their lives! That dragonfly was a snitch, dropping a dime on the other insects! Why else wasn't he squashed on sight?

    Clearly Don's 'vacation' is a cover for his secret undercover assignment to eliminate the bug mafia that plagues the neighborhood yards.

  5. There's the titty mug!

  6. Eroswings:

    NOW you've got him! Donnnnnn will say he knows the value of dragonflies -- they're harmless to humans and consume vast quantities of mosquitoes.


    You have a remarkable penchant for seeing beyond the main message and finding the lust in life. :-)

  7. Does this "Citizens On Patrol Program" actually exist?? What do they do besides just be nosey neighbours?

    Oh and, mmm... handcuffs. ;)

  8. Anna:

    Once a bad girl, always a bad girl, even in your condition ;-)

    Yes, COPPS is a recognized program. They patrol the neighbourhood and report suspicious activity to police...

    ...Who apparently,then take about five months to respond. But it's about the try, not the success.

  9. Anonymous8:59 p.m.

    That sounds like an easy gig - I could do that - maybe I'll join COPS after all...I thought it was a new name for the RCMP auxiliary police force - the volunteers who used to get to ride around in cop cars & wear cop uniforms, but didn't have guns? (when I heard that last part, it sounded like all the fun had been removed)...not much crime in my neighborhood, except people driving their non-registered golf carts on the road, drivers not coming to a complete stop at stop signs, or (like a couple nights ago) hooligans taking 2 large flower planters down from where they hung on the golf estates marker wall & placing them in the middle of the road for cars to run into in the dark - I called the cops...but if I was in COPS, I could have done a stakeout by the water hazard myself to catch the criminals (RCMP dispatch said they would send someone right over - don't know if they did, but the next morning the planters were back on the wall & appeared unsquashed)

  10. Anonymous:

    Geez I hate responding to anonymous comments. Are you from CSIS? I don't think so.

    Well, I'm Bond...James Bond.

    I don't know if it's an easy gig.

    It requires Donnnnnn to put on this goofy vest, which immediately ID's him as probably a well-meaning goof to all the other idiots in his community who would never do what he's doing and actually take at least some sort of action against the crime in the neighbourhood for his and their well-being.

    I don't know how often he'll have to do it. But it's his private time that he's taking, his little contribution, to trying, even if in vain, to make things a little more secure for his own family and for the families around him.

    I assume he'll be doing this in the middle of winter, too, although I can't say that for sure.

    As much as I did lampoon his membership in this patrol, I do admire him for doing it. Even he considers it a joke, or at least presented it to me as that.

    But we all know different.

    If there were more people like him around, the world would be a very different place.

    Sorry to get a little huffy. And I'm glad the planters were returned to their rightful spots without being squashed.

  11. He sounds and looks like a great upstanding figure in his families life as well as in this communities word......

    You have some super friends withit.....


  12. Toasty:

    He's a goober and he'd be the first to admit it. But yeah, he's kinda cool, a lifelong friend whose laughter and wit are infectious.

  13. I think we already knew... and entertained dark suspicions of the same about you!

  14. Stace:

    You already knew WHAT? And suspected me of WHAT?

  15. Anonymous2:32 a.m.

    Sorry about the continuing anonymity - haven't figured out how to become nonanonymous yet...and no, not w/ CSIS (thanks for reminding me they exist), although their office is located a mere 4 floors above my office - another reason why I must remain anonymous for now - I believe they may be spying on me, reading my every post...perhaps you could refer to me as AB (exact location to remain secret to protect me from CSIS)

    Don't get me wrong - I am not poking fun at COPS, just my neighborhood...sort of a Sun City type of environment where mild vandalism causes great consternation, like when (probably the same) hooligans bent a small lamp at our gate - an angry note appeared in our newsletter (not sure the hooligans receive a copy of our newsletter, but if they do, they sure got an earful) - I consider myself lucky to live in such an environment...

  16. Anonymous:

    AB -- Alberta Blogger? Anonymous Blogger? Do I know you? Are you male or female? I assume you're a federal govt employee...

    C'mon...really -- so you mean you've got your own blog but you feel all eight of Canada's Maxwell Smart CSIS agents will find you and send you to Guatanamo Bay?

