The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 10, 2007

My Brainiac Brilliant Brother


This IS my brother, Doug. I love him. He arrived Tuesday with two of his three kids and his girlfriend, Sara, fr0m Ottawa, for summer vacation. Doesn't he look at least a bit like John Lennon?

And I hope to soak up every available minute I can with him. He looks a bit more like this now (pictured below with my mom).

But I'll still always remember him more as this, the independent, free-thinking, far-more-conscientious-guy-than-me Doug who always goes beyond the surface...

He's an intellectual, far more intelligent than I am, a true deep thinker.
He was the school president, he made Chief Petty Officer at Navy League in the sea cadets while I was just a joking Acting Petty Officer...

I was the oldest of six kids, he was No. 2. I was into all the sports and a troublemaker, he was the "good kid" compared to me, he always got the better marks in school...
He was the voice of reason while I was just the Loud Voice of Chaos...I respect him so much for what he's been through, where he's gone, what he's lost and found again and what he's become.
One of his most salient comments ever, which I will always remember, is when he told me: "There is Love in Silence."
We are two different breeds of cat. But we are inexorably linked together.
Welcome home, Doug.


  1. I think it's great that you and your brother are very close. Not all siblings have that.

  2. You know what? He does look like John Lennon. :)



  3. Beautiful tribute. He sounds like a wonderful man and I'm so happy that you'll get to spend some time with him.

  4. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. And you're right, he does resemble John Lennon.

  5. tell him not to grow a moustache again!

  6. Menchie:

    He lives a long way away and we don't talk that often, but we ARE close in a quiet sort of way. :-)


    I think I've seen you on Laurie's blog. Welcome. I think he looks a bit like Lennon too!


    Thanks. :-)


    He'll want to debate everything and anything. After a while, I'll just tune him out (kidding).


    I'll inform him of your order from the homeland...

  7. Doug has aged well. He looks good face-filled-out. Wish I could say the same for me!

  8. Doug looks like a really cool guy -- really nice too. And I love what you wrote about him -- very heartfelt. Have a wonderful time with him, Sara, and his kids!

  9. Andrea:

    He HAS aged well. But whaddyu talkin' about, unlike you. Not by your most recent post, girl, or those Flickr pix. :-)

    Hope you're feeling better.


    He is cool and a good guy. And wouldncha know it...I got his girlfriend's name wrong. She's Sandra, not Sara.


    The second word out of my mouth when we met was her wrong name. Geez...

  10. Siblings should always stick together. Well they should..!

    Chris and Doug. It sounds good, doesn't it?


    I was the bad kid in the family and I have tamed over the years.

    PS: I did a hair post minus the picture!! I couldn't find a good photo to go with that and I am one of those rarities who hates being photographed.

    PPS: You can always come to India and meetme in person..:D

  11. Gautami:

    How could you do a post on your long hair, and then not have a pic to go with it?

    A lot of women say they don't like their pix taken.

    Yes, I could go to Delhi to meet you, but I'd take your picture and write a post about it. :-)

    And it might be a bit costly, don't you think?

    Chris and Doug just kinda rolls off the tongue, don't it?

  12. cool! you look a lot alike! i hope you enjoy your time together!


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