The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 15, 2007

Spring has Sprung (I think)


How could you not...I whined about it incessantly (note how the colour of my type has warmed up from frigid blue to a warmer, more human shade).

Yes, today, almost a month after the first official day of Spring, I consider it to have finally sprung. Let me count the ways...

Blue skies, no snow in the forecast (although the leaves have not broken into bud)...

The final vestiges of dirt-laden snow, in the most shady areas, are almost gone...

The Canada Geese and other bird poop has started appearing on my dirty car, a sure sign of life above...

The admirable, if rather suicidal and premature, ladybug has emerged from its winter home to seek out food or a mate, only to be squished as it attempted a sidewalk crossing...



  1. Great humourous situation report, based on observable facts, yes, very scientific :-)
    The alternating avatars : very good idea !

  2. Hildegarde:

    I'm glad you see my massive hidden talent as a mad scientist. I don't think the ladybug was very amused, however.

    Thanks on the avatars. I want to display some of them that people submitted but also ones I like, just for the heck of it.

    Don't know if I'll settle on one or not or just alternate them continually.

    But speaking of avatars, with all the brilliant photographic work you do on your own blog -- which I will visit soon -- how come you don't have a sparkling avatar yourself?

  3. Nice legs, could use a wax though... We are still waiting on a change in the weather down under... the drought is still yet to break.

    some places are down to 2% water storage levels... we are ok where we are... Staces Parents area (the inlaws **shudder**) they are trucking water in.... A change would be nice...

    What happens to the grass? sill question but does it all die under the snow, does it turn to mush and sludge?

  4. Praise the lord -- you're not wearing socks!! (phew)

  5. Aidan:

    I will NEVER wax, Mate...when you get to my age, you want and need to preserve every single hair you can!

    I sure hope that drought situation improves. On the Canadian Prairie, it seems we go from drought to too much rain back to drought again, year after year.

    It's so unpredictable, which is, in a strange way, one of the weirdly beautiful things about living here, knowing that you're completely at the whim of nature...

    The grass itself dies under the snow, but not the roots beneath.

    Like anything else, once the sun shines and the warmth comes and the rain arrives, there's this beautiful regeneration of green.

    It's a gorgeous thing of beauty to see after such a long, cold winter...


    Maybe I shouldn't have removed my socks...(JUST KIDDING!!!) I think I remember you and some other women blogging about that before...

    The only good reason to wear sandals is to feel the air rushing through your bare toes...

  6. Cool thanks i always wondered... snow is a bit of a mystery to me... only been in it 4 times in my life, 2 times it was artificial.... the other was snow boarding on my BDAY in '96 the other in europe (snow in venice man that is cold)

  7. Aidan:

    You've got to get out more, Mate! Where was the snowboarding in '96?

    You don't know cold, Aussie Boy...

  8. Beautiful legs, WW, and may I say that those sandals show the best taste of the 1980's. Lovely!

    It must be nice to have a winter... we're well into Autumn here, and still temperatures are fine. I haven't stopped wearing skirts to work, and I only bring a jacket for the chill in the evenings on my way home.

  9. STACEY GIRL!!! Right through the heart!!! What's so 80s about them? What would be 2000s?

    I think I need a fashion consultant...or your fashion time warped...

    Could it be they were in fashion in the 80s, went out of style and came back again?

    Where's that CSNY song, Right Between the Eyes?

  10. It snowed on Friday. It all melted away Saturday. Then it started snowing again tonight (Sunday). As a matter of fact, it's snowing as we speak. I so envy you and your exposed toes right now.

  11. My son wore shorts all day today, despite temperatures hovering around 65 F. I about froze to death in jeans and a t-shirt. You men-folk are all nuts in my humble opinion. If it's not 85 F or higher, I'm not wearing shorts.

  12. not bad legs! thank god no socks!

  13. What's worse than socks-n-sandals?A kerchief hat, knotted at the corners. Think: Blackpool, circa 1950s.

  14. Anna:

    As a fellow Canadian, I feel badly for you, I really do (*turns head, snickers*). I hope it warms up for you.

    It was grey and dreary and raining this morning but cleared up again this afternoon. Not as warm, but nice...


    I'm getting out my violin now...


    Don't get your pantyhose all tied up in knots. It'll be 85 there a lot sooner than it will be here.

    Repeat after me: "We will not let the weather defeat us."


