The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 21, 2008

I've lost all my red spots...


But is that any reason to for the blogging gods to be so harsh and wipe the slate so completely clean?



Dear ClustrMaps user,

Many thanks for being a loyal ClustrMaps user for the past year.
Now that a year has elapsed since your account was registrated or archived, we are writing just to let you know that an annual automatic 'archive' of your red dots has taken place, meaning that all your 'other' (previous) red dots are safely stored in the Maps Archive.

Although the map archive has already happened, your existing map will stay displayed until the NEXT update of your map. This helps to avoid displaying a totally empty map until there are fresh dots to show.

We sincerely hope this has not caught you by surprise, BUT we fully appreciate that it may have come at an unexpected moment! You may not have been aware of this.
We know that people always like to have ever-more-dots, but the regular archive is the only way we can avoid having the maps turn into a 'giant red smear', and continue delivering the scalable service that everyone has come to expect.

The good news is that all of your totals are stored correctly, i.e. the new maps include the old archived totals in the grand 'running' total.
If this has caught you out by mistake, then we apologise and will endeavour to make this action much clearer in the future.

In the meantime, here is wishing you all the best, and thanks again for using ClustrMaps!

-The ClustrMaps Team


  1. Picking the red spot off me bum and sticking it on your map :)

    There, thats ya first to be going on with lol


  2. Hi... good posting... rest assured that we at "ClustrMaps Mission Control" take note of what our loyal users have to say. At least you've got the former map to point your readers to, and don't worry, the new dots will grow FAST! In the meantime, we're working on a way to provide ever-growing dots for all without having to 'retire' the old ones... stay tuned!

    All the best,

    CJ from ClustrMaps

  3. aww, what the heck... we're in a good mood, so have just upgraded you to ClustrMaps+ for free (no ads, better zoomed-in maps... which may take a few days to kick in, permanent archives)... so from now on your old dots will always be accessible, even on the big maps.


    -CJ from ClustrMaps

  4. Toasty:

    Ewwwww!!! Thanks! (I think). But it's gonna take a lot more than that to repopulate my planet.

    clustrmaps team:

    Talk about attention to customer satisfaction!!! Right to the top, my plea went, right to mission control!

    And because of my whining (all in jest, of course, wouldn't want a big red smear), I'm getting upgraded!

    I needed that. THANKS!

    (p.s. I woulda called 'em red dots too instead of red spots, but you know how it is).

  5. Was that really CJ from Clustermaps or is someone pullin' yer leg?

    That is a little Orwellian how quickly they monitored your kvetching...don'tcha think?

    Seriously most of us apply these doo-dads on our Blogs and think that is that.
    Data mining what is data mining?


    Who was it MJ?

  6. I'll click "refresh" lots and lots of times for you!!!

  7. I'll happily help to grow a dot for you from Melbourne. - I wonder if I can take a trip to Outer Mongolia to get you a dot there too? Hmmm...

  8. Donn:

    I doubt it's someone pullin' my leg, but all we have to do is click on 'em to find out where it takes us.

    I'm assuming it's for real and am not looking a gift red dot in the mouth.

    I also don't consider it Orwellian. The whole world's doing it now.

    Google has a feature where they'll send you notification any time a word or phrase or person's name goes on the Web.

    If I was a business, I'd probably take advantage of it too.

    Nice glasses. Now you have eyes resembling all those insects you so readily execute.


    Wot? Dot.

    Dot's Wot.


    Excellent idea! But only about four people visit my blog any more anyway. Serves me right...


    Thanks, bud. Just give it lots of red dot fertilizer and it should bloom in no time.

    If you want to take over responsibility for Outer Mongolia, go for it.

  9. red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot red dot

    is that enough?

  10. Ziggi:

    That's a good start! Thanks, you're a dear. What I want to know is did you type them all out individually or copy and paste?

    :-) xx

  11. Heh, nothing Orwellian... I found the comment 'out there on the web' using the following sequence:

    1. I went to

    2. I searched for: clustrmaps

    3. I clicked on the 'Date' link on the upper right which put the latest postings at the top.

    At the exacact moment when I did this the other day, your blog posting appeared within the top two or three items, so I clicked on, and decided to act upon it.

    That sequence 1-3 is how I keep up to date with what our users are doing and saying. We're highly motivated to make sure our users keep happy!

    All the best,

    -CJ from ClustrMaps

  12. Hey, CJ at Clustrmaps...

    You're not hearing ME complaining. I think it's kinda cool.

    It's my freaked-out Orwellian-fearing friend who's all in a clusterf*** over it.

    But he's brilliant, if only a little weird and fearful...

  13. Eeek!

    I wonder if CJ knows what colour knickers I'm wearing!

  14. MJ:

    Even a goober like ME knows what colour knickers you're wearing, so why wouldn't CJ, whether a he or she?

  15. *slap!!!*


  16. MJ:

    A slap like that coming from you would be a turn-on ;-) considering your own blog content (*runs away laughing but still knowing what colour MJ's knickers are*)

  17. CJ is MJ you doofus!
    She barely tried to change her name Geezuz!
    One letter?
    Come On Man!

    Plus she said that she clicked on the 'Date' link...HELLO!?
    What do you need?
    a trail of crackers to her house?


  18. Donnnnnn to infinity and beyond:

    You're a Clusterf***.

    I already have a trail of crackers to MJ's house. I know how and where to find her.

    Except the crackers are all wet and soggy. Don't you just hate that? But it IS Vancouver.

  19. Shut up, both of you.

    You're giving me a clustr headache!

  20. MJ:

    HA HA HA!!! Brilliant. Tell Donnnnn the Dummy that you are not in fact CJ Clustrmaps Team.

    Just to get him off my butt.

    And how the hell did a lame post like this ever generate 20 comments?

  21. I'd LIKE to see Donn on your butt. Not that it'll ever happen.

    More lame posts!


    I'm on vacation and into the cocktails as I type this.


  22. MJ:

    Donnnnnn says I have no butt. Butt that would be a scary thought, him being on mine.

    You're right. Aside from being like a mosquito with incessant buzzing and biting, it'll never happen.

    What he really means is I don't have a bus for a butt like he does. They should stick one of those rolling ads on his.

    You're into cocktails already? And what's that about your you-who?

  23. So you two HAVE been comparing butts!

  24. MJ:

    You've heard of the Bobsey Twins. They call us the Buttsey Twins. I'm Beavis and he's Butthead.

  25. Just stop this 'butt-talk' right isn't appropriate for a women's issues blog like this one.

    Hey CJ ((OOPS)) I mean MJ have another drink and another and don't stop until you have completely forgotten about this conversation.

    He'll apologize for his Rudy Attitudy behavior tomorrow.

  26. Donnnnnnnnnnnnn:

    MJ is not CJ. Get your head out of your butt and go get your own ClustrMap.

    And this has become more than just a women's issues blog as dictated by a man.

    I sometimes now have as many as three men commenting on one post -- or at least you, three times.

  27. omg i nearly died the first time that happened to me! and i didn't even get a warning...
    they'll be back ww, no fear!


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