The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 27, 2007

I've been Googled!

Well, who hasn't.

But thanks to my free Site Meter (bottom of my sidebar on the right), I can see who has entered Google search words that brought them to my blog.

I can see what their search words were and, usually, where those people live. I can also see the post I did that prompted Google to send those users to my blog in the first place.

I can see a lot of things, actually.

Obviously, I have a lot of time on my hands this week. For fun, I thought I'd list the most recent series of Google searches that landed people at my blog from all over the planet.

I MUST get a life.

I'll list the search words first, followed by the location of the person who found me (when available) from the last 100 hits to my site.

The search words tell a lot about the users...and probably a little about me too!

NOTE: I've updated the list with the most recent searches just in the past 24 hours or so up to noon Central Time Wednesday. I've left them unnumbered but they're in this colour...

--Fashion male shorts (Vermont, U.S.)

--Socks with shorts man fashion (Australia)

--Socks sex (Istanbul, Turkey)

--Kim Wilde wardrobe malfunction (London, UK)

--Childporn search words (Barsbttel, Germany)

--Show photos of fatal road kills (UK)

--Pet lovers blogspot dog fighting (Aurora, Colorado, U.S.)

--Uranium pu-36 explosive space modulator description (Bonnie, Illinois, U.S.)

--YouTube beautiful girls long hair (Jakarta, Indonesia)

--The underbelly of a spaceship (Hyattsville, Maryland, U.S.)

--Socks stockings sex (Hull, UK)

--African American female astronomists (Pennsylvania, U.S.)

--Love paragraph analogy (unknown)

--sock stockings sex (UK)

--Bush Stupidity (Brooklyn, New York)

--Air Indian Plane dissaters (somewhere in the U.S.)

--Male anklet (Washington, D.C.)

--Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream Blog (Washington, D.C.)

--Pluto of Universe update (Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.)

--Male underwear (Ohio, U.S.)

--Blink 182 trivia "they haven't" (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

--Orion Blog (San Antonio, Texas)

--Spaceships that have been to Pluto (Melbourne, Australia)

--White socks blog (Frankfurt, Germany)

--Bomb ba bing ba bomb lyrics (somewhere in the U.S.)

--1 ot sock sizze (Omaha, Nebraska; I'm serious)

--Miss Piggy wardrobe malfunction (Ohio, U.S.)

--Sock sex (UK; Ziggi, this is you, I bet)

--Knee-high socks sex (El Paso, Texas)

--Height of Orion spaceship (NASA, San Jose, California)

--Knee-high socks sex (UK; Ziggi: again?)

--Men more prone to depression after divorce (Ontario, Canada)

1. Stocking Collection (Finland)
2. Why is it called the Enchanted Highway? (California)
3. How many socks do professional football players wear? (UK)
4. Kim Mitchell Girlfriend (U.S. Midwest)
5. Sex in High Socks (Poland)

6. Spaceship Sex & Invocation (UK)
7. Indian females with long beautiful hair (India)
8. Male work fashion tips (U.S.)
9. Hair stylist needed Arctic military (U.S. Midwest)
10. Why is Pluto no longer recognized as a genuine planet? (Australia)

11. Gay sock sex (unknown)
12. Zenbev was useless (Ireland)
13. Orion spaceship (Ireland)
14. Movie Shiny Shorts (Netherlands)
15. Carberry Desert (Winnipeg, Canada)

16. Confusion Corner (U.S.)
17. Snakes in Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)
18. Sexual socks (Toronto, Canada)
19. Air Guitar (North Korea)
20. Gay socks (France)

21. Male fashion Paris (Denmark)
22. Peg og Pater (Denmark)
23. Big Avatar (Italy)
24. Fishing without a rod yo-yo (Tampa, Florida)
25. Hair Long Beautiful Hair lyrics (Minnesota, U.S.)

26. Cathartic Experience (unknown)
27. Socks gay (Nova Scotia, Canada)
28. Should men wear anklets? (Virginia, U.S.)
29. How do bird rosellas breath? (Unknown)
30. Miniscus running to fast (California, U.S.)

31. Breaking up when kids are involved (Georgia, U.S.)
32. Hair Long Beautiful Hair song (Louisiana, U.S.)
33. Sworn and Sandals 2 (Finland)
34. Where's Wally Mugs (Spain)
35. Bermuda shorts, socks, sandals (Nova Scotia, Canada)

36. Zenbev (U.S.)
37. Avatar big (Finland)
38. Fashion spaceship (Viet Nam)
39. My son is 22 and seems lost (Australia)
40. Manitoba snakes (Ontario, Canada)

41. Hair vinegar before after pictures (California, U.S.)
42. Spaceship Orion blog (Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.)
43. When flirting becomes teasing (Illinois, U.S.)
44. Snakes in Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)
45. Your poofy beautiful hair (U.S.)

