The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 9, 2006

Pepe Le Pew's Christmas D'Amour

So why WOULDN'T a sportswriter receive the following email press release from Paris, or as Pepe Le Pew (whose picture I forgot to download) would say it, Gay Par-EE?
Paris, December 4, 2006
A lover gives his sweetheart the Eiffel Tower.
Stephen, 32 years old, chose to declare his love with the help of the a brand new service provided by ApoteoSurprise, a French agency specializing in love declarations and original marriage proposals ( ).
The young man's proposal and his picture were projected over 40 meters at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in a multicolored sparkling setting, while the two lovers were enjoying their candlelit dinner on board a cruise boat.
Virginia, 28 years old, burst into tears while the other passengers applauded. She then said "yes".
You get the idea. And you can go to the site yourself and check it out. But here are a few of this company's "unforgettable ways of saying I love you." Let your sense of amour be your guide, your dreams' pathway...
And if you had your choice, especially during the romantic Yuletide season, what would be YOUR dream love fantasy?
While enjoying a romantic stay in Paris, why not seize this perfect opportunity to offer your sweetheart the surprise of his/her life ? ApoteoSurprise organizes truly incredible ways for you to declare your love !

While taking a romantic stroll through the tiny cobblestoned alleyways of the Montmartre district, you'll be taken by surprise by the unusual events which will prelude your poetic declaration of love...990 euros

Early in the morning while still in bed, you'll be woken by a singing quartet who'll offer your sweetheart a romantic dawn serenade before handing him/her a parchment...990 euros
You'll ride in a Rolls Royce into the heart of a forest to discover an island paradise lit by candle-light where you'll enjoy an unforgettable dinner in an enchantingly romantic chalet...990 euros

While forming part of the audience during a circus performance, your sweetheart will be the involuntary victim of a knife throwing contest -- a prelude to your spectacular declaration of love...1590 euros

After sharing a romantic dinner on an amazingly magical river boat, you'll witness a great illusion show during which the magician will reveal your decla-ration of love...1590 euros

You'll share a pleasurable moment of relaxation in a steamy hammam which will leave your skin feeling as soft as satin, before your sweetheart discovers your voluptuous declaration of love amidst some flowers...1590 euros

While you dine in the city, your room will be transformed into a tiny little tender paradise filled with hundreds of balloons and cuddly toys as a prelude to the most affectionate declaration of love...1590 euros

After flying over the most famous fun park in the world in an ULM, your amazing declaration of love will float across the sky right in front of your sweetheart's dazzling eyes...1990 euros

While enjoying a romantic flight over the truly luxuriant countryside of the department of Yvelines, a second airplane will appear beside you and then reveal on its wings your unimaginable declaration of love...1990 euros

While the two of you enjoy a private visit of one of the most famous wax museums in the world, an ancient statue will come to life and hand your sweetheart a parchment...1990 euros

After a crazy pursuit aboard Starsky and Hutch's ride, a car filled with gangsters will lift up on two wheels and reveal your explosive declaration of love...1990 euros

In the gardens of one of the most prestigious castles in France, you'll take to the skies and enjoy a romantic dinner for two as you cruise towards the celestial realms of Nirvana...2490 euros

While enjoying a romantic dinner in one of the most romantic castles in France, an elegant fireworks display will be set off in the gardens along with an immense blazing red heart...2990 euros

While the two of you privately visit an adorable doll museum, one of the dolls will come to life before your sweetheart's very eyes and hand him/her your tender declaration of love... 2990 euros

You'll dine in private in a castle before visiting the gardens where you'll be surprised by a giant bottle of champagne revealing your declaration of love while hundreds of balloons are released into the air...2990 euros

In the heart of a castle perched high in the valley, you'll be savoring a delicious lunch when suddenly a giant banderol will glide across the sky thus revealing your incredible declaration of love...2990 euros

While dining in a futuristic restaurant, a cybernetic man will appear and reveal your surprising declaration of love on his incorporated TV screen...2990 euros

The City of Light will be dressed to the nines as you cruise in a Rolls Royce across its most stunning districts in a prelude to your enchanting declaration of love on the Champs Elysees...2990 euros

You'll be enjoying a leisurely ride in a horse-drawn carriage through a noble forest just beside the Ch√Ęteau de Chantilly when two 18th century bandits -- which only a prince could fight off -- will try to ambush you...3990 euros

Hand in hand you'll visit a distinguished castle and meet the famous Lieutenant Columbo who'll head an amazing investigation which will conclude with your declaration of love...3990 euros

After having dined in a wonderfully charming castle, you'll take a romantic stroll in the park which will be perfumed by a celestial shower of rose petals...4990 euros

You'll be dining aboard a sumptuous private yacht as you cruise along the Seine River, when a shower of 1,000 roses will fall from the sky and cover your sweetheart with tender flowers...4490 euros

You'll share a romantic dinner in a thousand and one night's temple which sparkles with opu-lence and beauty before secretly climbing into a Jacuzzi lit up by candlelight...11900 euros

While delighting in a romantic lunch in a castle perched high on a hill, an aerial display team will appear from out of nowhere and draw a giant heart in the sky...15900 euros


  1. Wow...who knew?! I'll take Columbo (of course I'm kidding).

    Love the music video...after the intial heart attack, LOL. Speakers were super loud and I wasn't expecting it.

