The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 20, 2008

Big Blogger Blabbermouth

Just a short note from the frozen hinterland, folks...

I had to delete my second-most-recent post in which I detailed the sports I'd be covering all this week, including the one involving rocks and ice. That sport is hurling, except with a c as the first letter, not an h.

In fact, as my brief explanation following shows, I'm the one with rocks -- in my head.

That sport is so popular in Canada that it turns out at least one website devoted entirely to it found that post, liked it, they know who I am and who I write for and what I'm covering, and they linked to it from their website.

So that might have brought all kinds of people -- who read my stuff in the newspaper I write for and who assume I'm objective and all, which I am -- to my blogsite, where I write about all kinds of stuff: zany, personal or what-have-you.

I was going to delete my blog altogether but I figured I could just delete that post, which I did.

So if anyone was wondering where that post went, it's vaporized.
Now I can go back into hibernation. Carry on. And as they say in (h)urling, HURRY HARD!


  1. buck buck buck
    buck buck buck

    How Orwellian.
    That is a shame because you did not say anything untoward the boring, I mean snoring, I mean roaring game.

    I presume that my less than flattering desecration, er description, of the game didn't help matters...but you never agreed with it anyway?

    When you are off the clock you are allowed to have a few civil rights..BUT,
    I'm not a celebrity like you are so I never give much thought to my mental masturbatory meanderings. You however have an image to maintain so I understand your dilemma.

    So it's time to go underground. New avatar, title, layout. You should have your place swept for bugs and see if your phone is tapped. Shred your mail and start deleting your files. If I see you on the street I will pretend not to know you.

    Good Luck John Smith.
    This comment will self destruct in 3

  2. What's with the buck buck bucka? Sometimes, you're so obscure (or I'm so dense).

    No, I didn't say anything bad. But obviously I've found out that it's just too easy for people to google a sport and find my blog.

    Your less than flattering opinion wasn't what I was worried about.

    I just didn't want and don't want there to be any association or blurring the lines between me the journalist and me the private person, unless those people know me or unless they live outside the province and so wouldn't likely care anyway.

    I do this completely on my own. Although I might talk about work sometimes, no more than anyone else, I don't think.

    I dunno...think I need a new avatar and title and all? Might as well start a new blog then...

  3. Alas for our lack of anonymity on this Weirdly Wonderful World Wide Web (WWWWW). I'm sorry you had to delete the post, and I'm extremely glad you didn't delete your blog!!

    I'm glad I don't ever post about anything interesting or meaningful, so nobody important will link to my blog :)

  4. Stace:

    You forgot Whacky.

    And never say you don't post about anything meaningful. You do. It maybe just doesn't invite public interest in the same way. :-)

  5. I'm so glad you didn't delete your blog, WW. You are a fantastic writer and I so love hearing about your life. It really would be a shame to see that go away.

  6. well, I get round here eventually and you've deleted it before I got a chance to read about it!

  7. Don't scare me like that. You'd have to come back under a pseudonym (another, that is) if you were forced to delete your blog.

  8. Just as well you didn't delete it or I would have given you a big smack for being a naughty boy.

  9. lol @title!

    and duncha eva delete ur blog Mister!


  10. Laurie:

    Aw, garsh...I comes and I goes about this blogging thing.

    Let's put it this way: It isn't the greatest for the waist line or some other life pursuits.

    But it sure is captivating of the mind and soul, sometimes.

    'Sides, if I want to go, I'll go on my own terms, dammit!



    I guess that means you don't fly out here often enough then, huh? Get a broom that goes at the speed of light!


    I'd just become an Angel like you and photoshop my own head on to an angel or tinkerbell or fairie or whatever it is you are...

    Not sure what I'd call myself tho...Without Within? Spaces from Snippets Orion?


    Naughty boy, then? A smack, then? (chills run up and down back...)


    Yep, I've taken over the acronym BBB from the Better Business Bureau. It's mine, all mine!

  11. haha ur too funny!

    btw I answered ur qn in my!


  12. Keshi:

    I checked your blog but still am confused by your answer.

    In the meantime, check out my new Crash Craddock! He has the same initials as me!

    And is almost as good looking (**runs away; the guy's probably dead by now anyway**)

  13. **And is almost as good looking (**runs away; the guy's probably dead by now anyway**)

    LOL hahahahahahahaha!

    k will check it out anyways...even if I hv to don funeral clothes while watching it.;-)


  14. LOL I love that song. boom boom baby? man did he actually sing a song like that???


  15. *waves*

    *hurries back to work*

    I'll be back! :)

  16. Keshi:

    I think that song was recorded in 1959, when I was 4. I think he may very well be dead, or almost.

