The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 12, 2008

Takin' a break...

Haven't been bloggin' much...

More importantly, haven't been visiting others' blogs much either, and this a medium that only works when it's two-sided, not just one-sided...
So I'm going on a hiatus, and I don't mean a hiatus hernia (above)...

I mean I'm taking whatever time is right, until I get motivated again...

...Because blogging is all about being inspired to speak. And at the moment, I'm all spoke out.
But I do reserve the right to visit -- and to listen.


  1. A hiatus should actually be called a 'BYE-atus'.

    Come and comment before you fall off of the face of the Earth...
    your last post inspired me.

  2. You don't want to blog? Fine. But you better keep in touch, Mister.

  3. I'm almost tempted to let you wear socks with sandals and blog about it again just so you'll come back.

    I said ALMOST.

  4. If you're out of ideas, you know we never tire of your house tours.

    We're still waiting to see your bedroom.

    How about showing us what the canister of your vacuum cleaner has collected?

    Or take down the ceiling light in the kitchen and photograph the flies.

    We just want you back.


  5. Ok, so you are taking a break? How broken are you?!

  6. I hear you! I have had blogger's apathy, too, so take all the time you need.

  7. know how you feel Hon!


  8. Yes, I think that's the state of mind that works : visit when you feel you're in the mood for it (hey, let me see today what WW is doing and drop a warm hi !) HI !

  9. Enjoy your break. (Bluebottles = Portugese Man of War)

  10. Oh, you slack thing -taking a break from your blog -whoever heard of that ;) :).

  11. It must be disconcerting when you run out of inspiration, oh Man of Many Words.

    Hope things are okay and your hiatus allows you to become inspired again soon - miss you here.

    Hugs and Smiles.

  12. But duuuuude... what will I read when I'm bored at work? (Or at home, for that mattter...)???!

    Humph. Enjoy the bye-atus, but come back soon! :)

  13. Happy May Two-Four.

  14. Come baaaaack!

    I miss you! :)

  15. Yes, a break is necessary from time to time, especially for those who earn their livings by words. Have fun!

  16. Breaks are good, it is what it is.

    The fashion show was so funny, I'm thinking you might not have thongs over there, not sure what you call them rubber or plastic that sort of look a little like sandals (but not),you kinda hold them on your feet with two toes, (and can walk still of course).

    If you get in a fight you can slip off a thong and slap any cheeky bastard too...or flies.

    ...and then run...

    Take care mate.


  17. A thousand thank-yous, y'all.

    To Donn:

    I guess it could be called a bye-atus, if it was bye...just needed some downtime, not sure if I'm back a few times a week or not.


    I have kept in touch, how's your tummy?


    On the one day warmest enough to wear sandals, if you must know, I wore them without socks...

    ...Or anything else!

    I may conduct another tour, but it will be of my workplace and workstation, methinks.

    Vacuum cleaner? Hey, maybe that's an idea...


    I was broke...of ideas to blog about, that is...


    Thanks for your understanding...


    Couldn't you just wave your wand and...poof?


    I'll be by to drop that warm hi, for sure...


    Man'O'Wars? Ooh, that IS gruesome...

    Lee, girl:

    Who should talk about taking a break???!!! I miss you...


    When a man of many words becomes a man of the few, you can't fight it...


    X back.


    So I'm your recipe for boredom, then?


    And happy to you too, whatever day.


    Is zat really you? Miss you too...


    Thanks, you're so right...

    Pam (Sienna):

    No, we definitely have thongs over here, but they've evolved into revealing underwear now...

    But I know what you mean...big smiles.


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