    Ooh, I love this cloak and dagger stuff.

    But don't we all have a right to say what we want without fear of reprisal?

    "I think this calls for the Cone of Silence, Chief!"

    No offence taken at the comment about COPS. Have a great day, AB.

  17. Anonymous3:45 a.m.

    I'm supposed to have my own blog?? (I'm even more behind the times than I thought!)

    Yes, AB for Alberta, female, not a gov't employee - CSIS is located in a bldg otherwise occupied by oil & gas companies! And yes, I think they are capable of anything - seem to be a lot of smirking spy-type guys on that particular floor (definitely more than 8) carrying briefcases possibly containing listening devices, briefcase-cams or cash? Are they infiltrating AB on behalf of the feds? Are they spying on the oil industry? Do they know who we all are, who we work for & what floors we're on? These are the questions that run thru my mind every time I see someone has pushed the 22nd floor button in the elevator! I stare straight ahead & try to blend in w/ the woodwork...

    Question: Am I allowed to have an identity without having a blog?

  18. Alberta Girl (Anonymous):

    Well, you're on here -- so why not have a blog?

    But if you don't want to, you can set one up with an identity and a pic if you choose or not to and provide very little detail that you could ID you.

    If CSIS wanted to find you, they could. But if you start a blog, give yourself a handle that only ID's you as being a female from Canada -- pic or not -- and then you don't post your own stuff and just visit others, what's the harm?

    I'm not sure if you can just get an ID without having a blog -- I think not.

    Others who come here -- like a woman named Laura from England -- still come in as anonymous but they sign their name at the bottom each time they comment.

    Just some ideas...

    My email address is on my blog too.

    Good luck with all those CSIS agents.

  19. This wussie frickin' group, as was almost certainly predictable, apparently never showed up to protest the funeral.

    Latest as of Saturday 5:25 p.m. CDT is at...

    This group, I'm betting, never planned on attending but sucked the media into writing stories about them to broadcast their ridiculous message and what they're about.

    What a sad statement about the most ludicrous edges of a society...and religion overall.

  20. Anonymous8:17 p.m.

    1. Probably didn't know where Winnipeg was
    2. Clearly don't know anything about Red Deer (never mind the cops, everyone else has guns too & a group of 1000 protesters would be quickly neutralized)
    3. I like how they claim Canada is too "liberal", but have to tone down their signs so they won't violate Canada's hate laws!

    I like your idea of remaining anonymous, but signing a for my commitment to anonymity, I have been extremely careful online ever since I heard on the news last yr that corporate Human Resources personnel routinely Google people's names & join blogging organizations in order to get a sense of a person's character or ferret out personal information that they can't legally ask during interviews - had never occurred to me...googled my own name & in addition to a link to our corporate website, there was a link to a comment I had posted on a message board - immediately requested the msg board website administrator remove my comment (which they did), then just the other day, googled myself again & found the comment still there on the French website! (separate websites, but comments posted to 1 automatically show up on the other) - they immediately removed it upon my request - a positive, heartfelt post, but on a msg board which could potentially classify my comment as a political statement...

    Scary how HR people are doing whatever they can to get around the privacy laws they claim to uphold - that post on Facebook about what someone did at a company Christmas party under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a compromising photo could actually preclude them from getting a job without ever knowing why (HR - another group not to be trusted!) - also scary is the fact that unless physically removed, everything remains on the internet permanently & can be recalled w/ a simple google yrs after it has disappeared from current viewing - can't take the chance, so I only post online w/ an alias...

    I'll use AB Girl unless someone informs me it's already taken...

  21. AB Girl:

    Nah, they knew where Winnipeg is. They just wussied out.

    We all know Red Deer is like Redneck Central (I was born in Edmonton and spent total of 17 years in Alberta).

    Interesting stuff about HR departments and your own THAT'S why they invented the internet!

    Maybe I'd better watch myself...hey, maybe YOU'RE a CSIS agent in disguise!

