The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 9, 2007

Evan's Excellent Adventure ("I Love You", Part 2)


In the wake of Monday night's concert featuring Canadian singer Dallas Green of City and Colour, who's also the lead singer of the group Alexisonfire, I called my son Evan tonight.

I wanted to find out how it went (see previous post).

"Dad, I met Dallas Green!"

My 15-year-old son had watched the opening act, a young guy who has no recording contract, and the lights in Burton Cummings Theatre came on for a break before Dallas Green's performance.

Dallas Green -- the guy my son truly adores, is modelling his hairstyle after, who he wants to emulate as the lead vocalist for his own band Final Crisis (cringe), who he wants to play guitar like.

My son is with four of his friends, some of them fellow band members. He goes down to the lobby to pick up some popcorn for them all and sees the young guy who had just opened for Dallas Green.

He goes up to him and introduces himself and says how much he enjoyed his performance. He buys the guy's self-made CD.

Out of nowhere, Dallas Green walks up to them. My son is all aflutter, but introduces himself. Tells Green how much he adores his music. Tells him about their band.

They talk for three or four minutes, the three of them. Dallas Green says he has to go warm up for his performance. My son buys the popcorn, goes back up to the balcony and doesn't tell his friends.

"I thought they would feel really bad," he says. "I just told them I met the first guy. I told them all at school today."

Hmmm...some things in life are just Kodak Moments. This is one of them. For him and, secretly, for me.


  1. I love how you unabashedly proclaim your adoration for your beautiful and attractive children. You are truly an exceptional man WW.

  2. Anonymous8:51 p.m.

    You’ve done it again…made me cry. That’s two posts in a row. I don’t come here to get all sappy ya hear? Okay, maybe I do. ;-)

  3. Yay for him! He must have been so excited! I'm thinking this may just be the highlight of the year for him.

  4. i am sure i have said before you are an awesome father.... it is amazing how much you adore your son and daughter. I almost feel like i know them through your posts and the pictures.... heart warming i thank you

  5. Anonymous10:41 p.m.

    The photos and your post hit me right in the heart.

    You're a wonderful father and your big heart shines through in your posts.

  6. ok now Im crying...cos this reminded me of how my dad was so excited abt hearing my day in school, my achievements, abt my friends, abt who I met etc etc. I miss him sorely!


  7. He will never-ever-ever forget that night. Huzzah for Ev!
    Now you know how excited your Dad must have felt when you told him that you met me.

  8. Ces, Laurie, Anna, Aidan, Pam, Keshi, HE:

    Garsh golly gee, thanks to all thee. (And to you, Keshee, I'm touched this reminded you of your daddee).

    Those shares I bought in Kleenex were a good buy...

    Seriously, thanks one and all. I do think this was a watershed moment for him.

    Oh, and HE:

    Yes, meeting you was MY watershed moment (gag!)

  9. He is gonna make it, he is going to be just fine in life !! He has a good basis that you gave him and always will provide for him. He can always fall back on you (well, that's the expression in flemish, don't know if it is correct in english). The most difficult is to let your youngsters go and try it all out themselves, although we want to add and tell so much more and no matter how much we want to protect them. Deep sigh and a smile. To let go, I can tell you, it's difficult, I am a little ahead of you, my daughters are 19 and 20 years young and I am the back-up function ;-) and like in the tour the broomwagon (patch them up when they have fallen in life and hup, there they go again)

  10. Anonymous3:21 p.m.

    lovely - just lovely to read such enjoyment in your son

    Having had one conversation with my dad telling his feelings for me (I'm oldish and his generation wern't good at it!) and knowing how it made me feel, I can't help feeling it must be great for your son to read your openness of your love for him

  11. Anonymous3:28 p.m.

    There is something very dear about a man's love for his children. There is something ever more dear about the way you generously and lovingly share these details with the world. It speaks volumes about your heart. And the caring relationship you have with your children.

    It is little wonder your site makes you the bee's knees among the ladies. Bests to you luvie ~Lady

  12. Hildegarde:

    No, fall back on me works just fine and makes perfect sense in English too...catching him if he's falling.

    Didn't quite get the part about the broomwagon, though...:-)


    Great handle!

    I don't think my kids read my blog, although I've told them about it. As long as he can pick up my feelings by my actions...that's good enough for me.

    Thanks for visiting! And for your comment.

    Lady W:

    Thanks, Lady...but makes me "the bee's knees" among the ladies? Never heard that one before...some ladies would rather sting me if they had the chance, I figger...

  13. Anonymous9:22 a.m.

    I missed out on all these post becos of blogger troubles. Glad I am here finally.

    You kind of made us females mushy!
    That is some admission from me!!!

  14. Gautami:

    Glad you're here finally too...and making admissions. :-)

  15. Anonymous12:39 a.m.

    wow! that is incredibly cool w.w.- what a memory for him to treasure!
    i Love how much you love him!


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