The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 30, 2007

Silly Things I've been doing on my vacation

Well, I bought some new clothes...

And I've been exploring my artistic side...

I've been getting out to do physical activity (that's me with the sunglasses on the left holding Homo Escapeons upside down to try to get some blood to rush to his head)

I've been looking at old photographs (can you spot Homo Escapeons and I in this pic below from around 1981, the goofballs at our college newspaper, The Projector?)
Some of these people actually turned out to be journalists, political heavyweights, psychiatrists and other fine upstanding but warped individuals.

And, as I previously detailed in another post, I've been kidding around...

And playing with Silly Putty.

What have YOU been doing?


  1. Top row, third from the left - that's you... right?

    Top row, fourth from the left (center, standing on a bench or something) - that's HE... right?

    Sounds like you're making good use of your vacation. Good for you!

  2. work, work, and more work.

    so looking forward to this weekend. i'm exhausted. and stressed.

    need retail therapy...or a massage.

  3. Who cares what I'VE been doing when the question on everyone's minds is...

    In that series of Photobooth snaps, are you giving Homo Escapeons head???

  4. Anna:

    You got it! HE always seems to be standing on a bench, doesn't he?


    I hope you have a good one. And wouldn't Hubby be the one to approach about both retail therapy and a massage?


    Yep, that IS what we each were pretending to do to one another...

  5. Such filth.

    I may have to cancel my subscription to this blog.

  6. weee-eellll... i wasn't on vacation so i've been working- but i've also been scrapbooking and facebooking some...

  7. mj, I was pretending.

    Seriously, look at that mouth full of huge, razor sharp, canines.
    WW looks like a human Pirahna.
    Sure I may have been wild back then, but I have never been that desperate OR crazy.

    I thought that the yearbook committee promised to destroy those head shots?

    anna I am not standing on a bench or something, I was just 'higher' than everyone else.

    Good times eh WW! I just wish that I could remember some of them.

  8. I think he might be in denial about his height. Poor thing. I hope he comes to terms with that. ;)

  9. higher? Here's another hint my dear.. Timothy Leary, Bob Marley, Afroman, Cheech & Chong...

  10. Doing silly things is expected of you!


  11. I've been getting ready to put my dad in a nursing home. I think you are having a lot more fun than I am. Good for you.

  12. I am playing a lot of old games, curse of monkey island and Age of Mythology! (with the usual work and cycling)

    Got to love the silly putty!

  13. I've been busy making a decision : going to the art school or not, and not getting out of it untill today when I decided yes. "When you can't decide, the pro's are in balance with the contra's and it is very likely that you're gonna regret your decision", one of my daughter analyses and she's right. I decided yes but I'm not convinced that it is the good decision. I'll just give it a try.

  14. MJ:

    But it's FREE! And it's FUN! You won't find a better deal anywhere...


    You're doing the Facebooking thing too, and the scrapbooking, AND the blog?

    My God, woman, you're amazing!

    HE (MJ, Anna):

    No, he wasn't pretending. But I was. Actually, right after those pix, we both had sex change operations.

    HE was wilder than wild. And no matter what he says, he WAS standing on a bench or a chair.

    Yeah, Homer, you probably don't remember any of it. That's why I keep these pix and post them.

    For posterity. Just be glad I didn't again post the pictures of you naked, soiling my painting.


    Yes, he IS in denial...about everything.


    What, going all serious on us now?


    In which of those cups are you submerged? Or are we supposed to turn them upside down and pick which one you're under? (*Runs away*)


    Well, yeah...I hope so. I'm trying to find a nursing home for myself, actually.

    Seriously, I hope your search goes well. I know you'll do right by your dad.


    Curse of Monkey Island? Age of Mythology? What are they, computer software games?

    Age of Mythology sounds fascinating, Mate.


    If you mean you're enrolling in art school and being a student, I think that's terrific!

    Have you heard the expression, "When opportunity knocks?"

    You have great artistic talent and judgment with your photographs and what you do with them afterwards.

    An artistic eye is a beautiful (although foreign to me) thing.

    I hope you love it, Hildegarde.

  15. Anonymous6:38 p.m.

    Hey Chris!!!
    Glad I managed to find your blog again,as our computer broke and we had to get a new one,and I lost all the data etc which was a pain.

    I couldnt remember the name of your blog,but remembered the name Homo Escapions so Googled that and came via his blog!!! lol!

    Its been a good Summer even though the weather has been poor. We spent 2 wonderful weeks in Ireland where the scenery was totally amazing etc.
    Children return to their different schools this week and next week and thats about it really.
    Glad I found your blog again though!


  16. Laura:

    While I lament the death of your other computer, how could you not remember my blog?

    Boo hoo!

    Having some Irish blood in me, I'm green with envy that you visited Ireland and didn't invite me.

    However, I'll forgive you, lass. I hope school starting up for your kids works out fine.

    My kids are about to return to school too so sounds like domestic things are about the same.

    Cheers and hugs

  17. Work. Struggling with numbers, accounting, money - I am not good with those things!!! Words are what I do, numbers are the antithesis of where my head is at. I hate my job once a month, and that's at the accounting time.

  18. I love all your silly pictures, especially the photo booth ones -I have some from years ago tucked away and they are so funny -because who goes in a photo booth to be sensible? :).You asked what we've been doing -this person has been trying to fight off a throat thing and worrying about crashing immunity.Apart from that -spring cleaning -washing windows, bedding, moving things around. all that fun stuff :).

  19. Stace:

    I'm not a numbers cruncher either, so join the club! Those of us who prefer words have our brains wired differently.

    Thank God!


    Yeah, we were a couple of goofs in those pictures, but like you say, that's the whole point.

    I do hope your throat clears up, Lee, although I don't get the crashing immunity part...

  20. why thank you darling!
    i also work full day, maintain my company's internet and intranet sites and i'm on the school's governing body! i also want to study further- but i have to sleep between 3 & 6 am!!!


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