The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 14, 2007

WW's Big Avatar Adventure (The Rest--Really)


What started out as a joke is still a joke, but it's been a lot of work -- and I feel it's so self-centred because all I'm doing is posting pix of myself or of goofy celebrity lookalikes.

Yawn. It's all about me. I so hate that.

But I started it (or was it HE who really started it?) so I'm going to finish it.

And I do thank HE, Anna, Ziggi and Andrea, particularly, for actually emailing to me pix they enhanced in one way or another (I need all the enhancements I can get!!)

To be honest, I'm leaning towards HE's cut-and-paste pic of my head on his son's body in the bathtub. HE's sense of humor is unparallelled and I'm one of his fave targets.

But what I may very well end up doing is simply alternate avatars on a whim, every week.

Thanks for playing along, folks. Barring any late submissions, here are the final entries, including some originals I've used before...


  1. If I were home, I'd be photo-shopping up a storm...but alas, my lowly gov't laptop has no fun photo editing software. Could you extend your contest until I'm home...say a month or two at the current rate?

    (*Bats eyelashes coquettishly in an attempt to get her way, gets a bit of dirt in her eye and starts to cry*)

  2. I still love that cartoon image by HE... go with that:)

  3. Hmm... I actually agree with Aidan. The caricature says so much about you - more than just a regular picture would... and it still looks like you, not some celebrity or monkey.

  4. Laurie:

    What, me worry? Don't you. You can do all the photo-shopping you want when you get home, and submit whatever then...OK?

    And batting your eyelashes won't change my mind (I don't think). Let me wash that dirt out...


    I'm trying it out, Mate...


    Well now I've got all kinds of options, don't I? So I'm going with this, but might check out some others along the way...

  5. With no offence, this is getting a tad boring, w square...

    Much ado about nothing....

  6. Gautami:

    Yeah, I think that's what my first sentence said in big, bold letters...

    Next post will be something TRULY the world-famous garter snake pits of Narcisse...

  7. how about a real one of you in the bath?

  8. Ziggi:

    Well you're the witch...wave your wand and poof!

    But then some people might be offended...I think maybe not...

  9. What Ziggi said. Only in a bubble bath. With HE.

  10. MJ:

    HE is a lot more shy than he would appear, but I'll work on it...

  11. Perspective is a funny thing, all of thise images are you, or were you or can be you... But they are not always you....

    This is why i shouldnt get to work early my brain starts working:)

  12. Aidan:

    You are far too intelligent for your age, me man.

    Yes, I agree entirely. As I posted all these goofy pix I realized some of them were old, some of them were new, but they were all me at one place or time...

    Sometimes they still fit, sometimes they don't. It's all relative, I guess...

  13. Fourth down on the left.A tad jaundiced, but gorgeous dark curls.

  14. Dinahmow:

    Ha! That pic is jaundiced, not me. It was from about 18 years ago. Does hair straighten as you age?

    (Doh! I don't mean you, I mean me!)

  15. Awwww, am i too late already???

    I really like the one on top of your penal colony pic.

  16. Mench:

    Things are never too late for you...

    Thanks, that was a pic of me from some years ago taken at Wallace Lake in Eastern Manitoba, right in the Canadian Shield.

    I'm going to experiment with different avatars, or maybe I'll just alternate every once in a while...


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