  22. Anonymous11:24 a.m.

    Not to worry - not w/ CSIS or HR - LOL (I'm in oil & gas)

    So, you're from AB...I'm from SK (moved here when I was 17) - been here nearly twice as long as I lived in SK, but still have to say I'm from SK, like everyone else in AB - you can go to a seminar where you don't know anyone, be randomly put in a group of 4, and 3 out of 4 people will be from SK...1 seminar, was outside chatting w/ all the other smokers - 1 guy said he was from Saskatoon, but had to come to Calgary for the seminar - all the other smokers were Calgarians who came from SK - he felt right at home...

    AB Girl

  23. AB Girl:

    OK, I can do the're around 51 or so, and I'm sure there's a lot of 'Tobans in AB as well as Saskatchewanians...

    Who in Calgary -- or Alberta, if you're not in Calgary -- ISN'T in oil and gas? (No offence intended).

    AB is a beautiful place in so many ways. But that oil strike in Leduc in '57 or whenever has made it the economic powerhouse it is today.

    Me, I just like the scenery.

  24. Anonymous11:59 p.m.

    44, actually - I was 17 when we left, but we also lived in AB for 2 yrs when I was younger, so 15 yrs in SK, 29 in AB...sorry to throw you off like that!

    Yes, these days there are probably as many MB plates on the road in AB as in MB! Saskies are always here - they consider AB part of their province & Calgary their largest city - LOL...then there's the rivalry between our football teams...

    AB Girl

  25. AB Girl:

    Never could get the old math, why would I get the NEW math?

    Hey cmon one has a rivalry with the Green Riders like the Bombers do...remember the Banjo Bowl?


  26. Anonymous7:05 p.m.

    No, I don't remember that one - was it recent...

    Not sure why the Riders (it's mostly on their side) hate the Stamps so much (we barely noticed them until recently), but Saskies say it's a hate that goes "way back" & they will always hate Calgary (no explanation is ever given) for Calgary, the rivalry has always been w/ Edmonton, but in the last couple yrs, the rivalry w/ the Riders has just been more fun b/c they've been more competitive - we still hate Edmonton, but we also like to get under the skin of Rider Nation...

    I was at the Stamps/Riders game a couple wks ago - Rider fans certainly make the games more interesting - significantly increased police & security presence due to their shenanigans of the past - it's expected that SOMEONE will at least attempt to streak - Stamps put up those high fences along the stands a couple yrs ago just b/c of the continual streaking at Rider games...cocky Rider fans come into Calgary by the busload & fill the stadium (the seats that aren't filled w/ green-wearing Calgarians who all wear red the rest of the time) & make a lot of noise & start fights - I was nearly deaf by the end of the game - in fact, I barely noticed the game - way too much going on in the stands, watching the cops hauling out fans in handcuffs...& then they had to win! Only thing that made us feel better is that Calgary beat them on their home turf last weekend - let them chew on that for a while (next game will be a war)...

    SK is also very cocky now b/c they're basking in their new found economic strength & media attention - the media has been saying things like "move over AB, there's a new kid on the block" - it's just all about SK now - so Saskies think they can lord it over us - it's like SK is now the place to be & AB is dogmeat (although they're all still moving here!)...

    AB Girl

  27. AB Girl:

    The Banjo Bowl came about a few years ago when former Bomber kicker Troy Westwood made a comment along the lines of that Rider fans are "a bunch of banjo-pickin' inbreds."

    He was just kidding and playing psychological games and made the point he's got lots of relatives in Sask, but it became a big deal.

    The Bombers and Riders always play in Regina on Labour Day but now the rematch in Winnipeg the next week is always called the Banjo Bowl.

    Go Bombers! (I said that with a paper bag over my head).

  28. Anonymous12:14 a.m.

    Ohhhh...them's fightin' words!

    Almost as bad as the Stamps banning Gainer from McMahon Stadium during the playoffs...oh, sorry - just remembered, they said they didn't ban him - he just couldn't be on the sidelines by the Rider bench - he could buy a ticket & sit in the stands w/ all the other Rider fans - LOL (during the game, they showed Gainer standing dejected & alone in the parking lot at McMahon - it apparently made the Riders mad enough to win the game - they did it for Gainer)

    AB Girl

  29. AB Girl:

    OK, I'll put our mascots up against goofy Gainer any time!

    You've got to admit that having a gopher as a mascot just invites ridicule and derision...

