The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 26, 2008


And I'm takin' one. Sayonara!!!


  1. Ok..come visit India! Nothing like it...

  2. Gautami:

    Already have, and there IS nothing like it. If I ever win the lottery, might do just that.

    But there are many other places to go too...

  3. Vacation Vaschmation!
    Get off of your bony arse and come over to Coppensia..I'll fix ya up!

  4. If I catch you in socks with sandals, I'm boycotting your blog.

  5. Don to the 5th power of n's:

    Where would you start? And what happened to your Jaws motif on your avatar?


    I'm just floating in another realm, girl.


    I can resurrect those pictures and that post any time...

  6. Where?

    Enjoy but not so much that you don't come back!

  7. Andrea:

    My actual real vacation from work is coming up, and I'm not sure where I'll be going or what I'll be doing.

    The vacation I'm primarily talking about here is from blogging. I haven't been gettin' around much.

    Just taking some time away to re-energize, if that happens.


  8. Come to BC with us!?
    Neither of us can drive for more than 2 hours at a stretch so we need you!
    Whatdaya got ta lose?

  9. Don with 5 superfluous n's:

    Yeah, aside from my job and your friendship, what would I have to lose? Goober.

    This is your family trip. As much as I DO feel like a member of your family at times, which is a lovely feeling, I am not.

    By the time you guys get to Lethbridge, you'll be fine. Just don't make any attempts to pass anybody on those highway curves in the mountains.

    That would be a bad move.

  10. Well ya better send bloody postcards and bring back tackie holiday gifts lol

    (((shake it all about)))..... dont be away to long.....


  11. Toasty:

    Tacky gifts are the only way to go...


  12. Hello you...

    Just sharing the bench with you for a moment. Hope you do not mind. I also hope you have a wonderful time relaxing.

    Soft love,

  13. Tara:

    Slide right up, I'll move over, there's space on that Lego shipwreck thingie or whatever.

    Or we could climb that tree jutting out into the clear blue sea in that last picture...

    I even brought along two bottles of ice-cold beer (or whatever you drink).


  14. So you are off?

    BTW, when you visited India, you did not know me then. Seeing me should be incentive enough..


  15. Gautami:

    Yes, I'm off in outer space, exploring new frontiers with James T. Kirk.

    If my Spaceship Orion wasn't in the shop getting a new discombobulator, which apparently is on back-order from a supplier millions of light years away, I might make that trip to India.

    However, at the moment, I cannot afford the regular airfare to get me there so I boarded this ship free of charge.

  16. Happy vacationing... just don't take a Greyhound bus anywhere.

  17. Anna:

    Yeah, one of the most ugly stories ever...our paper did a magnificent job of covering it...

    Latest is the guy might have planned to get on the bus and do this to just anyone...

    There are reports he might have even cannibalized parts of the kid while he was alone with the corpse in the bus...


  18. Enjoy the break! Your daughter looks so much wiser (and happier) after her travels and returning home.

    I luv the birds and the park fotos. Your parks look very nice. I can't venture out to parks right now...the mosquitoes are out in full force.

    Hopefully, you'll return well rested and energized.

  19. The whole thing is just horrifying. That poor young man and his poor loved ones. How does one cope with this kind of news??? And the other passengers and driver - how will they ever get past this? I don't know if I'd ever be able to get on public transport again if I had witnessed that. I just can't imagine their trauma. So so sad and horrifying. :(

    By the way, sorry to have switched topics here, but I immediately thought of you and everyone else I know in Winnipeg when I saw the story on the news.

  20. Eroswings:

    Hey man, thanks for the visit!

    What? You have mosquitoes in Texas? I thought they only were real pests in the Great White North.

    Hey...there's a thing called bug spray, man! Get out to those parks, pronto!


    They've ID'd the crazy guy. He's from Edmonton and has what appears to be a Chinese surname.

    The victim was a Winnipeg kid who was returning from a circus in Edmonton. He was just 22.

    Absolutely gruesome.

    This wacko was probably delusional, they say, and reading between the lines he just got on a bus, got off in Brandon, got on and was sitting next to this kid (he was only 5-5 or something) and just decided this was the guy.


  21. come back now, that's been long enough!

  22. Ziggi:

    Ha! I took some pix of Donnnnnn yesterday that I'm hoping he'll use for a new post.

    Stay tuned to his blog!

    If he doesn't post on his newest incarnation as a good neighbourhood citizen, maybe I might make a special guest appearance...

  23. So both you AND Donnnnn are on vacation?

    I'm going back to bed then.

  24. MJ:

    I'm comin' out of exile temporarily to do a farewell Donnnnn posting, maybe tonight if time.

    So don't take too many sleeping pills. :-)

    And I haven't even STARTED my real summer vacation.


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