The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 28, 2006

Glimpses of a Within Without Family Christmas

Just a few snaps from my extended family's Boxing Day get-together, folks. I'll be back in the New Year posting and responding to comments, etc., and visiting other blogs next week.

Hope Christmas and the holiday season have been all you've wanted them to be...and I miss you all.



  1. Anonymous12:37 a.m.

    Seems like such fun! Wish I was there!

    **I'm too lazy to google, but what's 'boxing day'?**

  2. Many beautiful and attractive people in one room. Your son is very cute and your daughter is downright adorable. This is what Christmas is all about, the family being together. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Anonymous1:33 a.m.

    see you next year! har har! i'm so original!

  4. Such wonderful photos. I hope they'll always trigger wonderful memories for you.

    I think my favourite is the one of the three kids on the steps.

    I hope your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be as well.

  5. I want that house! Who do I have to kill to get it?

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday, old friend (I mean that in the nicest way), and 'see' you in the new year.

  6. Blessings to you and your family buddy throughout the holiday season and the years to come.

  7. awaiting: it is a commonwealth country thing, traditionaly it existed if christmas fell on a sunday/saturday (by royal proclamation) we would get the monday in leu.
    In Australia it is just the 26th as a public holiday regardless of xmas. And the first day of the BOXING day test against the english at the MCG! an excuse to watch cricket and drink beer.

    Hope this has been enlightening..

    Cute family WW, looks chaotic and fun:)

  8. Do you have a paint chip with the name of that red paint on it? I want to do a room up in that colour.

    Awaiting, you lazy c... oh wait. This isn't my blog. I shouldn't that word on here. Awaiting, Google it. It's a Canadian and UK holiday.

  9. gee, ww, i kinda liked seeing your family and the digs around them. your kids are obviously dolls. i am reasonably sure they think you are a cool dad. and i'm guessing you had yourself a nifty holiday...


  10. looks like a pleasant gathering
    in the pix. Have a great 2007!

  11. Anonymous1:04 a.m.

    Great family pictures!

    Wish you a very happy new year 2007.



  12. Awaiting:

    You learn something new every day.

    I didn't know Boxing Day (Dec. 26) wasn't celebrated everywhere. It's mostly in the UK and Commonwealth countries.

    Its origins have nothing to do with Christmas-weary family members wanting to take their frustrations out by boxing with each other.

    Nor is it what many people wrongly assume it to up all the boxes used for Christmas presents the day before. says the origins are in fact from centuries ago in Britain when it was custom, the day after Christmas, to give gifts to the less boxes. Thus, Boxing Day.

    I wish you had been there too!


    Yep, it really IS what Christmas is all about...and thanks for visiting. I'll get down to Ces and Her Dishes soon and I'll even dry.


    Yes, my dear, see you in '07...


    Thanks...I like the pic of the three guys too. It definitely was an eventful week in many ways.

    Smiles to you and yours. :-)


    You'd have to kill my youngest sister, her husband, their two kids, their golden lab, their five cats...

    It's on an acreage just outside the city. Beautiful spot, it's an old rebuilt homestead place.

    If I feel like an old friend to you, I'll take that in the best possible way...


    And of course right back atcha...we gotta convince Mr. and Mrs. Homo Escapeons to revive the Fiesta...


    Chaos for sure, and chaos often does equal fun. Hope your first Xmas with Stace as your bride was a good one.


    I painted a few walls in my last house that colour, can't remember what it's called...gorgeous, huh?

    Hope all's well at MJ's place.


    Why thanks! Not sure I'd call my holiday nifty, but certainly wasn't without its highs/lows, ups/downs...


    And to you and yours!!


    Thanks, all the best to you and hugs back...

  13. Anonymous11:04 a.m.

    Happy 2007, C x


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