    (*Runs away laughing but realizes he doesn't know what AB Girl looks like so he might run smack dab into her*)

  30. Anonymous1:35 a.m.

    You're safe for now - it's been a few yrs since I was in Winnipeg...I have relatives there, so funerals & weddings bring me there occasionally...

    I think the Riders deliberately picked a gopher in order to invite ridicule so Rider Nation would have a reason to be outraged & engage in their usual pregame trash talk - LOL

    AB Girl

  31. AB Girl:

    Funerals and weddings, huh? Yeah, when you think about it, those are really the only two constants...

    But if you're here, feel free to look me up.

    And good theory on Gainer. Get Rider Pride so stoked up based on the latent frustration of having such a goofy mascot and all...(ha ha ha!!!)

  32. Anonymous1:32 a.m.

    I will definitely do that...

    Now that I think of it, only weddings - the funeral of the 1 aunt was held in SK as she was buried in the family cemetary (everyone buried there is from the family tree)

    AB Girl

  33. AB Girl:

    Personally, I'll be getting cremated and having my ashes emailed to all of my blogger friends as a keepsake.

    I figure that will be technologically possible by the time I die.


  34. Anonymous1:11 a.m.

    I'm so glad I've remained anonymous! LOL

    AB Girl

  35. AB Girl:

    What, so you don't want a piece o' me? For posterity or as a little knick-knack on your fireplace?

  36. Anonymous4:40 p.m.

    Do I want a piece o' you? Been a while since someone asked me that - LOL...(will you at least be in an urn?)

    AB Girl

  37. AB Girl:

    No, that's too fancy. I'll be in a brown paper bag or something. Otherwise, I'll just blow away.

  38. Anonymous2:08 a.m.

    An urn would prevent recipients from mistaking your brown paper bag for something else & accidentally discarding you...

    I've always envisioned being tossed to the wind & sea from the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver (that way, the whole world could get a piece of me)...

    AB Girl

  39. AB Girl:

    Kind of promiscuous, aren't you? In a macabre sort of way?

    OK, let's make it an urn then. It will be a transparent one, however. I'll need to see outside.

    Why does this almost seem like online dating, except on a blog? :-)

  40. A ziploc bag would work..... you could see out and not spill out.

    Geez, if you two keep this up, the rest of us are gonna have to insist you get a room.....

    well, maybe not everyone would insist.... but I would!

  41. Ponygirl:

    Ha ha ha! Hey, it's just some friendly long-distance banter/flirting or whatever.

    There's no harm here, just some foolin' around. Maybe I should start charging admission!

    Sure is an easy way to get the comment numbers up, I'm finding!

  42. Hey, no problem with the flirting.... it's your blog and you can flirt or banter or whatever with whomever.... just givin' you a hard time!

    Not sure if the two of you bantering back and forth really counts as an increase in comment numbers, though.... isn't that kinda like stacking the deck?

  43. Anonymous12:42 a.m.

    I am totally innocent of all charges...

    Funny, I was just thinking last night that we seem to have strayed somewhat from the subject of radical Baptists, football, cremation & now cyberflirting (a natural progression)...

    May I suggest a bottle? As in "message in a bottle", except when it lands on shore & someone opens it up, they find your ashes instead of msg...sort of a combination of an urn & being tossed to the sea...

    AB Girl

  44. Ponygirl:

    "It's your Blog
    And you can flirt if you want to
    Flirt if you want to
    Flirt if you want to"

    Numbers are numbers! Ask the number-crunchers at Exxon and Shell if they care about how much they're gouging us for!

    Ab Girl:

    We touch any and all bases on this blog. Personally, I'd rather not be stuck in a floating bottle, thank you.

    I might get nauseous. And that wouldn't be fun inside a sealed bottle.

  45. Now it's a musical blog.... cool.

  46. A ziploc bag is flexible so you shouldn't feel too claustrophobic... can wiggle around a bit and stay comfy.

  47. ... and here is another comment to keep those totally fictitous comment numbers rolling up.... HA!

