The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 1, 2007



Some of you may be struggling with hangovers today, so I thought I'd brighten your first 24 hours of 2007 with a bit of a Winterpeg Whiteout Wonderland.

That's right, we got snowed under on New Year's Eve.

And if all this whiteness isn't enough to burn your bloodshot eyeballs and shock you out of your doldrums, nothing which case you should just go back to bed.

I spent about an hour shovelling snow away from my parked car on New Year's Eve and my back's a mess today.

(Memo to Self: New Year's Resolution No. 1 -- get back in the gym; Resolution No. 2 -- learn how to adjust your camera to account for super bright conditions)

So wherever you are, whatever you're doing today, I sincerely hope your day and your entire year bring as much brightness (if not as much pain) as this day is bringing to me.


  1. Oh joy! Very pretty...and now I'll quit complaining about the PNW grey sky... Happy New Year ;-)

  2. Welcome back. Trade ya our pouring rain for your snow.

  3. Anonymous5:07 p.m.

    Happies of happy new year wishes to you luvie!

    And dearest of delighted thanks for the wintery snippets. What a true delight to return to your stoop - after a decidedly long enough break from this wired world and my world of words - and find this soothing respite from too many spirits down the gullet!

    Yes. Your images are a delight indeed! A great sight better than the view outside the glass of my flat. Currently, my southern climate is terribly lacking in its claim to sunshine. Instead I am spat upon by dark dreary skies full of spite and rain.

    Your bright white snow shot photos reminds me - ever so graciously - that all we ever need to feel good about the state of wretched affairs in the so-called real world of flesh and pain, is a good bit of white washing!

    Darling luvie, how I have missed you and your good witted friend H.E. during my much needed breather. Now that I have found my breath - hot and heavy though it may still come on occasion - I will hold it until I am assured that my return is joyfully welcomed at least a quarter as much the joy I received upon finding the images of your stoop.

    With bated breath,
    ever yours

  4. ww, you can't shock me with all that snow. i'm a new englander, after all. although i'm happy to report zero accumulation so far in my little neck of the east coast woods.

    nice to know you are back, ww. i'm kind of addicted to you. i can't say why. i think it's because you're sweet....


  5. Anonymous8:49 p.m.

    No hangover here! I spent NYE watching the movie Cars. It was a wonderful evening, I laughed so hard I snorted (lovely visual there, I know).

    I hope your back is feeling better and you have a wonderful week.


  6. Bibi:

    Ya know, it IS kinda Left Coasters have been getting lotsa grey skies, rain and high winds, right? Or have you escaped what's been hitting Vancouver?

    Happy NY to you too.


    NO thanks. I know what it's like to walk in that rain o' yours, darlin'.


    Welcome back, the poetess with the mostest. Where ya been, wotsup, etc.

    White washes go on the gentle cycle, I think. And is that bated breath, or baited breath?



    No, I think you're addicted to me because you've got a crush on me...just don't tell JB. ;-)

    You're firin' on all cylinders, I see, but I ain't yet. Ammunition ain't nearly as easy to find up here in the land of no guns.


    So what do I call you? Laura or dmmgmfm? If I have a choice, I think I'll go with Laura.

    Yes, that's an incredibly lovely image of you snorting. Can I have an encore?

    Glad you enjoyed NY Eve. My back's fine, so I can hug you back.

  7. All that snow -hard to believe that we're on the same planet! :).

    I do believe that I was the only person in the world tucked up with a book when the new year arrived :).

  8. Hi! I'm here via gautami tripathy's blog. I saw your comment and was intrigued by your blog name.

    I love snow, but not shoveling it after the first snowfall. These are lovely photos!

    Happy New Year and good luck with 2 teens that age. I have two almost the same ages. Love them dearly, but yes, it's a challenge sometimes. My younger one is in a sarcastic phase, so I'm trying to learn teen sarcasm, from her era that is!

    Oh my, I see someone in the comment thread whom I thought stopped her blog. What a nice way to start the new year with a surprise.

  9. It's actually a rather nice way to welcome a new year -- as long as you don't have to go anywhere. With all that sun reflected on snow I'm sure SAD is never an issue in Wpg!

    All the best to you in 2007, WW. It's been a pleasure meeting/knowing you this past year.

  10. That really looks like wonderland to me. My very very best wishes for a wonderful 2007 !

  11. Anonymous4:42 p.m.

    I'm glad your back is better and you can call me whatever you like; Laurie, Laura, dmmgmfm, or hey you. As for the snorting, I'm a delicate flower WW, what can I say. *Snort* (encore as requested)

  12. Lee:

    So nice to see you again. And that's the lovely thing about our planet...that things can be so different and we're in the same place.