    I'll check it out. What would funeral clothes be for you?

    Did he use the words Boom Boom Baby in that song? Maybe the guy's cooler than I thought.


    A wave is always better and less painful than a kick in the balls. But what are you doing working at 1:11 a.m. Eastern Time?

  17. Ya CANT delete ya blob, Ive only just found ya....gawds sake..... and I found ya not through no sports google link but I was looking for a hairdressers and typed in 'curlers' LMFAO ya know, as what the old ladies with the blue rinses have in their hair at the hairdressers LOL......

    ok thats a fib.......

    Anyways, dont deletie cos I aint scrolled back and read every post ya've made yet..... I mean, its cheaper then buying a daily newspaper :)


  18. Toasty:

    Ha! And I can just imagine you with curlers in your hair, sitting at your puter, cow slippers on and mud all over you...

    Good luck reading all of my posts, whatever number there are; it's people like you putting the newspapers out of business!


  19. "Ha! And I can just imagine you with curlers in your hair, sitting at your puter"

    Bloody Cheek, Im old, BUT, I aint that old that I need a 'blue rinse' fanksyouverymuch LOL


  20. ww -this is the new place: (i have written about it on blog)

  21. Erase your blog ? Good that you changed your mind !! Take care in the frozen hinterland :-)

  22. LOL WW!

    **What would funeral clothes be for you?

    How abt a flimsy night-gown? LOL just kidding.


  23. Toasty...

    I'm not sure what a blue rinse is, actually, but that shows my complete ignorance of modern culture (or female fashion fixer-uppers or thingamabobs), I guess.

    I'll google it.

    And hey! I never said you were old! All we've got to go by is that dancing chicken!!! And your feet in those cow slippers!


    I'll check it out, girl. Thanks! That didn't take long...



  24. Hildegarde:

    Sorry, I somehow missed you! Thanks. It's actually supposed to warm up by -13C or somesuch. Whoopee!!!

    I'll alert the media. Hey, wait! I AM the media!

  25. Toasty et al:

    Blue Rinse, from Wikipedia:

    "A blue rinse is a dilute hair dye used to reduce the yellowed (or translucent, showing scalp colour) appearance of greying hair on older women. The blue rinse supposedly makes yellow-white hair appear blue-white, but an inexpertly applied blue rinse will leave a distinctly unnatural tinge behind.

    The phrase entered popular culture as a term for elderly women, the blue rinse brigade. An alternative term is "blue hair." It has declined in popularity with the increasing popularity of home dyeing, the reduced prevalence of smoking (which yellows the hair) and with society's more relaxed attitude to aging."

    So, I ask, does society have a more relaxed attitude to male pattern baldness?

  26. Aint nowt wrong with baldness, unless someone has one of them dam aweful combovers :) - ya know, 3 hairs one way, 2 hairs the other way and 4 hairs to the back LOL...

    If I was married to 'combover man' I would snip it off in the night :)

    Soooooooo call me mean, I aint bovvered lol


  27. I never got to see the post. :(

    And I still can't figure out why your blog is blocked due to sexual content when I try to view it from work. How odd.

  28. oii WW :):)


  29. Toasty:

    I thought comb-overs were all the rage over there in the United Kinkdom. No?


    At the risk of inviting all kinds of abuse, it must be my highly-charged sexual persona doing it. (*Runs away*)



  30. WW aww tnxx for that comment in my blog.

    btw I didnt say ALL men r! Only the ones I hv met so far :)


  31. Keshi:

    No problem. But I do think you've got the wrong idea about the male gender of the species.

    All of us men are baboons in a way (particularly that one moron with the James Dean avatar who keeps commenting on your blog, but that's not my business; he's just annoying).

    I make fun of my simple, small, one-track mind/brain all the time. Do we all want sex all the time? Of course.

    But is that where it needs to stop? No. Some of us are at least slightly more complex and sophisticated than that.

    And in keeping with the conditions you imposed on your post, I will NOT tell you that if you use the power that any female has, you will find a male who will want to give you the whole enchilada to be with you.

  32. Keshi:

    Oh. I guess I just did.

  33. Toasty:

    OK, good. (*Goes to bathroom to back-comb hair*)

  34. oh i so do not blame you dude!!! wise move i reckon, thank god you didn't disappear entirely!

  35. Dam, now I have visions of this foot high back combed hair on you head, just like me sister use to have back in the 60s when I was just a nipper lol.... fanks for that vision :)


  36. Angel:

    Yeah, I'm still here. Otherwise, you would have heard a "Poof!"


    Don't worry ur pretty little head. The vision you have is only an illusion.


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