    Well, I guess the number of comments is going up, just not the number of commentors. ;-)

  48. But wait, there's more!

  49. MJ, I'm going to stuff you into a bottle and...and...and...throw you off the Granville Street Bridge!

    (OK, OK, I'd never do that. I'd put you in my fireplace mantle and Donnnnn and I could make fun of you every week)

  50. 52!!!! Pfffftttt!!!

    The numbers just keep on climbin'....

    You're going to put MJ 'IN' your fireplace mantle??? Hmmmm.... not sure how you can do that, but then you are from another planet and may have technology we don't know about.

    You know if she's there, she will blog about you every day, right? And maybe even take pictures to post on her blog... hey, this could get interesting!!!!

  51. Ponygirl:

    Geez, you must be on holidays too...or nights.

    Yes, we otherworlders can use our discombobulater rayguns to do just about anything we want.

    I could blast MJ -- or you or anyone else I choose -- and have them actually end up IN my mantlepiece.

    Altogether and hidden, or with certain body parts visible and available for playing with.

    I think it's called metastisizing or kinesis or something like that, but I'm too lazy to look it up.

    Having said all that, it's not what I meant. I make about one typo per year, and you caught it.

    Indeed, I would put MJ ON my fireplace mantle. But no pictures or video she could take of me or Donn or us both or anyone else in it could possibly match the filth she has on her own blog.

  52. Nope.... not on holidays (like you - slacker!) or nights ... just on my lunch break.

    Ooooooh! Body parts to play with! Hey... that could be fun for BOTH parties... Pick me! Pick me!

    I do catch typos - occupational hazard from a previous existence. Sorry.... ;-) (well... maybe not... don't want anyone to think you are perfect or anything like that. HA!)

  53. Oh... and MJ would probably Photoshop the pics she'd take of you and/or Donnnnn (or both) and MAKE it look like the filth she usually posts about.

    She is quite creative, you know....


  54. Anonymous9:19 p.m.

    W/W, I guess that rules out the aquarium I was planning to use to store your urn...

    AB Girl

  55. Ponygirl:

    Yes, MJ is exceptionally creative and witty...and twisted!

    AB Girl:

    But wait now, if it's an urn, wouldn't all my ashes just seep out and cloud up the aquarium water?

    And then your filtering system would suck me in, absorb me, and I'd just end up a bunch of silt inside a bunch of charcoal which you would promptly discard during your weekly or monthly cleaning?

  56. WW/Donnnnn/Ponygirl three-way photo session is possible?

    *steadies camera*

    *accidentally bumps WW's tripod*

  57. MJ:

    Ha ha ha! You kill me...but somehow, I don't think that photo op's happenin'!

    As far as my tripod, be my guest. But it won't bend or break, it's top of the line.

  58. MJ:

    It's the Queen of the Cop-out Comment! But it works for me. Who started this anyway?

    Maybe I should re-title this, the Never-Ending Blog Post?

    And just to be cheeky, here, come and help me with my tripod...(YOU STARTED IT!!!)

  59. 62!!!

    MJ, you help him with his... um... tripod and I will take pictures of the two of you that you can use on your blog.....

    I am sure I could get some "cheeky" shots for you, too....

    HA HA HA!!

  60. If we keep this up, we might make it to 100 comments!

    Seems to me there was some mention of Donnnnn at the beginning of all this, wasn't there? I think we lost him a while back....

    Oh... and... 63....

  61. Ponygirl: He has posted something new in an attempt to distract us.

    A tactic that will not work.

    Who will be 69?

  62. Ponygirl:

    No, I would never let MJ in with a camera. That would be a fatal mistake.

    She may be the Blogworld's Mystery Gyrl, but she doesn't mind exposing everyone else, so to speak.

    Donnnnnnn who?


    So the new post didn't work, then? We'll let you have No. 69.

  63. No, the distraction didn't work. This is much more entertaining!

    Yeah, I can see where MJ and a camera would be potentially dangerous.... do the scarf thing like she does... then no one would know it was you!

    This is 66, right? I'll let her have 69....

  64. Yakuza-Man5:54 p.m.

    Yakuza-Man say MJ very busy now.

    Maybe not make it for 69ing purposes.

    Someone else make good 69.

  65. PG:

    The scarf wouldn't work, because people from my galaxy have other discerning body features that would ID us.


