The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 8, 2007



He's John Mayer. I wanted to post some of his songs from YouTube below, but new Blogger won't let it happen.

I've instead posted one of his videos to the right.

He's full of soul and talent and song-writing ability and I AM going to the concert on April 26 because the guy is amazing.

I asked Homo Escapeons if he and his wife might be interested in going. "John Mayer can kiss my ass," he said.

I asked the music critic at the newspaper where I work about Mayer, and he said "He's great, but you'll be surrounded by women. They all love him."

Well, I guess he's a good-looking guy. But I'm going to go to listen to his music.

I don't want to go with my mother or my daughter, as much as one of his most famous songs is about them and fathers.

So I know there's still more than two months to go. That should be enough time for me to find a date -- as long as she's not spending the whole night cooing over him...


  1. But it's ok if she coos over you? Just teasing....

  2. Pick me! Pick me!!!

  3. I love John Mayer's music, though I had no idea what he looked like until now. I suppose he's kind of cute.

    But he's just a boy. If you find a date who's interested in men, you should be fine.

    Alternatively, you could just take HE's wife and leave the big party pooper home.

  4. i thought two things when i saw this guy:
    he's twelve years old and reminds me of what's his name from the lord of the rings movies, the sidekick guy.
    i'd consider being your date, only if it's not the same night as black sabbath.

  5. Yeah, for whatever reason, the chicks dig John Mayer. I used to have a barista that worked for me and she blared his cd every day at insane-o'clock when we opened the cafe.
    I don't mind his other songs but that "toss you down on the bed" song is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
    I think there's always one guy who writes the chick songs that most guys dislike. The ones I can recall off hand are Duncan Sheik and Freedy Johnston (who coincidentally lives here and my friend says he's an ass).
    I liked both of them, and the boyfriends I had at the time hated them. I had an entire room full of guys start screaming once when I put on Duncan Sheik, and kept it up until I ceased and desisted. Go figure.
    Anyway, have fun at the concert, and I hope you find a date! Very Date-Oriented Concert. Give her some flowers too and you'll be In Like Flynn.

  6. He can still kiss my ass...
    weiner water music..
    his Warholian 15 minutes are gone,

  7. Menchie:

    Oh, but of course that would be OK...she wouldn't be able to resist...(HA!)


    Hey, girl, I'll pick up the cost of the concert tickets, the dinner, the bar or whatever after for a lass...

    But I ain't payin' no airfare!


    I dunno, the concensus seems to be he's a drool doll, not just "kind of cute." But to each her own...

    I'll have to dig out my little black book or try the Internet Dating Services...or take my mom.

    Hey! Great idea! I'll take HE's wife!!! But I might keep her out too late for his liking...


    Go to YouTube or Limewire and listen to a bit of his might like him.

    And you're a little too tall for me, I think. Plus that facial offence.


    I've only recently discovered John Mayer and I think he's great. Not familiar with the toss you down on the bed song...

    As far as guys who write chick songs, I can see that, I guess, but I'd be thinking more of Barry Manilow and Bryan Adams there.

    This guy, to me, has wider sounds and themes.

    Thanks for the tip on the flowers...but I get the impression fewer and fewer women like 'em, they want something different.

    When, though, would you give a date those flowers? They wouldn't want to have them at the concert, surely...or maybe they would?



    Homely Extractor

    Weiner Water music? No one's more a weeny than you, Mr. Music Man...

  8. Hmm... I have to be in Toronto the weekend before the concert. I could take the week off and drive to Winnipeg from Toronto - closer than leaving from Montreal.

    Am I making you a little nervous? ;)

  9. I didn't think you'd have much trouble finding a date.

    How about putting all the names in a hat? Or maybe a lottery? You might even make money on the deal?

    Wait, better yet, we could sell a date with you on ebay!!

  10. Laurie:

    "All the names?"


    C'mon, girl.

    Actually, now that you mention it, Kyknoord from South Africa once had some sort of contest...

    (His link is on my blogroll...)

    Maybe I'll just go solo...and find someone there! (Hmmm....shakes head, bows head, slinks off...)

  11. Well if you won't consider Ebay, then I suggest you dust off the little black book.

    But I think you are makin' a big mistake.

  12. Oops!I just saw your comment on my post and came 'round this way to respond.
    ( Bad move, Dinah...these people are talking about stuff that happened after you had a Seriously Big Birthday Party.)
    Back to real this about looking for a mature, similar-age date for anything, or about finding someone to keep you company at a concert/gig/jam? Because, as I read it, there is a difference.
    Anyway, well before the concert, the snail should have arrived, thus eliminating that particular person from the line-up.
    And in response to your comment chez idle woman...don't know why it didn't link, but a pheasant coucal is a memeber of the cuckoo tribe.Makes a sound like that of tipping water out of a bottle.
    Aw, shucks! John Thingummy is 'way more interesting!

  13. Laurie:

    The little black book isn't all that dusty...and I don't have an account with EBay.


    WHAT seriously big Bday party? And if you've blogged about it, I apologize in advance, I didn't see it.

    This is/was not a big thing, or least not that I was trying to make a big thing out of.

    I can and will find a date for this concert. My point was I want to go with to this concert, but I need a date.

    And I would like that date to be someone I want to be there with, not just someone to go with to keep me company.

    That's one heck of a slow snail, I must admit...don't know about eliminations.

    Who is Johnny Thingummy? Duh.

  14. Anonymous6:44 p.m.

    Have fun sounds good!
    By the way theres a Canadian singer I really like called Jimmy Rankin. Have you heard of him at all? Its great music-blusey and soulful!

  15. Laura:

    Jimmy Rankin is part of the Rankin Family with his sisters. They've been around for quite a while but I guess Jimmy's going out on his own (he's on tour with them right now).

    I'll have to have a listen...

    In the meantime, enjoy a true Canadian icon, Bruce Cockburn...


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