    What IS it, this thing women have with socks?


    OK, I'm with you on the kerchief hats folded at the corners. I still see people wearing them...

    Now you're forcing me to look up Blackpool, circa 1950. Sigh...

  15. without socks,
    Finally..the Polar Bears have finally vacated my backyard...the last of the caribou have trounced across my lawn on their way to the summer calving grounds...SPRING is here.
    Frozen solid for 6 months of the year this glacial paradise makes Superman's Ice Palace, known as the Fortress of Solitude, look like the tropics.

    I have always thought that NASA should send Manitobans to explore and inhabit Space Stations in the vast unknown of the Solar System.
    We are perfectly adapted to living indoors for 12 months (6 avoiding cold and 6 avoiding heat) and we can be exposed to temperature variations of 100 degrees
    (40 below to 40 above)!

    Who else can do that? A better question would be, who else would do that voluntarily..
    for generations?

    Happy Spring..Time to UN-Thaw!.

  16. Mount Bulla was my Snowboarding trip, '96 on my birthday.... With a then current, now ex girlfriend.... It was a lot of fun.

  17. HE:

    Try as I might, I could not really come up with a smart-ass retort or addition to your comment.

    I agree 100 per cent -- especially with the part about that it's time to thaw (there's no such word as un-thaw, of course).


    I'm Googling Mount Bulla it in Australia? Oh, nevermind...

  18. Be careful you may be jinxing yourself. I feel one last storm coming your way.

  19. Aidan:

    I guess you mean Mount Buller...right?

  20. WW, for starters, my name is Stacy with no E! Second, my dad wears sandals like those and his fashion sense never moved beyond 1983, the year of my birth. Thirdly, don't ask me for fashion advise unless you want to be decked out all in black and looking like an undertaker from Victorian times! :)

  21. Andy:

    OK, I'll watch for that Nor'Wester...sounds like you've got a bit of a storm brewin' urself, lass....


    OK, Ozzie girl, let's examine the linguistics/spelling here...your name is Stace, but you drop the "e" when we extend it to Stacy...

    OK, I get it...

    Second, how depressing that I'm old enough to be your dad...and to have fashion sense like him...

    Third, you're right. Although I do wear my share of black, I never wear it all at the same time...


  22. ooooo lala sexy legs!


  23. Ok, you go and taunt me with a picture of your feet.

    Dang it!!!

    I have a foot fettish...didn'tchaknow?

  24. without a dictionary,
    Of course UNthaw isn't a word you goober! What a's a made in Manitoba expression you pretentious old windbag!
    You had better dust off your spellcheck mister..of course you know that this means WAR!

  25. Keshi:

    They aren't even mine. I hired a young 30-year-old to pose and I just climbed on his shoulders...


    Wow! What a hot avatar! And to think I've been makin' all this big hullabaloo about mine.

    Did you know that my current avatar is actually a pic of me upside down, which I flipped rightside up?

    And yours, I'm imagining, is a pic of you rightside up that you've turned upside down.

    Or something like that thar...

    And no, I didn't realize you had a foot fetish. I'll blot out the pic if I can find little black lines.

    Homily Enrapturement:

    You're dead meat if you want a WAR OF WORDS with me, you peckerhead.

    If I'm not mistaken, YOU invented the pretend word UNthaw. Have your dictionary and spellcheck at the ready...

  26. What a pity that the number plate doesn't have a question mark - ANY 839? Everywhere in the traffic people would be thinking: what the hell is 839??? They would be kept awake at night trying to work out what it was. What should 839 be?

  27. Hmp! Am still smarting over that Gerry Butler comment you left me. *sniff* I know he likes ME!

    Nice sandals! Remind me to get you some havaianas. :D

  28. Lee:

    Good point about the licence plate. I often try to make sense of the random numbers/letters on other peoples'.

    Maybe I'll add my own question mark and when I get stopped by the police, I'll send them your way to press charges...


    Don't fret, my dear. Gerry's on the market again. My friend dumped him.

    What are havaianas?

  29. would you like to borrow some nail polish now you have your toes out?

  30. Ziggi:

    Only if you think I need it...and only if it's the right shade and won't clash or anything...

  31. They're brazilian flip flops. :D

  32. Menchie:

    Havaianas: So you're sending some along to me, I take it...

  33. if those photos didn't portray your mood- then i dunno what would have!


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