    How timely for you to show up out of the blue, so to speak, to announce MJ's unavailability.

    It's OK, we'll skip comment 69 and just go directly to 70. I'll contact the blog administrators.

  66. 69! I am 69! Since MJ couldn't be here, I will step in and fill her shoes.... if that is acceptable.

    WW: since we humans don't know what you Orionites have for identifying body parts, it wouldn't matter, would it?

  67. PG:

    I guess you are. Apparently the blog administrators are quite slow.

    What is the significance about No. 69, anyway?

    No, it's OK, don't bother. You humans are sometimes hard to figure out.

  68. WW: It is more up MJ's alley to explain that kind of thing, so I will leave that one to her.

    If you think we humans are hard to figure out, just think of the difficulty we have with you Orionites posing as humans... or little snowmen... or plastic headed squeaky toys.... now THAT is confusing!

  69. Anonymous2:28 a.m.

    WW, not if you were in a bottle, as discussed is supposed to be done weekly or monthly?? I've always considered it an annual event - in fact, I'm taking next wk off to do my annual cleaning (among other things)...

  70. Oh... hi, Donnnn.... uh, we got a little off topic some time ago. Started all about you and we're now swimming about in the aquarium with WW's ashes. I know... it's confusing.

    WW: Don't know if any of your Orionite buddies show up as trees but if you're stuck in the aquarium filter for a year, you know that charcoal is burned wood, right? Might be someone you know.... Cuz your ashes aren't really ashes at all, but little bits of charcoal-like stuff, only light coloured.

  71. And speaking of MJ, where did SHE disappear to? Oh, and look who showed up late for his own Never-Ending Blog Post Party, it's Donnnnnnn!

    Ponygirl, thank you for that fascinating explanation of charcoal and my ashes.

    You forget to take into account that my body chemistry is quite different from the ordinary human male.

    AB Girl, well, you said urn, so I assumed that meant an open-ended container. Who'da thunk it?

    And what else will you be doing on your vacation, then?

    Donnnnnn, now that you're here, I'm sure MJ will come back and you can be the male protagonist for a while.

  72. control room9:55 a.m.

    MJ is time travelling in a TARDIS and is not available for comment at this time.

  73. WW: So are you then little flakey ashes when you get cremated? Or just a little flakey?

    MJ has a lovely Tardis - she's flitting about time and space at the moment. Did you teach her everything you know about time travel? I hope she doesn't get lost. There were rumours of her heading to Lethbridge.

    Donnnnn! You must have something to say other than 'what the?' after all that has been passed back and forth here.... join in, man!

  74. WW: Funerary urns always have a lid, and it is usually sealed on with silicon, to prevent the accidental dumping of the ashes when someone bumps you off the mantle.

    Although I would assume it would smash on impact with the floor anyway, so don't know what the point is of sealing the lid on.

  75. Control Room:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Well -- and I had to go to an online dickshionary to find out what a TARDIS was -- I hope MJ doesn't get caught in a time warp wearing those green shorts.

    She's probably travelling forward in time to find the filth of the future so she can just post it now and go down in history.


    So when I finish my holidays, I'll be able to write "blogged every waking moment" as my answer to "What I did on my summer vacation."

    Why would MJ head to Lethbridge? And actually, Orionites don't turn into ash. We simply meld into the universe over a three-day period and re-emerge in another form, usually in another period and very often in a different galaxy.

    Again, thank you for your expertise on funerary urns. I would not have known that.

  76. You have to visit MJ's blog to find out about the Tardis and Lethbridge... and I did say it was a rumour, so not sure if she actually got there.

    So.... if you don't turn to ash, how can you be cremated and be put in a funerary urn???? And how could you have even been remotely concerned about being sucked into the aquarium filter? You Orionites are more and more complicated the more I find out about you.... must have something to do with astrophysics or the like.... of which I have absolutely no comprehension.

    And I think you have blogged more in the past few days than you have in the past few months.... nice that you are back. Although I suspect once your vacation is over, you will abandon the blog once again.... :-(

  77. WW: Did you not watch Dr. Who way back in the 80's? Would have been right up your alley, what with the time and space thing going on. Loved that show....

  78. Anonymous6:56 a.m.

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