The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 7, 2007

A Meme for Stace

I've done these many times before, but when Australia's lovely, intelligent Stace tags me with a meme, I become like the Borg on those Star Trek reruns -- I must comply or I will be assimilated.

Or is that annihilated?

So here's my attempt at revealing eight hitherto unheard of things about me:

1. I'm the oldest of six kids in my family and was as blonde as blonde could be until about age six. Now my thinning hair is dark brown and increasingly speckled with grey. Go figure.

2. I was born in Edmonton, grew up in Winnipeg and moved back to Edmonton after being transferred there in my first real job.

My two kids were born there and then we moved back to Winnipeg, where my two kids are now being raised. Strange...

3. As a kid, I skipped school in kindergarten. The school principal wanted to suspend me and told my mom I had significant developmental or other emotional issues.

She took me to a child psychiatrist, who said I was perfectly normal because what kid WOULDN'T skip school to go climbing trees?

4. Another kid story: When I was four, I ran out on to Logan Street and got hit by a bus.

The only thing that got hit was my head, and while my mom was in hysterics, I was OK and barely had a scratch. Does this say something about my brain function now?

5. My childhood buddy, Brett, lived in a four-storey apartment block across from the townhouse I lived in. We snuck up on the roof of his apartment building and threw little stones at the people below.

Boy, did I get into trouble for that...

6. I failed Grade 10 French. Sacre bleu! But I was forced to go to summer school to make it up.

My marks improved significantly after that, although I still can't speak French even though my heritage IS French, my grandmother spoke French and I grew up in Winnipeg's French-speaking area, St. Boniface.

7. When I brought my infant son home from an Edmonton hospital two or three days after his birth, our van was sideswiped on purpose by two young punks. We did three, 360-degree turns on the freeway (it was late November and icy).

My son slept through the whole thing.

8. My latest book is For One More Day by Mitch Albom, who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie. I haven't read Tuesdays with Morrie yet. I need to.


  1. Sacre Bleu indeed! I also studied French in college but can't speak. I like listening to French people talk though.

    You've got a hard head. Unbelievable.

  2. My sister dropped me out of my pram onto my head.

    Perhaps that's why we get along.

  3. Do read 'tuesdays with morrie' (I am on verge of writng a review on that. BTW, have you ever checked my
    reading room blog?). It is better than 'one more day'.

    We all got too many (8???) random details about ourselves. So don't worry much, if you get tagged yet again.

    (Would you like to be tagged for a poetry meme?)

    (*running away*)

  4. Bienvenue, Madame Menchie, et ma nom de plume est Pepe Le Pew. Asta la vista!

    Yeah, I have a hard head. Some people say it's hard as rock -- and that I'm about that smart.


    You mean, that's why you and I get along or why you and your sister get along?

    My philosophy is all people need to suffer a head injury at some point along the way to jar their true selves loose.


    Yeah, yeah, I know, everybody tells me about Tuesdays with Morrie, but this book was 25 per cent off and I'm cheap.

    And now that you're going to review it, I'll just read your review so I don't have to read it!

    Or you can just mail me yours...

    I have never checked your reading room blog, seeing as I'm not a huge reader of books, but I guess I should check it out, huh?

    If you want to tag me for a poetry meme, go right ahead. Slight detail: I'm NOT A POET!


  5. Charging buses with your noggin like some crazed Rhino in heat explains a lot of things.

  6. Tuesdays with Morrie is excellent and heartbreaking. But mostly excellent. You will love it.

  7. Laurie:

    Yep, ever since you recommended it, I've been casually looking for it. I'll find it.


  8. Way to go, surviving the head-hit and the sideswipe! I never formally studied French, but I know I'd fail if I did. It's a darn tricky language, take it from someone who's been to France! I did ok with Russian, but I still couldn't hold a coherent conversation with an actual Russian person. I studied Italian in highschool and did very well, got high marks the whole way through.

  9. Stace:

    I had no business failing French, seeing as I grew up around it so much. I was just a goof that year.

    I only speak English and Martian myself.

  10. Have you read "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by the same author? I just read it while on vacation and absolutely LOVED it!

  11. Anna:

    No, I guess that's another book I have to add to the list. I hope your vacation was superb.


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