  2. ww, you are a romantic. you really are. my favorite is less expensive: fluff up the comforter and pillows, pop open the champagne (which you know I must forego but it's the thought here that matters), and let the earth move slowly.

    oh. have i gotten ahead of myself? i may have forgotten about the woo-ing part. the truth is this approach would work on me only if i were already ready.....


  3. I think the sexiest and most romantic way to be told how much your loved is the personal and up close way with romantic music in the backround. I can't imagine a picture being accepted for the real thing. I guess I am just to old for all this modern stuff.

    So how much is an euro?

  4. will have to think about this...

  5. I have to admit I got a little chuckle out of the horse-drawn carriage meets 18th century bandits thing. And I really liked the Columbo one - I thought that sounded hilarious. But if he really insists on spending that kind of money on my proposal, then I'd rather he put it into the diamond. I prefer the very simple, sincere, and intimate proposals. I want to look into his eyes when he tells me he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me - not Columbo's. I guess I'm a little old fashioned that way.

    J proposed to me in San Francisco, while we were on a ferry boat back from having taken a tour of Alcatraz. Hmm - he visits one of the most notorious prisons in North America and is inspired to think of marriage. Prison... marriage. Marriage... prison. I think I see his train of thought.

  6. Bibi:

    The guy in their pic doesn't look a whole lot like Columbo, does he (Aside from the rumpled coat and curly black hair).

    Sorry to blow your ears off...


    No, no, no...I would never go for any of this big public declaration stuff, unless it was super funny...

    ...and I knew the woman I wanted to say it to could get the meaning behind it and not be offended.

    To me, this kind of stuff really ISN'T all that romantic, although I guess it has its place, but it wouldn't be as important as the more intimate, candlelight dinner, soft music, scents, soft lights, smiles, laughs, talk...

    If you were "already ready?" Hmmm...Just call me the Wooing Wayfarer...

    Woods Babe:

    See above...I'm with you. Well, I don't mean I'm WITH YOU...Oh, you know what I mean.

    I'm not sure what a euro's worth, but it's more valuable than an American or Canadian buck, I'm pretty sure of that...




    Nice to see you.

    Yeah, I loved the chivalrous prince fighting off the bandits for the fair maiden's heart, now THAT I could have fun with...

    I'm with you and KJ and Babe in the Woods and I believe most people would be, particularly women.

    But is the diamond that big a deal? I liked the part about looking in the eyes...

    I also liked the Alcatraz proposal by your guy...I think that showed some humour and imagination.

    Did you laugh?

    As long as you're looking each other in the eyes, I think it could happen in a pig pen for all the rest of it REALLY matters...

  7. Have realised that my idea of romance is that He will put the garbage out without being reminded. Now that is REAL romance :).

  8. I knew he loved me when he held my hair out of my face while I was being sick . . .

  9. Love is doing the dishes every now n then :)


  10. Anonymous8:49 p.m.

    I have given love a break.

  11. Lee, Ziggi, Keshi:

    Well those are three pretty low-expectation modes of romance/love, aren't they?

    Is that all a guy needs to do to make you three happy?

  12. Gautami:

    Sometimes, that's exactly what we need to do...but what would work for you if you WERE in love?

  13. Knife Throwing...I'll pass.

    I'll take the conventional and traditional bended knee for a hundred.

  14. na I was only joking :)

    **Is that all a guy needs to do to make you three happy?

    why d u think Im single? LOL!


  15. Viewing the length of this log, do you perhaps have a share in apoteosurprise ? ;-)
    (And then afterwards : why did you marry him ? I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to think.)

  16. Awaiting:

    I get turning down the knife throwing, but aren't we conventional now?

    It seems to be what women want, least the ones who've responded to this post.



    Well, why ARE you still single? Because you are too picky, are you saying, or not picky enough?


    Yes, I do own shares...not. Hey, you're pretty close to France...why don't you try these out?

    Forgot to think: Gotcha. Same thing here.

  17. well well well- someone had a money making brainwave!
    i can tell you one thing- if a boyfriend of mine ever proposes to me on christmas eve, christmas day, my birthday, new year's eve or valentines day i will beat him to death with the box the ring comes in! i expect some originality please!


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