    I think there are a lot more people than you realize who were curled up with a good book on New Year's Eve.

    And that is just fine.


    I'm honoured and pleased you have visited. I had a glimpse at your blog and find it fascinating.

    I'll hope to visit again and take a closer look. In the meantime, I think it's cool we have kids roughly the same age.

    I'm fascinated by their ages and where they're at now. They're so full of life and wonder and vigor.

    I don't have to be their custodian any more, I can just let them determine their own stuff and be there as a guide, as an enabler and confidante, and if needed, to kick them in the butt as required.

    As far as an old blogger returning, I assume you're talking about Lady Wordsmith.

    Yes, the new year brings many pleasant surprises.


    The bright sun and snow is certainly a beacon in an otherwise frigid world.

    There are few things like the wide open bright prairie for an expansive soul.

    It has been a gift getting to know you. All the best in 2007 for you and your lovely family.


    It can certainly be a pain in the butt, but there's no place I'd rather be, to be honest.

    Of course I wish for all your dreams to come true in 2007.

  13. Laura:

    I would never call you Hey You. Laura's a lovely name and if you don't mind, that's what I'll use.

    I'm sure you are a delicate flower...and that's a lovely thing to be, snorting or not.

  14. Anonymous8:21 p.m.

    Now just how in the heck did I miss this post!!??

    So much snow! Glad its not here!

    Happy 2007, WW!!

  15. Maryfrom Thunder Bay5:43 p.m.

    I was just sent yout link by a dear friend from the UK, whose judgement I trust...she said "he writes so well" and low and behold I open up the page and I am laughing..are you paying $2.49 for a seedless cucumber

    ..I love your writing, it's serious, but fun at the same time. Keep posting the internet needs more places to enjoy themselves and where (not) to take themselves too seriously.

    BTW Thunder Bay would have welcomed your snowstorm, stop hogging it all~

  16. Anonymous6:16 p.m.

    By the way there would seem to be 2 Lauras here! I am from the U.K,and the one who sent my Canadian friend Mary here!lol!
    Wow! 2 Lauras!


  17. Awaiting:

    And happy new year to you, beautiful thang. I wish the best for you in 007.

    Mary from TB:

    What a pleasure to have you visit, another Canajun. Who was your UK refererrrrrrr may I ask?

    I dunno what I paid for the last seedless cuke I bought, all I know is my kids didn't eat it.

    And neither did I...

    TBay can definitely have our next snowstorm, you need it for those ski was plus-5 here today.

    Thanks for stoppin' by and hope to see you again.

  18. Anonymous Laura:

    Wait, my tiny male brain is far too overloaded to be able to process the idea of two Lauras.

    And why are you anonymous and why have I never seen you before? Or have I? I'm going to click on you but do you blog regularly?

    To make things more challenging, there's a Laurie in Montana whose real name, I think, is Laura.

    Gasp. What do I do now?

  19. Anonymous7:53 p.m.

    I am signed in as anonymous at this time,quite simply as at present I dont have a blog!


  20. Anonymous1:50 p.m.

    I would love to have woken up to those views on New Year's Morning

  21. Laura:

    Well, girl, I guess that means you'll have to consider starting one up!


    All you have to do is move to Winterpeg, and your wakeup dreams will have come true...

  22. Anonymous3:57 p.m.

    You know,I have been considering starting one for a while. I would just love to have a space to write whatever I wanted whenever!
    How are you finding Blogger? I have had people reccommend Wordpress aswell,but I really am not that sure. Any ideas,and did you find Blogger fairly easy to get to grips with?

  23. Laura:

    Blogger has its bugaboos, of course. But it's what I started on and it's what I like.

    I've seen others move on to Wordpress, a few anyway, and I wouldn't want to speak out of turn about something I know nothing about.

    But I like the bigness and brightness and boldness of Blogger. It's more fun, to me.

    Wordpress doesn't have the same feel or look. It's much more restrained, the type is smaller...I don't know what the advantage would be.

    And while I don't know this to be true, I don't see any pictures or pix of authors or really much pictorial content there at all.

    I just don't know, to be truthful. What I do know is despite its warts, I enjoy Blogger.

    And I certainly enjoy the people on it.

    Hop aboard, Lass!

  24. Anonymous4:51 p.m.

    Thanks,that was helpful.

    Laura(The one without a blog! As yet!)


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