The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 26, 2008

"Old and Decrepit"



...Sent me this postcard from Greece.

I received it Wednesday.

She's in Italy again now, part of a 2 1/2-month trip through Europe with her best friend.

I tried scanning what she wrote on the other side of the postcard, but it didn't turn out very well. So here it is:
Hey Daddy what's up?
So we're in Greece now, which is amazing! Everything about it has been fun. The ferry over (from Italy, I think -- ed.) was like a cruise ship, the water is grogeous and we have a gorgeous view of the Acropolis right from the hostel.
When you get old and decrepit you should definately (sic) come to Greece, it's so peaceful.
Next we'll start travelling around the Greek Islands Crete and Santorini, so it'll be fun.
Love you Daddy, see you soon.
Love Monica
AHEM! Old and decrepit? We exchange emails about every day too. So this morning, I raised this point of contention with her.
Her response?
"Well seeing as how u won't be able to really travel until u retire, i called u old and decrepit, because well 60 is kinda old."
But I'm not 60. I'm only 52.
I'll just go buy my casket now.


  1. Harsh!! What kind of parenting raises a child like that?? I'll have to remember to try it someday.

    My dad turns 60 this year. Old old old!!

  2. I can relate. Kid-cousin Sadie Rose seems to delight in calling attention to my approaching dotage.

    When I commented that I would be very happy when she got her driving license because she could be my chauffeur (she's almost 10) she said, "Oh, so I can pick you up at the nursing home and take you to your doctor appointments?"

    After I quit laughing hysterically, I was quite crushed.

  3. When you are retired and three days older than kerosene you won't be going to'll be going to the bathroom.

    You have to admit that it is totally fabulous to be able to stay in touch like girls have been all over the place recently from Europe to Montreal and now this weekend in Victoria..but they are only a few clicks away...wonderful.

    You had better go to Greece this weekend and SURPRISE her...and Boy would she be surprised eh?

  4. my god are you really 52?!

    Or thought you were 25 - that's where dyslexia gets you, a 52 year old dog not a 25 year old god.

  5. You hug good for an old geezer.

    Mind you, I had to hold you up to keep you from keeling over.

  6. Stace:

    Yeah, children can be cruel :-) And then you go and rub it in with that "old old old!!!" (*Sobs*)


    Ha ha ha!!! I can see why you would be crushed! You're as young as you feel, girl!


    Maybe I'll be going to the bathroom IN Greece. Who are you trying to look like, The Fonz?

    I don't think I can make it to Greece this weekend. Actually, she's back in Italy now.

    I could go visit Acropolis or something.


    I am a 52-year-old sex god. As long as I keep thinkin' that, only good things can happen. :-)


    As I recall, I was holding you up, not the other way around. But yeah, I enjoyed that hug :-)

    After assuring me you did not need me to walk you home in the rain, you then poked me with your umbrella towards the bridge and sent me on my way into the damp night.

    Women can be so cruel...

  7. *lowers voice several octaves and points to adam's apple*

    That wasn't my umbrella.

  8. MJ:

    DOH! So you're female-shemale imposter then!!!

    Coulda fooled me with those lumps, those little lady bumps (or however that song goes)!

    Oh, the humanity!

  9. But she didn't call you old and decrepit. She said "when you get old and decrepit"... meaning sometime in the future.

    I still LOVE that first photo of her. SO adorable!

    Glad she's having a wonderful time and staying safe. Lucky, lucky girl.

  10. HAd a little back-reading to do. Almost caught up now.
    Yes, you should take a trip, now, while you can still enjoy it.But for Paete's sake don't go where Mon is. Daughterly affection has its limits!

  11. LOL@your daughter........I think she must have your sense of humour lol

    Ive done the Greek Islands, she will have an amazing time, I LOVED the islands....

    If ya want a tour guide when ya old and decrepid I'll go with ya lmfao hahahahahahaha


    ps....... what a beautiful photos of your girl.... then and now...

  12. Anna:

    Details, details, details...60 isn't that far off, girl! I figure old and decrepit is, like, 80!

    Yeah, I love that photo of her too. Believe it or not, with my imaginative flair with decor and all, it's hanging over my stove.


    Hiya! Yeah, you're right, she would freak.

    I think she's probably got some sort of digital computerized Global Positioning Device that would warn her far in advance even if I left this continent heading east.

    She and her friend would then take evasive manoeuvres and, who knows, head for Oz!


    Well, no, it's my son who has more my sense of humour. My daughter rolls her eyes a lot at my jokes and smiles and says "...Oh, Dad!"

    No, she's far too smart. She has a biting wit I can't match with my Inspector Clouseau stupidity.

    I've been to Greece too, but not to the islands. I figure on a journey back to Spain at some point and destinations further south :-)

  13. Use to go to Spain at least once a year inbetween other holidays.... me X's parents owned a villa in Nerja which is about an hour from Malaga and we use to nip out and use it as a base to explore further a field.... Nerja use to be beautiful before it became to touristy...... I dont do places that are overflowing with holiday-makers lol


  14. Marm:

    I've been to Spain once -- to cover the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games -- and always pledged I'd go back.

    An amazing place...

  15. Well, when you do reach the age of the old and decrepit, make sure you have a Hoveround motorized wheelchair; it's the vehicle of choice for the old and decrepit--it's how they get to see all the sights...

    Great fotos!

  16. Eroswings:

    Well thank you, kind sir, I'll order mine right away, seeing as this "old and decrepit" life event is coming up so quickly!

    I'll outlive you all...bu-hu-ha-ha-ha!

    And listen, me man, had a quick visit to your site and you're becoming the second coming of me!

    Postings on onions growing in your compartments, your trials and tribulations with vacuum cleaners...

    No wonder MJ loves you! I'll hope to get back to comment soon. Keep shinin' that light on ole Tex!

  17. Oh well, yesterday my son asked me how old I was. When I said 36, he goes...Wow, you're really old!

    Your daughter seems to be having a grand old glad for her. :D

  18. I think you are old. Your spaceship has not landed on my part of the world for a LONG time now.

    Classic signs of old age and senility, don't you think?!

  19. And that was me..GAUTAMI.. saying that!

  20. Menchie:

    Hi, you! Yep, same thing, isn't it?

    The wonderful thing about kids is how terrifically honest they are with no bad intentions.

    They can say things that -- if said by others -- might hurt but when said by them can make us smile.


    Yes I might have guessed that was you, Gautami. My spaceship and I are both old and decrepit, yes.

    However, we fired up the new booster rocket defibulator simulators and made a landing in India today.

  21. Don't buy a casket get cremated.
    Come over and see my Red Reefer posting before you expire...hurry...

  22. Donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:

    You're right, I've pledged never to go the casket route. Cremation will be my dying sensation!


    Well, lovely one, thank you for gracing my humble abode. I'll take your word on that. :-)

  23. lol... outta the mouths of babes eh?
    how awesome that she can travel like that, wow!


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