The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 7, 2006

"I want to see what kind of shoes a single man wears," the Mississippian Mom commented (or something along those lines) on one of my recent postings about MY STUFF.
Here it is.

I do humbly offer my apologies. About the only thing that's missing are my winter snow boots, my black dress shoes and my Perry Como lounging slippers.
I don't think this is what Awaiting was awaiting, but I blew out my tire last night and had to change said tire early this morning in temperatures of -35C with the windchill.
I have only recently returned from paying $197 Cdn for a new tire to be installed, a process that took half my day. My fingers, ears, eyeballs and some other body parts are still numb.
I fully expect I will be told I need new shoes too. And no, I was not wearing my sandals this morning.
I think what I need most is a vacation.


  1. Anonymous3:19 p.m.

    I actually approve of every pair of these, particularly the inline skates. Are they yours or your son's?

    Please post an update with the winter snow boots. I find them disturbingly exciting x

    PS. Come on over to England. It's a scorching 10C here and the wind is only Gale Force 2

  2. But what size are they? (nudge nudge wink wink)

  3. .."say no more"....They don't actually look so big.
    Could you give some to the looter lady below? :). Oh dear, I mean -donate some shoes :).

  4. Andrea first:

    Ar Ar Ar. Size 10. For more info, check out:


    The inline skates are mine, but they are old and I need to buy some new ones.

    The snow boots are clodhoppers and what I should have been wearing earlier today.

    I will consider England. x

  5. Arrrgh!!!! WW you should have at least lined them before you took the photo or placed them on a rack or in ventilated shoe boxes. You have too many shoes for a man! Where are the leathers, I want shiny leathers, they turn me on. Oooh, I love shoes...

  6. Ghost Practicum:

    Ice shoes is right!


    Of course, that's what I SHOULD have done for appearances sake, but that would have wrecked the moment.

    My life is much more a bunch of mixed up shoes in disarray than it is about footwear properly lined up neatly. It's so "not me."

    Well, except when guests other than HE come over for a visit...

    As for the shiny leathers, those I keep in my bedroom closet, away from the stinky sneakers and worn sandals and everyday pedwear.

  7. sheesh- i can't get over how clean your shoe cupboard is!

  8. Angel:

    You're being sarcastic, right? Please see Ces's comment.


    Sorry, girl, I somehow missed your comment...

    Oh, but they ARE big. But big is overrated, as you know.

    And you are a naughty girl...

  9. Well....let's just say, you should definitely go shopping!

    The ones in the upper right are very sexy to me.

    Don't ask why....just play along.

    I am so over here smiling my butt off! I betcha you'd look tres hot in a pair of moccasins! underwear...

    *just kidding!!*

    (Why didn't I catch this sooner!?)

    *kicks self in the rear*

  10. Wow. You own more shoes than most men I know. Most guys are content with 3 pairs: sneakers, flip-flops, and work shoes. To hear my dad say it, anymore than that is unnecessary.

  11. I know I've missed all the hoopla about shoes so am a little confused about how many you own. Your shoe display looked like mine before I finally cleaned them up. Is there a limit to how many shoes one must own? How about cowboy boots? SC owns quite a few of those. Have you ever tried on a pair of Crocks? They are as ugly as those Cabbage Patch dolls, but are so very comfy!

  12. Anonymous8:46 p.m.

    Very practical shoes these. We don't get good shoes for women. Most with heels and strappy. Impractical.

    So most of the times I end up wearing sports shoes. I own only one pair of heels at any given point of time.

  13. Anonymous8:47 p.m.

    BTW, I am on vacation in Bangalore..:D


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