The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 12, 2007

Can't find my blogging brain...

It seems to have gone missing (how does something "GO MISSING," anyway?)

Oh...there it goes...detached right from my brain stem. My mom always said if it wasn't attached to my neck, I'd forget or lose my head, too...I guess she was right.

Anyway, I feel a bit like a caged alpaca...

A bit up and down, so to speak...

It's summer, time not to think but to do.

I feel a bit jumpy...

See you later...


  1. Love the trampoline photos - especially that first one with the two kids. They look so carefree.

    Enjoy all your summer do-ings! I look forward to hearing all about them.

  2. So, you are hoppy (if that is a word that exists, it sounds as if it could have more than one meaning to me :-), well summer is the time to hop around or just sit back and do nothing, so let's debate in winter :-) (btw: debating in written English is not so easy for me)

  3. Nice happy fun pics there WW!

    Enjoy Summa!


  4. THAT looks like fun. Got room for one more?

  5. The alpaca is cute and the line "time not to think but to do" is very wise.
    Is it time for another road trip?

  6. Anna:

    Those two (nieces Maia and Clara) were on there repeatedly and having a great time!

    Maia's the youngest of my middle sister (of 3 sisters) and Clara's the youngest of my brother Doug, who's visiting from Ottawa.

    Hope all's well, A.


    I used to be hoppy, but not so much any more (whatever definition you use) :-)

    Debating is getting too difficult summer, spring, winter or fall. You do well in English. Think how terrible I am in Flemish!


    Thanks, and you too.


    It IS fun once you get used to it. But better try it by yourself first time. I'll be there to spot for you.

  7. Clare:

    Hiya. Not time for another road trip yet, the last one was pretty hard on my car (and me :-))

    I'm just heading back to work Monday. September at the earliest for any other travels...

    Thanks for stoppin' by.

  8. I love the trampoline. However, swimming is a lot more fun.

  9. You're right, summer IS for doing, not thinking, but I hope you find your blogging brain again soon.

    Have fun with your family.

  10. Camplin:

    Hi, thanks for visiting. I agree swimming's tons o' fun, but trampolining is so much more wild.

    When I was a lot younger I was doing somersaults and all kinds of neat things on the big tramp at college...there's nothing like it.


    But remember how tiny my brain is. And remember, male brains can only do one thing at a time :-)

    Some zany thing always happens that I end up wanting to blog about...

  11. Now you're cookin' with gas!

  12. Homely One:

    Ha Ha Ha!!! So much said with so few words!!! It's the way I operate best, don't you think?

    When I don't think?

  13. MJ:

    Uh....what? Do I need to cover my eyes?

  14. My mind tend to wander a lot, trying to find motivation/time to blog is quite difficult these days.

    Love the piccies:)


  15. Aidan:

    I think a lot of people are feeling that way, including me. Glad you like the pix. :-)

  16. Say hello to HomoWhateverPeg for me. He seems to have dropped off the face of the planet for the summer.

  17. I tell you what WW you don't look older than HE!

  18. Anonymous7:03 p.m.

    Be well and happy!


  19. MJ:

    I will say hello to Homerwhateverpeg, he might be heading over here tomorrow night.

    But I will NOT wear high heels to threaten him...that's your job.


    Thanks, girlie! I KNOW it's true!


    Thanks, and you too. Now when the heck are you going to get your own blog?

  20. I hope you find your blogging brain soon. But if not, enjoy your sabbatical.

  21. Blogging brain is no great brain! Maybe you are better of without(no pun!)it. And who knows so are we?!


  22. I know what you mean -- I have this inability to concentrate right now that's not going away. Also I got addicted to Crackbook, bad news for a compulsive person like moi. Enjoy the lazy(ish) days of summer, Chris!

  23. so are you having a summer holiday then?

  24. Anonymous6:41 p.m.

    Maybe one day!!! I know,I know!!!!


  25. Laurie:

    I don't know if I can separate my blogging brain from my regular brain, which as you know and which I've detailed here before is very small except for the sex part, which is very large proportionately speaking :-)

    In that sense, I figure I'm no different from any other male...


    Well, certainly MY blogging brain is no great brain lately!

    And why do you think I picked withinwithout? Sometimes I'm within, and sometimes I'm without...BLOGGING TOPICS!

    And don't get me thinkin' about how I'd be better off not blogging...


    Crackbook? Do I need to Google that or is that your humorously descriptive word for Facebook, which I've never checked out?

    I can't concentrate either. And due to family pressures, I can't post pix any more of them.

    I feel like I have very little to say right now. Eek. So I think you're right...I need to just enjoy. :-)


    I guess you could call it a summer holiday, girl. But something will come up for me to post about, I'm sure...


    You've been saying that for months!


  26. No Summa here...Im freezing to death :(


  27. Keshi:

    I'd say I'd give you a hug to warm you up, but you're a long way away :-)

    Cmon now. You're still getting into the double digits every day for a high.

    And it IS winter down there, isn't it?


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