46. Knee High socks sex (UK)


  1. Clearly, some poor souls have far too much time on their hands!

  2. Oh my goodness! It's official, then! You are not the only person out there with an unhealthy preoccupation with socks! This really cracks me up -people searching for gay socks. Unbelievable. And very funny. The thing about rosellas -never wondered that before :). Gay socks-hahaha-ah, it kills me.

  3. Tell us the secret of your poofy beautiful hair.

  4. Dinahmow:

    What, them, the Googlers, or me, the Googlee? Maybe both...


    What? Who said I had an unhealthy preoccupation with socks? I'm a fella for rosellas tho (whatever they are).


    Well, it's like this...

  5. As soon as I say this you might remember -rosellas are beautiful birds. I have eastern rosellas come visit my backyard -you put a photo of rosellas on your blog once.

  6. If you don't believe me -check out your entry for the 12th October :).

  7. Socks, sex and long hair.
    Hmmmmm pretty much how I see you, so fairly accurate I'd say!

  8. ha ha ha ha I just googled Gay Socks and there you were!

    Gay Socks Rocks

  9. so funny about the sex, and the gay socks!

  10. Lee:

    Yeah, now I remember rosellas...all I have to do now is check that post to figure out why I'd write about them...

    Oct. 12, huh?

    OK, thanks...(thank God for mothers)


    I dunno know about the long hair, and I rarely wear socks if I can help it...

    I'm not sure I want to go down in blogging history for being the gay socks guy, tho...


    Oh no...I think I'd better go back to posting about Dubya, Iraq, cold weather and religion...

  11. Lee:

    Yes, I found that post, way back in the nether regions of the cyber garbage dump.

    I was, of course, whining about the beautiful Australian warmth and colour while we were being pelted with snow.

    Sigh, it's only a couple of months away...

  12. hehe so ur famous ha!

    WW u wud u believe it Im so popular that some creepy losers hv even created an Orkut profile using my pic and blog ID...and now they put up nude pics using my ID.

    o well some ppl really do hv alot of time and all I can say it they just have NO HOPE man!


  13. Keshi is Ms.Popular LOL!


  14. Keshi:

    I'm not famous but maybe some of the stuff I write about sometimes jives with goofy stuff people are curious about.

    You put yourself out there quite a bit and you've got a huge audience, and sometimes that audience seems to be immature, maladjusted guys.

    So maybe you are Ms. Popular, but sometimes not in the greatest of ways.

  15. I have no idea how you can glean such information from your site meter? Search Words? Really.

    I think that your recent decision to abandon all forms of physical human contact and eschew any societal interaction is finally coming back to bite you in the ass! Maybe it's time to get a goldfish or a budgie?

    Search Words..pffft!

  16. PS
    I couldn't find any nude pictures of keshi under the 'Olga Korbut' profile that her creepy fans created...but I did find Nadia Comaneci and she is a 10.

    Hey you were right for a change. I googled gay socks and sure enough your address came up:
    IMwearinggaysocksandIlooklike anidiotbutdon'

    If you google 'fercoct' you will notice that I am the only goyem in the world who consistently misspells fercokt. Is that what you mean by search word?

  17. Homely Environment:

    My apartment doesn't accept pets, remember? Which is baffling, seeing as there's been no complaints yet when you come over.

    I have just emailed you instructions so that you, too, can see the Google search words that bring people to your blog.

    And hey, I like that new address you invented! But I bet it's taken.

    You are definitely fercoct. Or fercokt. Or ferkoct. And you're a goyem. And a golem.

  18. who knew so many people googled something linked to socks! and fot the wuck is "sock sex"?

  19. and fot the wuck is "sock sex"?

    Angel, I have an odd theory, and it has something to do with running out of condoms. {shrug}

    Only a guess...

  20. Very efficient job of Google, hahahaha

  21. Angel:

    How do I know? I thought you were the expert on that? All I can say is one of my recent posts was called "Sock it to me."

    Ms. Val:

    Hey, your avatar is moving!

    If you can have an animated avatar, I figure you must know about things such as sock sex.

    So until someone comes up with a more authoritative theory, maybe you're right.


    Yeah, Google's pretty incredible...


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